Tyson, Jones put on exciting boxing exhibition


In an exhibition between ring legends, Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Jr., 51, entertained a PPV audience on Saturday night behind closed doors at Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was eight two-minute rounds of aggressive sparring. Tyson appeared to be in better shape. He threw mostly body shots that made a loud cracking sound when they landed. Jones landed a few of his trademark pot shots, but also spent a lot of time holding.

According to WBC remote scoring by Christy Martin, Chad Dawson, and Vinny Paz, the bout was “a draw.” No scores were announced. We had Tyson winning easily. Some sportsbooks accepted betting on the fight.

UPDATE: WBC remote scoring was Chad Dawson 76-76, Christy Martin 79-73 for Tyson, Vinny Paz 80-76 for Jones. Christy got it right. The other two cards were embarrassing, especially Paz. He scored four rounds even and gave the other four to Jones!!

After the fight, Tyson said he planned to do more of these events.

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  • I enjoyed every second of the fight. Although the WBC judges (Pazienza on crack), had it a draw, I had Tyson winning easy 7-1. Tyson’s movement was good and he still has real skills. Roy just never engaged, and held.

    • Yes, Tyson won the fight just on being the aggressor and the higher work rate. Boy, Tyson is a good ticket seller with all the trash talk and aggressive attitude leading up to the match. Yet, he held back and made the match up a true exhibition as promised.

    • That fight was pathetic…..both of them hugged it out the whole time….worst $50 I ever spent….then it was a draw…wtf!

    • I have to imagine the scoring was intentional or Vinny Pazienza couldn’t read the names on the card or something because that was the worst scoring I’ve ever seen in my life. Not that it really matters, but at that point they shouldn’t have bothered scoring.

    • Wow….. You’re a grown man telling two other men “big hugs”????? Get off the internet and act like an adult.

  • I was watching this on Facebook. Exciting? What part? A.C. Slater commentating? The rap music or Christy, Chad and Vinny not knowing how to do basic math?

  • Boring. The announcers were excellent fluffers. Let’s see where all that charity money goes.

  • Best line of the night: “This is like two of my uncles fighting at a family barbecue.”

  • Honestly, snoop kept it funny and entertaining. Glad they had him on. He kept me laughing the whole fight

  • It was for charity so mad respect to them for that!! But love how the scores didn’t add up to a draw. Also love how Mike didn’t throw any head shots. Roy doesn’t realize Tyson was going easy on him..

    • Exactly! Tyson was holding back. Roy was struggling with conditioning. Respect to both men.

      • Yep RJJ hardly did any cardio and it showed. He didn’t even try to land his bread and butter left hook. Tyson put in the work and took his training seriously.

    • Yeah, the charity for the Roy Jones and Mike Tyson retirement fund.

      And please with that fake ass “it’s for charity somkmlove it because I’m such a good person”. Go out and be charitable instead of telling people on the internet how much you like charity.

      • Good point Jay, people never get it. All they want is blood and broken bones.

        It was for charity, they were not to go out and try and knock off each other’s head.

        Job well done to them both.

      • both of these guys are more than well off financially…they BOTH also do a lot more for charity then you see

    • Don’t they teach you how the scoring system works in the Rocky movies? The scores did add up to a draw: One dad it for Tyson, one for Jones, and the third had it even. They don’t go by an accumulation of the points, but rather who each judge scored it for.

    • Hi Frank … its Chuck Williams from Hawaii … we’ve met several times with Chuck Z … Tyson didn’t throw his vicious head shots because the California Commission warned Mike and Roy “this is an EXHIBITION and if anyone tries to KO the other there will be serious consequences … I was surprised Roy was not in better shape … Hope you are well …

  • God Bless them both. For being out of the ring for so long and to go 8 rounds take a lot. Good for them.

  • Exciting??? To who? Hellen Keller? What a colossal waste of time!! Tyson tried to fight, but ‘as usual’, Jones danced, pitty patted and Tied-Up/Hugged his way thru this farce without engaging once. Jones didnt throw anything!! Not one meaningful HARD punch in the whole fight!!! At least Tyson tried a little. PATHETIC. I turned it off….

    • Dag it was entertainment . Tyson been out of the ring over 15 years and Roy about 6 or more. They are both over 50 with Tyson 3 more years older.what do you really expect. That takes a lot to do. You try it and see how far you can go.

    • Don’t actually understand the term ” exhibition” do you or anything about boxing and if you paid for that’s makes an even bigger moron.

