Tyson Fury: Wilder has lost his marbles

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has commented on recent statements by former WBC champion Deontay Wilder, who he TKO’d in February at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“I think he has lost his marbles,” Fury told Talk Sport. “First of all it was the suit, then it was the bicep injury, then his trainer was on our team, then the referee was against him, then I had weights in my gloves, now someone spiked his water…it’s one of those things, eh?

“I’m not going to wait around forever.”

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  • He’s got a point. There’s no reason to fight Wilder again when we’re all on the edge of our seat waiting to see Fury risk his health against Agit Kabayel. Definitely an $80 PPV event.

    I for one am grateful that Fury isn’t wasting his time on any of the 40 or so unworthy guys rated ahead of Kabayel.

    • LMAO!!! Kabayel’s PARENTS don’t even know he’s a boxer. Let alone a title challenger.

  • He never had any marbles to lose. Dude has more unsubstantiated fraud claims than Trump.

    • You have a point. Nothing his fault, can’t accept defeat, very bombastic, poor command of the language, not all that bright. One thing Trump has that Wilder doesn’t, though, is a cult of support. When you aren’t a cult leader, your support is far more wavering and less forgiving. So Wilder stands to lose more.

  • Instead of all this talking, Wilder needs to step up and get this third fight done for supremacy. Bottom line.

  • Fury vs Wilder III, no interest. I’ve seen Fury as a winner twice. Enough is enough. A fight I would rather watch is Wilder vs Joshua, or Wilder vs Ruiz Jr. Fury vs Kabayel, currently ranked as No. 37 by Boxrec, needs no comments.

    • Yeah but….we have an “exciting” new division that can create yet even more shiny new belts for the world to marvel.

      Perhaps they can out 24 belts on the line for a “historic” first time ever event.

      It’s sad when an exaggerated joke is plausible.

  • I kind of think that who Fury is fighting next is irrelevant because Wilder doesn’t want the rematch anyway.
    I’ve not heard that Fury’s opponent has been announced and certainly wasn’t announced/finalised when Wilder came out of his shell and spoke. Wilder has not offered himself for the December date which he surely would have if he was desperate for that fight.
    As for Fury , I wonder if they could even have offered the fight to Whyte seeing that Povetkin is unavailable for either Fury or Whyte? I’m sure Whyte would be up for it. I think Fury is using this fight as a tune up for AJ next year assuming AJ beats Pulev.

  • When Fury had possible mental issues and drug problems as to why he couldn’t defend his title, the Boxing world supported him and wished him the best. Even calling Fury a hero. Meanwhile, the same people tease DW about his possible mental issues.
    “I think he has lost his marbles.” Fury of all people should know better than to drag mental issues down publicly.

      • And all the Wilder haters went and disliked my simple ‘Fact’ comment 🙂
        Give Wilder a break, he is having a tough time mentally. Wilder does not have an unbeaten record like Fury had when he mentally broke down.

    • Normally I’m sure Fury would have supported him. But he’s having to defend himself from outrageous accusations from Wilder about having cheated. Would you be as tolerant in that situation?

      • Yeah it’s really not at all an apples to apples comparison. One took responsibility for his issues and the other has yet to do so and is compounding it with some unbelievably ridiculous claims.

        • Maybe easier in a certain way for Fury that he was still unbeaten, was a champion in recess and could feel that way about his boxing career. Remarkable comeback.


    • You have point, but Wilder is making the mistake of not accepting his loss. If Wilder had been humble and admitted his loss without so many ridiculous excuses, but also admitted to suffering from other problems, the boxing world would be far more forgiving.

      Fury was pretty honest about his issues and took responsibility for those issues. Not to mention, he donated full purses to those suffering.

      • Fury and his people don`t know what honesty means, First he was doped before the Vlad fight, he and his cousin. Then he claimed a fake injury a few weeks before the return, and was seen the very next day at an English soccer match jumping up and down on the same foot. When the doping board came to test him he told to F..k off. He was caught in England messing with the gloves a few fights before the Vlad match. Was made to re-glove in the ring. He is known for making statements and the contradicting the same statement later. Having said that, i think Wilder seems mentally disturb, and should consider packing it in.

    • NJ Boxing, I’m sure the boxing world would be 100% supportive of wilder if he indeed turns out to have mental problems. But at this point that is unknown, the only fact is that he doesn’t seem to cope with his loss. That would be a mental issue but not necessarily an illness. If he can’t accept it then perhaps he should get psychological help to accept it and move on.

      • He LOST, hit the gym, stay away from little Kim and nemm,train,lose the attitude, you Can get beat,do you want to continue HE GOT BEAT ,train he got BEAT BAD ALL WAS GOOD WHEN HE WAS WINNING HE got beat

  • Lost his marbles? Please don’t take seriously this comment, it’s just part of the trash talking world. Wilder wants the third fight, but now that Fury and his team are in the drive, there must be some conditions (unknown for us) that maybe are too much of a hurdle to accept the fight, who knows.
    Even though Fury is the better fighter (skills) there is a huge punch chance in Wilder’s favor, that make the fight intersting, not at the level of Fury vs. Joshua, but interesting after all

  • Too much talking without any real content. Just focus on the the match, stop talking non sense.

  • Fury must move forward with his boxing life because I believe Wilder is going through serious self victimization issues and possibly serious mental health issues, and it is very difficult to reason with people going through such conditions.

