Teofimo: Everyone knows I won tonight

“Helluva fighter, but I won tonight man. Everybody knows that,” stated former undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez after being dethroned by George Kambosos Saturday night.

“The referee raised my hand. I won tonight. I don’t care what anybody says, yo. I won tonight. At the end of the day I’ve been here, I’ve done that. I want to thank God. I want to thank everybody that came out tonight. Look. I ain’t no sore loser. I take my wins, I can take my losses. I’m a true champion. I came out here. I did what I had to do, and I went out there and I did my best. I don’t care what anybody says man. I am as real as they come. This is ‘the takeover’ man. We don’t stop. We keep coming. Yo. I love you all. I won this fight.

“You know what man? I know what it is. I know how these people work. The referee knew I won tonight. Everybody knew I won tonight and I’m just thankful…I don’t believe it was a close fight at all. At the end, I scored it 10-2!”

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  • As George said, ‘delusional’. Absolute terrible display of sportsmanship or lack thereof by Lopez. First thing he needs to do is to fire his Dad as his trainer. Really ordinary advice given to him by his Dad.

    • Teofimo sr and jr are both classless clowns. His dad is a total doofus so I know how jr got his delusional ways. Overrated prick thinks the audience is going to lie for him?

      • Look at the class displayed from Shawn Porter and his dad. Shawns dad is a classy guy and he is greatly responsible for Shawns.

        Now look at Teofimo and his dad. In both cases, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

        • Porter’s father is an asshole who threw Shawn under the bus after the fight for no reason. You don’t talk about private things in public. Snitch move. Idk how that’s classy.

          • I have to agree with you about Porter’s father. What got me the most heated is how he was overly celebrating the man who stopped his son. The post fight press conference was disgusting. Porter just got stopped and the entire time his dad is kissing up to Crawford. I’m like dude you threw in the towel, your son was disappointed in this, he got stopped for the first time and you’re overly celebrating another man who isn’t blood a little too much.

    • Agree. He’s in denial or his head is too big to realize his under performance. I really train hard for this fight and it showed. He came on too strong in the first round and ended up getting a flash knockdown himself. He wasn’t boxing, he was stalking, looking for that one shot. That doesn’t work against a skilled fighter. I’m disappointed at him.

  • There’s some serious denial here because he just doesn’t believe what happened to him. I’m just glad the official scoring was in line with what transpired in the fight and not how Teo scored it.

  • Agree with you 100%, Delboy. If Teo is to really look at the fight and is honest with himself he’ll see he just got beat by the more determined fighter with a way better gameplan. He needs to ditch his father and bring on board a real trainer who can offer more than just “beat the m-therf-cker” and the like.

    • Yep. How’s the guidance by the old man between rounds. NFI. He needs to do the best by his boy and find someone who knows what they’re doing.

      • I’m perfectly fine with him staying in the corner and watching them get exposed repeatedly for the a-holes they really are.

        I picked this kid to beat Loma because of his style. Now I can’t stand him or his dad.

  • Kambosos is a amazing fighter job well done, this guy has a future of being the best pound for pound

    • This is when P4P gets thrown around a little too much. Lol. He fought hard yes. But he came into this with 2 SD wins against lesser opposition. And 2 days before this fight Two said he’ll never fight at 135. That was a serious indication he was having trouble making weight. He probably tried to run it off but that will just make you slower especially if it’s not in your normal routine. They have an immediate rematch and Teo stays disciplined he wins easy next time. But I’m thinking he bags it and moves up.