    • lol RJJ landed two meaningful punches. Lol RJJ looked like a guy that trained for a free exhibition.

  • So happy about this Event, it’s not that they were competing at the level they were in their prime but it was more than an exhibition, no one is hurt and the memories it brought back brought tears in my eyes. A bit disapointed by Roy Jones Jr’s conditionning but after all they are in their fifties !! Don’t hate take it for what it was a mix between an exhibition and a fight between two past their primes legends. Thank you Mike and Roy for all the good moments you gave me in my life. I discover boxing with Mike Tyson in the eighties and it saved my life in a moment later were i was a junkie.. Can’t wait to watch him fight again with a crowd behind him in a real Event..

    • I too have always been a Tyson fan. Got me thru some really tuff times in the 80’s as well. I appreciate the bit of insight on your struggle back then, I’m glad you came thru it to be here today

      • Thank you i wish you the best in your life, happy to see that there are people who care about the others..

    • For sure mate. Here in Oz a Tyson fight was a huge thing. Nobody had pay TV so you had to cram into a casino or pub – everyone yelling. Don’t get those kind of fights in Oz so much……

  • that referee was not doing his job properly , he let them hold each other for the entire 8 rounds

    • The ref’s job is first and foremost to ensure safety of the fighters. Also, this was especially pronounced because of their ages and the fact this was an exhibition with very explicit limitations on how far they could go. He wasn’t about to risk someone getting injured and be party to a lawsuit.

  • I thought for an exhibition, it was entertaining. Part of me was hoping for Tyson to KO Jones, but it really did wind up being an exhibition as advertised – Tyson threw a lot of body shots, and RJJ would dance, throw a shot, and hold, but it wasn’t brutal at all. And for 50+ year olds fighting for the first time in years, that was fine. Well, maybe not for $50

  • I just watched it as it was uploaded,
    What can I say?
    Sucks getting older, I give them credit for those that they suckered out of 50.00 Mike never tried to truly ko Roy and vice versa, what I will say is that for the 1st time in 20 years Tyson was relaxed in the ring. In the event Mike could get a license, I would say he could crack the top 200 in the heavyweight division that’s about it, still very good for a 54 yr old. Roy was probably the best fighter On 45 yrs of watching boxing and Mike was the most intimidating boxer and had a good run for 3 yrs

  • Honestly, I’m glad there wasn’t a KO! I’m a die hard Tyson fan for life, but I’ve always like Jones as well. To see him tonight, he was not in the best of condition, didn’t want to see him to get KO’d. I truly feel Tyson held back a bit on Jones. It’s all good. Respect to them both

  • Iron Mike won easily but this was an exibition for charity so no prob with the draw. At 220 pound was is great shape! Congrats to both.

  • How can anyone say this was boring and disappointing?! These guys are in their 50’s!!! I thought it was exciting for what it was. Sure there was a good amount of holding but we got to see Mike Tyson in action and he actually looked pretty damn good for his age. Jones didn’t look bad either. Not saying they can compete with the top guys in the division but for what it was it was awesome. On a side note, Jake Paul is one of the biggest douche bags on earth. Him and his brother are some of the most unlikeable people I’ve ever seen, are people really THAT stupid that they made these clowns millionaires on social media?? Sad really. Nate had no business being in the ring with him. It was an obvious mismatch from the beginning. What a joke.

    • I don’t much about Jake Paul or his brother. Only heard of them because of the DAZN “boxing” card. That being said Nate Robinson had no business being in there. Didn’t look like he did ANY boxing training.

  • Bunch of boneheads here complaining and bitching about a horrible fight. What did you really expect from two 50+ year olds? I give them credit for getting in there and shaking off the cobwebs and doing what they were able to do good for them. Do I want to watch them again? No of course not this was enough and I hope they can ride off into the sunset and never return.

    To you arm chair warriors out there that probably never laced on a pair of gloves before that are whining cause you probably seen these two hitting punching bags on Twitter and expected them to fight like they once did as 20 yr olds you guys need to seriously get a life and quit complaining.

    • George foreman 20 years ago was fighting world class fighters at 44..50 is the new 40..this was embarrassing.Tyson looked bad ..i thought he still had something in him but this is like my uncle when he was 50-Former fighter, can hit the speed bag and mitts but not at a pro level anymore

    • Who’s complainjng about the fight? People are simply pointing out that “exciting” isn’t the way to describe the fight. Neckbone.