    Based on individuals I have encountered/observed during my years, individuals like Wilder are usually/always in search of layered excuses and layered pitty parades instead of developing solid accountability/growth from negative actions, negative events and/or negative decisions. Wilder has to rebuild a smooth road by first looking in the mirror.

    I hope Wilder’s team, family and friends keep a close eye on Wilder’s mental health condition.

    • Yeah, it’s one thing to have excuses when you lose, but these are just ridiculous on top of insane on top of outlandish. Then firing the guy who saved his life as if he had any part in his loss.

      It may have gone from “excuses” to really worrisome behavior.

    • Anybody can play crazy now he’s lost, let’s remember the wilder.that was knocking MFers out (he was alright then)

  • The Fury stoppage is what happens when you take a 6’9″ 300+lb heavyweight’s punch for granted. If he learns how to lean his weight into the punch and you’re willing to take multiple shots don’t be surprised when your legs turn to rubber.

  • Wilder take your ass whupping like a man, rematch and win or just vanish. I think your done!

  • I just wish Otto Wallin could have got this fight he did so well against Fury and deserves a second chance against the champ, he should have been elevated to the top twenty or at least 30 after his loss to Fury not #50 Boxrec he’s very underrated.

  • It really doesn’t bode well for the rematch. If a fighter cannot accept a loss and make necessary changes, he typically never rights himself. Chad Dawson was a good example of this. This guy switched trainers constantly, and it always seemed like someone else’s fault. For a guy with ton of physical gifts, he never really reached the level he could have. Wilder was never the smartest guy in the world, but he’s gotta grow up.

  • There are so many things wrong with the Wilder set up. Finkel and Haymon are intelligent. Should they not be reining him in and advising him of the damage his statements are doing to his reputation?
    In all of this I have to say how classy Breland has been in just letting others defend him. Fury and his team will likely take it all with a pinch of salt but Breland was close to Wilder for years and despite the ludicrous nature of Wilder’s claims he will no doubt be hurting inside.

    • Look at Trump as a corollary. Some people cannot be reigned in despite the team’s best efforts. This is especially the case when Wilder really calls the shots at the end of the day.

  • Fury is full of crap! Just sign and fight wilder like you agreed to do! Stop trying to get out of it while blaming wilder! Call for the fight!

    • Surely the onus is on the defeated guy to chase the fight. Fury will gain nothing from beating Wilder again.
      I’ve still not heard any of Wilder’s team or Wilder himself offering him as an opponent for the December date. He says about payback etc but that’s after he/Fury chose a date and to look for a new opponent. Also I’ve not heard from Wilder’s team re any lawsuits vs Fury for not taking the rematch. To me it either means that the contract has indeed expired or he doesn’t want it or both.
      You look at how Hearn chased things when Ruiz tried to get out of the AJ rematch and how Whyte was begging for a rematch with Povetkin just hours after he was kayoed and compare it to the lame way Wilder has reacted since his defeat.

  • Considering that he was bleeding from his ear in the rematch, it’s quite possible that he got more than a ruptured eardrum.
    Remember Jermaine Taylor?
    After his losses to Pavlik and Abraham there was a pretty big change in his behavior.
    TBIs are a real thing.

    • Wilder, a tall 6’7″ really thin HW with no legs and nearly nothing else than a whiplash right hand. Sadly he looks like a shot fighter for some time already.

  • Wilder must stand up now, or be thought of as a guy with a 1000 different puppy stories. He lost the fight because Fury was simply the better fighter. As a mater of fact he lost the 1st fight as well, and got himself a draw, when it should’ve went to Fury. That aside, it sounds like this Wilder needs a supply of tissue and towels to wipe that river of tears. Here is a guy that hits like Superman, yet his mentality is that of a minor.

    • Remember you must take the belt FURY didn’t do quite enough to win one Wilder didn’t do quite enough to win one—-DRAW FIGHT 3 ONE NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED TO BE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION THAT’S WHAT WE PAY FOR THAT’S WHAT WE WANT TO SEE NO QUESTIONS LEFT,NO DOUBT

  • We must remember that the sport is about head shots. Both Wilder and Fury have taken a few. A few years ago Fury was losing it, via his own admittance, now Wilder is talking somewhat delusional. Is it hype? Is it real? I love the sport but the sport of boxing has way to much crap talk, and excuses these days

  • Wilder can’t compete with Furry. The second fight gave Furry a huge edge over Wilder that can’t be taken back.

  • All this talk of Wilder/Fury lll is about as interesting as tyson/jones…What happened to a unification match btwn AJ and TF…the sun never sets on the British empire or does it?

    • Wilder need to work his way back to the top a 3 can be 2 1/2 yr. Depending on the rating but by all means go with the money if they fight or not boxing goes on

  • Mark Breland saved Miss. Deontay life from a possible career-ending fight or worst! Sorry but Wilder doesn’t have any honor, unlike Mr. Breland. Mark, you need to file a defamation of character lawsuit against this sorry excuse of a former heavyweight champion. Peace Glen C.

  • Tape don’t Lie you’re a Fucking cheater Tyson, this is boxing everyone talks shit. So now you don’t want to fight when we all watched the fight. Your a Fat lying ass Gypsy King. Yet when I saw what you did to your gloves and how you threw your punches I knew you hadn’t lost your marbles you were cheating again. Glove Gate at it’s best.

  • Why did Wilder lose?
    It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma, even the shooter’s don’t know.

  • Fury is one of the rare people that come along in a generation. His bark backs up his bite. I like Wilder, but he’s being very non-professional. Man it up. You lost fair and square

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