      • dont you think Loma is saying the same thing? i bet Loma was saying last night how in the hell did i lose that fight against Lopez? giving up too any rounds thinking too much maybe to big headed im sure Loma will show everybody again next week that the Lopez fight was a fluke

  • Wow.100% sore loser. Talking shit all fight build up about how he will destroy George, George was all business the entire time, went in there and bashed him. Job done. #ANDTHENEW

    • Kambosos’ punches were much more fluid in this fight than Lopez’s arsenal. Lopez has a bad habit of holding his hands too low and shifting his head pivoting off his waist to slip punches. The problem with that habit? His timing was a hair off and Kambosos was effectively countering him by using his hand speed. I had Lopez winning before the fight as he was my pick. Props to Kambosos for the win and Lopez needs to work on his cocky attitude right along with defense in preparation for his next fight. In my opinion; tame the attitude and focus more on your boxing skills.

      • He doesn’t need to “work on his cocky attitude “, he’s already perfected it.

  • I’m pretty sure if George had KOd Lopez tonight, Lopez would have declared “what? I won this fight by a split decision.”

  • There’s an Australian movie titled ” The Castle ” and the famous line is ” tell him he’s dreamin’ ” ………..well Lopez is doing just that and Georgie Boy is King of this Castle !!!

  • Oh how we laughed! He won 11 rounds to 2 first he said, before deciding it was 10 rounds to 2.

    What do they say – better have people think you’re a fool than open your mouth and confirm it!

  • It was a great fight and could have gone either way. But, George was all heart and class the whole way. Congrats to him.

  • Lopez barely beat an injured Loma to become champion, then became the most annoying champion in the history of the sport, without fighting one fight in defense. His statements are right in character and he shames the sport with his immense ignorance and lack of sportsmanship.

    This was supposed to be a mismatch, according to him, but he got whipped big time. He needs to return to Earth and get his foot out of his mouth.
    Kudos to Kambosos for whipping this clown to the delight of the entire free world. Lopez, for the love of God, please take your father, and disappear.

  • Lopez Sr is Teo’s biggest liabilty. He is not a trainers A-Hole and was useless in his corner with no idea on what his son needed to do. Kambosos on the other hand had a gameplan that he executed perfectly and clearly had a corner that knew what they were doing . Lopez was an embarrassment in refusing to accept defeat that was obvious to everybody who watched the fight except himself , his father and one home town judge.

  • Lopez lived off of a fight almost over 1 year ago defeating an injured Loma. He says he wants to move up to 140. Good luck at that weight because Josh Taylor is waiting for you with more experience and more class.

  • You guys can downvote me all you want. I notice there’s a lot of novice or undercover Boxing manipulators in the comments not just here. But Tiofemo was 60% at best. I mentioned it before in the comments.. Titled (Kambosos: Lopez dad got put in his place) I called it freak possibilities. There’s so many factors that played in to the preparation of Tiofemo before this fight. That I believe Kambosos knew about specially after he told Tiofemo that he looked scared just before the first round. Lopez mentioned how it took him a long time to get a negative covid result back. I just don’t understand how true boxing fans can watch this and say Kambosos did all these great things. He did what he had to do against a fatigued rusty Lopez. Lopez seem off and off balanced since the first round. He was tired by the end of the second. Watch any of his other fights and how sharp he usually is.. and he still dropped Kambosos in the tenth and lost a split decision. I didn’t see him beat a 100% fighter in Lopez. This isn’t about being biased.. it’s about what I watched. Lopez looked off.. rusty.. tired. No fight plan.. he doesn’t fight like that. If Kambosos forced him to fight like that then ok.. I’ll give him full credit and the edge to beat all the other guys. But even on a rematch or if he fights the other guys in the division he’d probably still be the slight underdog imo.. w.e Lopez went through for his preparation before this fight. Definitely affected him.. it’s obvious to see.. and it had nothing to do with starting fast. He already looked off from the beginning. Before and after this fight.. I like Kambosos. I like his style.. his confidence, heart.. his interviews are entertaining. But because of what I mentioned.. I wouldn’t bet my house on his next fight. I need more proof

    • Yes, when you fight a guy who is better prepared and more focused than you then you tend to look bad. Every time a favorite loses their fans always say that there was something wrong, or he wasn’t 100%, but it’s almost always because the other guy had a style they couldn’t handle.