  • When Mike hits you it paralyzes you. It´s a different kind of power, not yet seen from other powerful punchers. It’s like a sting from a scorpion, you know you´re f*ck*d when it hits you….

    • That was 25 years ago long gone there is no snap in his punches or speed .I understand being a fan but be real to yourself

    • You obviously don’t watch boxing. Plenty of fighters before or since Tyson have had better or equal power.

  • Roy was holding back and Tyson managed to box very clever Roys body. That’s why Tyson got an advantage and because of that he won the fight.

  • They said it best in the commentary “if you have no expectations, you can’t be disappointed”. I thought it was exactly what what was billed, an exhibition. I just assumed, Tyson being the driving force behind this told the judges and everyone involved “make it a draw”, seeing he was happy with it. However did Paz even watch the fight or make an attempt!

  • Kudos to Mike Tyson. He had trained himself very well and looked in far better physical condition than Jones in spite of being older. He was more disciplined, more willing to exchange. He looked like he had his familiar technique and effectively executed it. I thought he held back the full extent of his power to honor the rules of the exhibition. I really enjoyed seeing him in the ring.

  • Arturo said it best. It’s sad when Michael Buffer and
    a YouTube star steal the show on a Tyson RJJ fight. From the suck broadcasting to the terrible rapping. My battle with covid was more enjoyable than this

  • Boring and Pointless. Rap music is the absolute worst when preformed live. Best part of the night was all the memes on Twitter after Jake Paul knocked Nate into the necxt Galaxy

  • Exciting? Are you kidding me? This is the only site saying that! The background music should have played “hold that tiger” as Jones held more than Robin Given held Tyson. Let’s cut out this bullshit and another black eye to boxing!

    • Hey Ken, old PA friend. Thanks for the honesty. I don’t see how that was a good thing for boxing.

  • To enter the ring in your 50’s is a true testament to Tyson’s and Jones’ hearts and love of boxing.

    Having said that, this fight was not a draw. I know it was an exhibition but Tyson won that match as easy as the sky is blue. Jones did not fight. When he wasn’t holding he was running around the ring. He honestly looked ridiculous.

    • If I was in the ring with tyson, I would run, too! The real perspective is that it was entertainment for charity. Leave it at that.

  • That was awesome seeing two legends keeping each other honest the only thing sad about it is the same for everyone realizing your getting old!unless you were ever at the top of the food chain in fight game could you still perform that well in your 50’s anyone hating can…..! My two uncles fighting at a bbq was classic and hearing Adesanya say how excited he was being a part of this event puts it in the same feeling for lots of fighters and fans who grew up with these warriors fighting! Next event the real fights can’t have bad mismatches though! How the [email protected]& the commission let 8 pounds difference in a weigh in still happen unless Robinson went to buffet or had weights in his pockets before weigh in would they ever of allowed that fight to happen, but that fight helped sell the show so …..damn even Nate’s corner should of stopped it after first rd he was done after first knockdown

  • I’m a Jersey implant and I spent my twenty’s through forty’s in Atlantic City. Mike you made those times for me the best. I remember you gave me a training weight lifting belt you had signed to me. Wish I still had it. You were a living legend to me then and a living legend to me now. May God keep you. You’re greatness will always live with me. Be Blessed.

  • You guys do know that this event was more like a poor wrestling promotion than a boxing event. And nobody commented how smart Roy was to impersonate John Ruiz, and made it his business to hold Tyson so tight, I thought Roy was going to kiss him. Truthfully that was how Roy was able to not only survive but to show that he knows every cute trick that there ever was in boxing. Jones also got off several pot shots at Mike, but Tyson was hurting Jones with several of those body shots. i had a few friends over to watch this, and told them no mater what, Jones will get through 8 rounds, no matter what. The problem I had was remaining awake, the Wet Wrappers were an exercise in verbal diarrhea, and the announcers were straight out of a comic exhibition. Even Sugar Ray could not save the comic nickel and diming of a supposed big event. And Tyson was high as a kite, promoted his grass factory and a cure for everything that bothers you. I think Roy was hurt because during the fight you can see his face and he was protecting what appeared to be a rib injury. Tyson still has some wicked pop, but nobody escapes father time.He is probably thinking he will lure Holy or Lewis into a big fight, but the problem with that is always that Lewis or Holy might not want to play the way Tyson spins it. And somebody at this age will get hurt, badly which I would not like to see.

  • This is such bias confirmation. There was nothing exciting about that fight. The undercard was terrible, and the musical interludes were annoying and long. Oh and the commentators were also awful.

