Tszyu-Ortiz Bout Canceled

No Limit Boxing, promoter former WBO champion Tim Tszyu, has announced that the highly anticipated WBA interim super welterweight title showdown between Tszyu and Vergil Ortiz Jr. scheduled for Saturday, August 3 has been cancelled due to medical advice provided to Tszyu requiring him take additional time for his head wound to heal.

Tszyu suffered a nasty gash that bled profusely in his March fight with Sebastian Fundora.

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  • I wonder if Ortiz will still be on the card against a quality opponent. Golden Boy has Charles Conwell, but no way on earth Oscar will make that match and knock off one of his prospects.

  • I was at the fight. That was one of the worst cuts I’ve ever seen. Fundora must have a sharp elbow or something!

  • Man, on paper this was one of the better fights of the year…What a shame. Is Virgil cursed or what?

  • Tszyu loss to Fundora has made his team to think twice in the opponent selection, and they found a perfect excuse to cancel the event. Tszyu needs rest and a easier opponent to rebound from his firs loss

  • I was looking forward to this card.
    Not sure if the reason was the cut to heal or how dangerous is Vergil.

  • A real bummer as I was looking forward to this one. Now that Tszyu is out, maybe Golden Boy can put Ortiz in with Erickson Lubin or Brian Mendoza as either of those guys would provide a stiffer test than the last two guys Ortiz fought.

  • Just when I thought Tszyu was THAT GUY who wanted all the smoke. It was a bad cut but boxers have been cut before and came back. Now I see, this fight is never going to happen. They going to come back against a soft opponent, destroy him and act as if the Ortiz fight was never scheduled.

  • Matching both Tszyu and Ortiz together you can expect postponements and reschedules.
    With this cancellation it seems somebody didnt want the fight. Ortiz is a rail grinder and prob too rough a fight for Tszyu to come back to.

  • Tszyu should have never accepted the fight instead of cancelling with this pathetic and embarrassing excuse.

  • That WAS a pretty intense cut. I would say at least an inch wide. Staples and internal sutures won’t be enough without the body having enough time to heal from the inside out. I had one on my chin from a BMX accident that required 16 on the inside and 24 on the outside. About 3 months later, it reopened(partially) when I was sparring and I was freaking grounded for it. Lol!!! Good times.

  • I thought that was a quick turnaround for Tszyu after that crimson mask cut he got.

  • i knew this fight would get canceled and that for Tzyu it was too soon this is all of boing today which is to talk shit but then do nothing EVERY fighter is now guilty of this and this is exactly why there is NOT one fighter today that would be who they are in the 80s and 90s era NOT ONE!!!!!!!!

  • That’s crazy, due to the fact that it’s always something with Ortiz that he doesn’t fight be it surgery, steroids,long layoffs, step aside money and when does fight he gets to fight some ham and egger or soft fighter for a titleOrga and returns more jacked looking g than ever…go back and checker ijs

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