      You’re probably too young to know, but that’s exactly what happened after Ali stopped Foreman. Foreman had a ton of his excuses and his fans all said he didn’t look like the same fighter, but it was because Ali made him look like a different fighter. And I was one of the delusional Foreman fans.

      Lopez probably wasn’t at 100%, but he certainly had no excuse. When you only fight once a year you should certainly have adequate time time to prepare.

      Lopez got schooled by a smarter, better prepared Kambosos. And it was fun to watch.

      • I get it. Of course he won the fight.. but what I’m saying is that this fight was not like how Floyd mayweather made his opponents look like rookies. This wasn’t like a fighter who has someone’s number.. that made them look ordinary. Imo, I believe that Teofimos Covid issues and preparation for this fight made this fight difficult for him and easier for Kambosos to win the way that he did. Lopez was tired.. he was off balance and not sharp at all since very early in the fight. Even if he won I doubt he could have done that backflip he likes to do. He couldn’t pull the trigger when Kambosos was hurt.. I didn’t see Kambosos wear Lopez down and dominate him I saw Lopez unprepared and affected before the fight and Kambosos did what he was supposed to do. Would I pick Kambosos to win against a pre covid no layoff version of Lopez?.. would my downvoters go all in on Kambosos vs the other big names in that division under the circumstances? Kambosos beat a Champion at 60% by a “split” decision. So bet wisely. I’m not young.. I’m not a professional boxing analyst. I’ve thought about starting a YouTube and breaking down boxing how I see it. I’ve done some on point predictions and I consider myself very knowledgeable.. in fact. I described boxing the way it is today years ago.. I know that most people don’t understand boxing so I’m not surprised. What I’m saying is simple.. he didn’t beat the real version of Lopez last night .. if you can’t see that. Good luck betting your house on Kambosos in his next fight

        • Stop it, Nostradamus, all he had to do was beat the one that answered the bell.Given your unlimited knowledge, you must make a TON, betting.

          • Sports betting is not allowed where I live. But I would have.. your response proves that you’re just following the sheep and didn’t reply with any credible details. Even the person who replied to my original comment completely ignored my point. I don’t mind a simple boxing debate.. I love boxing. I should make that channel.. I’ve been wanting to. I’d be able to explain myself better.. so that I can share my unlimited knowledge. Yes he failed to beat him but imo there were reasons why.. based on the other night I don’t feel comfortable saying that Kambosos will stay undefeated for very long.. and hey, it’s my opinion. I don’t get paid for my opinions I type as a fan of boxing. I don’t have hidden agendas and on nobody’s payroll. I Just call it how I see it. And Tiofemo was not himself that night so be careful going all in for Kambosos on future fights. Can he win?.. it’s boxing anything can happen. But did he dominate Lopez because he’s simply better and there were no other factors that help determine that fight?.. I don’t feel comfortable saying yes to that. If anything I’m helping you guys out.. incase you think Kambosos is the next face of boxing. But again, you never know.. I just don’t see it after this particular one because of the circumstances

          • There is a reason why every one loses at whatever they are choosing to compete in. But you’re spinning your wheels trying to make a point that is obvious. He got out boxed, out coached, and out gunned.

          • I should. I won’t mind part time pay.. I do it for free anyway. Some of these promoters can send me a fighter they need to build up and I can make it happen.. but in reality. I’m more dedicated when I truly feel good about a fighter.

    • You can say the same about Loma. Loma was not himself the fighting night with Teomo. Stop the excuses.

    • Elpapisteve, I’m the second upvote and agree. In boxing, you can never think that you got it like that. Anyone who steps in the ring with you has a chance of winning and can never take them lightly. Lopez game plan was wrong the whole way. Zero body attack the whole way through. As soon as he tried to log George in the first round, I saw nothing but trouble. It’s called boxing for a reason.

