Tzsyu planning to take Hogan’s soul

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Things are heating up between WBO #2, IBF #3 light middleweight Tim Tszyu (17-0, 11 KOs) and WBC #8 middleweight Dennis Hogan (28-3-1, 7 KOs) who will clash on March 31 at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, New South Wales, Australia.

“As they say, he’s world class. But I think he’s just under that world class because he’s never been able to get to the top,” said Tszyu. “But look, I need to beat a ‘Dennis Hogan’ to be where I want to be. I see another confident opponent who doesn’t know what they’re running into.

“That’s the best thing about boxing — once you get in the ring, everything from before, everything after, everything shuts away, and it’s just you and your opponent in that particular moment…to take their soul and their belief and everything they’ve ever worked for…it’s not just the W, it’s taking everything away.”

Team Hogan Responds

Danny Dimas, manager of Dennis Hogan, commented, “When you have big TV and media money behind you it’s very easy to make anyone believe you are the most amazing fighter in the world, but true boxing fans are able to see through the hype of any fighter. On March 31st I truly believe Dennis derails the hype train.

“Tim Tszyu is a great fighter and will achieve great things in boxing but not just yet and not against Dennis Hogan. I just hope when Dennis beats Tim that people don’t start with the ‘well Tim was overrated anyway’ like they did when Dennis schooled Munguia.”

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  • “to take their soul and their belief and everything they`ve ever worked for”.It´s very memorable short moment in your life when you feel that.I remember mine well.Dennis will remember his moment long time after Tzsyu..

  • This is simply riding on the confidence train to build more attraction to the fight. Nothing new! LOL

  • Get in the ring and treat each other with no love please, hugs and kisses after if you wish.
    If Tim is for real, should be able to break down Hogan as Jermall did, but if the outcome is similar to the Munguia fight, could be an indication he still a bit green and better wait before throwing him against a guy like Jermell Charo or Bryan Castaño. Hogan is an excellent measure stick to learn where Tim is at this point. I hope he wins impressively to set an Australian mega event vs. Castaño

  • “Tzsyu planning to take Hogan’s soul”

    These headlines are getting stupider.

  • Certain fighters have a special distinctive aura about them. Tim Tszyu has that. He’s the next best thing since danny green and mundine. Believe that. He will be one of the best ever to come out of Australia. Just watch and see. I got him destroying Dennis hogan and blitzing through Castaño EASILY.

    Charlo is obviously the best in the weight devision at the moment No one can deny that but Tszyu is getting better and better and when they eventually fight, I’d put the house on Tszyu. He’s a natural killer – distance, sting, power, instincts, speed, intelligence

    • Ok sir what does it need. We have crooked governing bodies, fighters that don’t want to fight each other and promoters who can’t get over themselves or are protecting their fights and a lack of PPV attractions. What does boxing need?

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