  • i thought it was great fight Tyson easily won it though but RJJ did have the smart tactic that was honestly the ONLY way he survived it

  • Im a boxingfan in my 40ish. Tyson,Jones,Holy,Bowe,Moorer,Lewis and all the other legends in that era always got me fired up before a fight. Yesturday I got the same feeling! It dosent matter that they are older and slower. They have the charisma and the energy. The Klitchkos and the guys from this era is also great but there is something special with our old fighters.

    Thanks alot for this event! I Liked it alot!

    • Totally disagree. If people pay PPV for these OTH crap instead of paying to watch the best fighters of today boxing will die. What’s next Jake Paul against RU Paul? Trannies fighting Nannies?

  • For all that hype and training what a flop. Neither one would stand a chance against a top ten contender. Grab hold grab hold. The basketball dudes career came and went. Time to retire after one fight. Great debut. disappointed in Tyson after what seemed an intense training camp. Throwing a punch every 45 seconds. Should of slung Jones to the canvas after holding for the 100th time.

  • I would like to Thank the Boxing World for the opportunity to see arguably the greatest hard punching ever versus 1 of the most tactful boxing champions ever take the ring. For a man over 50 years old. This was appreciated.

  • Both fighters showed glimpses of their former greatness, especially Tyson with his upper body movement that had been absent in the later part of his career. I bet Tyson could still beat a lot of heavyweights now, but nobody in the top 10

    • You got to be kidding any young fighter will beat him he needs to stay away from boxing……

      • Javier- Like I said, I doubt Tyson could challenge a legitimate contender, be it top 10 or maybe even top 30, but there are definitely plenty of young fighters out there Tyson can beat, like say-Alexander Flores! Speaking of which, Flores conquerer Louis Ortiz is listed as 41 years old, but it’s rumoured he is actually as old as 50! I can’t imagagine Tyson would want any part of him!

  • I have one word for this “fight” – BORING! It was like watching “Dancing with the Stars” with no music.

  • The scoring really doesn’t matter, it was a novelty showcase and not for any title contention or as I understand it even on either of their official records.

  • Oh shit i didn’t read the scorecards when i first read it !!! What a shame for Paz !! I gave 6 rounds to Tyson, one to Jones and one a draw.. 78-73 for the winner “Iron” Mike Tyson !!

    • That’s why these guys were fighters and not judges! I’m pretty sure the outcome was designed to be a draw no matter what!

      • Of course it was a draw by design, why else would they have two belts already made!

  • Yes he did masterful, thought mike was in better shape, Jones felt at home. He used his normal style and didn’t use the fire behind the set up’s

  • I enjoyed the fight and Jones was holding on for dear life. I can’t wait to see another legend out there and remember tyson fighting for good cause

  • Boxing exhibition for charity…yeah right!! I can’t believe people saw this crap and degradation of boxing. Fortunately, I did not watch that BS.

    Boxing fans, please do not further encourage boxing authorities to arrange anymore PPV events for retired great fighters because this was/is pathetic. Retired great fighters should stay retired and out of the ring to preserve our memories of their boxing greatness – not even “exhibition fights for charity!!”

    I hope young fighters see this fight and pathetic “grift” as a hard life lesson to learn money management while you “keep your mind on your money, and your money on your mind.”

    • People can downvote you, but you have a very legit point. No one who bought that fight has a right to bitch that Jake Paul is making more money than most world champs are (he made over 3 times what Badou Jack did). As long as people keep buying this shit it’s going to happen. No one who bought that fight has a right to bitch that boxing salaries are not meritocratic.

  • For supposedly training for months, Jones was huffing and puffing by the second round. Strange also considering his last fight was 2 years ago compared to 15 years for Tyson. Plus way too much clinching by Jones.

  • Women get some stick for being involved in Boxing, but it is clear they do know boxing as Christy Martin was the only one to score this fight correctly.

  • who in the hell let Chad dawson and Vinny Pazienza score anything? both have suffered from tremendous physical beatings they now slur in speech but somebody thought it was cool to let them score this? i guess they did better than Julie leddermans last scoring job.

  • Tyson held of smashing RJJ so Tyson could get more exhibitions. Others have said here the RJJ looks terrible and I agree. RJJ of 2020 can not take a punch and is no longer quick enough to avoid punches. RJJ was unbeatable at MW and SMW and very hard to beat at LHVY. I hate to see such a shell of great fighter..

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