      However, I do see great things for Kambosos, again, if he can keep that focus.

      • You guys are stuck on me being a Lopez fan.. I don’t agree with the Loma situation. I thought that a rematch should have happened. At the time I felt that Lopez took advantage of the situation to take all the belts and run. I felt that Loma was coming on.. and I wanted to see round 13.. badly. Lopez won the first half of the fight mainly because Loma let him.. then I watched it and felt that Lopez neutralized his move where he likes to spin around the left side of his opponents. But in reality.. Loma didn’t fight. Waited too long to turn it up. So I agree there were some unfinished business in that fight. Lopez had Covid for a while before this fight and I think, that plus other things affected his preparation.. and he thought that he could get Kambosos out of there in the first round. Don’t confuse my comments with not liking Kambosos I think he’s fun to watch.. I like him before and after the fight.. and in the ring. But I can’t ignore all the other details

    • In your face exactly what happened to Loma happened to him but Loma is better than Lopez and will prove it, dont cry

    • Man, are you a boxing comedy writer or just offering Teo MORE excuse? If Teo was having as many issues as YOU claim, he should’ve kept his rump at home. Nobody cares about his ‘problems’.

      • I’m a realist. It’s easy to ride the wave and say what everyone is saying. Because he beat him. Just like Canelo unified an entire division within a year. That’s impressive to you casuals. I look at details.. I take a step back and see the whole picture. The fight has been postponed long enough and those people need to earn money and feed their families. Under the circumstances I think Lopez dug deep and tried to get the win.. Kambosos didn’t have any physical issues.. stayed in shape and got the win. But imo, if they were both 100% I think Lopez wins. I don’t think Kambosos has Lopez number. He looked off.. he beat a 60% Lopez with a split decision and got dropped in the 10 round. If all the big names start targeting Kambosos in the near future.. it proves my point that they see something that I see.. and you guys don’t.

        • Sorry man, I think you’re delusional along with Lopez, and his old man. You keep trying to defend your vast boxing knowledge, but to the other folks on this board it just isn’t as evident as you seem to believe.

          • I’m explaining my point of view .. it’s a boxing debate. I don’t mind it.. I think it’s good for the sport and it’s fun to talk about. But if you know boxing.. you know that you can’t go by the majority of boxing fans because just like Roger Mayweather said.. “Most people don’t know sh.. about boxing”.. from what I see only 5 people know what I’m talking about. If you’re going by the majority on this board then you’re one of them. Most of these guys are just happy to see Lopez get beat and humbled. They don’t care about what I’m trying to say and that’s fine. Most experts should see that Lopez wasn’t prepared to defend his titles properly. Upvotes doesn’t change my perspective I know what I saw. Like I said I Like Kambosos the fight was entertaining.. I might watch it again today. I watch DAZN every day.. but I can’t ignore certain details to say that Kambosos is the best 135 pounder under the circumstances that I described. I need to see more

        • 60% my ass he got schooled last night. With no solid advice from his father then acted like a fool after the fight.

          • If you think Teofimo looked normal from the start of the first bell. Then we don’t have anything to talk about. Anybody with eyes can see that he wasn’t himself. If you’ve watched him fight before. I’m not debating about whether he deserved the beating or if his dad is annoying. I’m speaking on his conditioning as a fighter.. he was off. And lost a split decision.. that’s all I have to say

          • Elpapisteve, I get what you are saying. In my opinion, Teofimo looked physically unprepared, and by that I mean it looks like he struggled trying to make weight. Not sure if that was the case, but he looked like a person who struggled to make weight and it showed in his performance. But the truth of the matter is, the better man with a better game plan won that night. Period…. I do agree with many who commented that he should replace his father with a better trainer, that as well was obvious. It’s time for Teofimo to stop whining and start acting like a professional fighter and correct his flaws which includes his defense. Just my opinion…

    • Those other fights he didn’t get knocked on his ass in the first round. After that he changed his game plan, and he picked the wrong plan.

    • every uneducated fan uses covid as an excuse for their fan boy fighter’s loss. Turns out the virus is good for something after all.

  • It took a while for many to realize that the Earth is round. Seems to be something similar here when it comes to realizing the “unthinkable”.

    There are two choices, either you humbly learn your lesson for life and develop to the better, both as a boxer and human, or you choose denial and the black hole.

  • Says he definitely won but says he can take losses? Guy is a clown. Way overrated and it was proven last night.

  • I was rooting for Lopez but Kambossos beat him up
    I mean he just whupped his ass, outboxed, out exchanged him in close quarters, just landed the cleaner punches. Credit to Lopez who hurt and knocked down George late in the fight but could not put him away, Kambosos great condition allowed him to recover quickly and closed the show like a champion, he deserved the decision. Lopez abandoned the Jab and his fundamental boxing skills and was just too slow in the exchanges and yes maybe fire his father and work with a real boxing trainer, fathers as trainers really doesn’t work for the most part.

  • Teofimo Lopez is like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “The Black Knight always triumphs. I’m invincible!”

  • “At the end, I scored it 10-2!”
    – I didn’t realize that fighters scored their own fights while in the heat of the moment.

  • Lopez need go to the hospital he was dreaming and dont like Lopez father he think son is super star he is good but he went too far

  • Big congrats to George for traveling halfway across the globe & showing who was the better fighter! Also a shout out to Eddie Hearn & Matchroom for putting on this fine event!!!

  • I watched the fight with the volume off because I had a HORRIBLE connection with the audio being 27 seconds behind the video. Even without the announcers influence, I had it a split for Kambosos.

    The sky’s the limit for Kambosos. I hope he gets some big paydays in the next couple of fights. He looked great at 135 and should be able mix it up with the rest of the group. The down side of his win, is dealing with the divas an their politics in the division. He could as thee champ, earn millions fighting outside the US.

    As for Lopez, his options do not look great. I ignored the fact that he’s not done maturing physically. 140 is stacked and he will have his hands full. Will not be unifying there and 147 is out of the question with too many animals.

    Only route for Lopez is dicipline for success.

  • Every time that Teofimo opens his mouth , something stupid falls out. The Makeover should train more and talk less.

  • quote means quote..he said he won 11 to 2…which is 13 rounds . he was concussed.

  • his standing in front of Canelo two weeks ago with his belts was the seeds to this crop. he is a nub. history. he blew his chance and will never be close to what people thought he was. nuff said

  • Kambosos said it best. Delusional. Was bested last night and still wont humble himself. Disinterested in seeing him in any future fights

  • This is what decades of affirmative action does to people. Teo doesn’t know how to be a man because he was never raised by one, and he’s never earned anything.

  • I think what happened to Lopez is the same scenario that has been witnessed too many times to count in the past. Young hungry kid steps beyond expectations. Pulls of a great win over a fighter the fans and media dub ” the next….the best …..once in a….” think about how the emotionally dictated view this athlete. What is said and written. These young men read those clippings too. As well as their handlers. This is where your corner needs to keep you grounded. Yet it seems his father bought into the hype, as his son obviously had. Teo BELIEVED there was not a chance in hell Kambosos belonged in the ring with him. His complete lack of respect for George had him rush the first round believing it would be that easy. It wasn’t. Lopez was in shape, but was kept a step or three behind almost every round. After each round he had erroneous conformation that he was doing well. At no point was plan “B” referred to because there was no plan “A”.
    It’s why we tune in every time these young men lace em up. Because so much more goes into preparation than hitting the bag, road work and showing up. It is because we can not weigh the intangible of heart, will, and harder work. And the downfalls of ego rearing its ugly head. It is why, any given day, sun shining just the right way, even the smallest of hope can become the crown no one thought you would own.

    • Bet your house on Kambosos next big fight against a champion and I bet you’ll be holding your own nuts for a while

  • As I stated last week. The absolute worst thing that can happen to the kid (at this point) is lose to Kambosos! After a year of inactivity due to absolute stupidity, compounded by his Dad’s classes behavior and ignorance, losing this fight is a MAJOR SETBACK! All the crap he’s talked about all the other 35 pound cats and calling out Josh Taylor the way he did totally blew up in his face!!

    • Well said . Sometimes when your only focused on devouring. The only only thing you end up eating are your own words

  • This guy has always come off as low class and I’m really not surprised he couldn’t handle losing with any kind of humbleness.

  • Maybe Teofimo got hit too hard on the head!! He won 10 to 2!!lol. He clearly lost to a better hungrier fighter! He will be champion again. First your dad as a coach gotta go!!

  • -Fire your Dad.

    -If your going to talk sh_t, you need to back it up. (See Mayweather)

    -Be humble

    -Leave God out of it.

  • Lopez is a great counterpuncher. Not sure why he just matched forward with his arms at his waist giving his opponent opportunities to land counters. If he would have boxed a deciplined fight he would have won easy. But instead he tried to be the second coming of Roy Jones but lacked the boxing Iq to do so. I was surprised by the tactics. You stay with what got you here. The bully attitude cost him.

  • Sorry tho, Kambosos hurt you and dominated you in a street brawl. No way in the world you’ll beat Kambosos ever.

  • de·lu·sion (dĭ-lo͞o′zhən)
    a. The act or process of deluding.
    b. The state of being deluded.
    a. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.

  • Lopez is a jerk when he wins, what else would you expect when he looses…..that to my eyes was a 9-3 win for Kambosos…. If the referee raised Lopez’s hand it was only because he expected a robbery in Lopez’s home territory.

  • What a great fight

    Teo may be a better pure boxer than George but he just got schooled in the art of war

    George’s laser focus, heart and determination to execute what was a great boxing strategy was the difference

    The result was not such a big surprise in hindsight when you watch the full presser and the interactions and verbal exchanges where
    George had Teo and his team rattled hard

    Kambosis = Done everything he said he would
    Teo = Done nothing he said he would

    My favourite part of the press conference was when George said he was here dressed for business and he was going to take everything Teo has in NYC – What a killer!


    Teo has to have a long hard look at himself and put the big boy pants on

  • Teofimo bashed on Wilder for not taking his losts to fury as a man & now that he is the one on the losing end, he won’t accept that the better man won last night.

  • Teofimo no class and a sore loser.
    Anybody that know boxing had Kambosis the winner. The judge that had Teo winning needs to pack it in and retire

  • Saw an interview with López, Sr. In which he intimated that the fix was in and that they never should have agreeed to fight on DAZN but instead should have stuck with Top Rank. First, Top Rank let this go to purse bid. Second, Matchroom and DAZN promoted this with López as the clear A-side Star, and paid López his career best payday to date.

    There is no contract between Matchroom and Dibella/Kambosos after this fight and no guarantee that Kambosos fights Haney (assuming he beats Diaz).

    And if the “fix” was in, how is there a split decision instead of a unanimous one?

    Personally, I think López will be a force at 140 lbs., but he lost this fight to the new Australian champ.

  • Lopez, I don’t think you even believe yourself. You got your ass beat man. You fought the whole fight with your hands down on your side and got tagged over and over. Take you loss and go home.

  • What happened to T. Lopez?
    In denial stage probably. A close fight yes and GK is the clear winner.

  • Gotta admit I got this fight wrong. Thought George was in over his head when in fact he was the better fighter. I love being proven wrong by fighters. Only reason I watch boxing.

  • I knew he didnt beat a 100% Loma. Dude was riding off his fake win for over a year. Reminds me how good Loma really is and how overrated this guy is.

  • Teo is the champion you have to take the belts away from him. Sorry that did not happen and the referee knew that as well.

  • >