Tszyu: I’ve beat the man who beat the man

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By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

When asked after the fight what his TKO win against former world champion Tony Harrison means, newly crowned WBO interim junior middleweight champion Tim Tsyzu stated, “It means I’ve beat the man who beat the man!”

Undisputed 154lb champion Jermell Charlo’s only career loss was to Harrison, later avenged.

“We will always have respect for each other, but tonight I proved I was the better fighter,” Tszyu said of Harrison. “The way my career has unfolded has been step by step, all the way to the top. That’s my mentality as a fighter. When I’m presented an opportunity like Charlo, of course I’m going to take that. And when I get an opportunity to face Tony Harrison, of course I’m going to take it.”

Tszyu was also asked if he had a message for Charlo: “The message was sent clearly. You know what’s next, you know I’m coming.”

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Harrison was all class in defeat. “The better man won,” Harrison said. “They’ve done a good job over there. His timing, his reaction is very good. He just beat me, so all I can say is he’s up for Charlo.”

As for his future, Harrison added, “The boxing [stuff] is hard. I’ve been doing this since I was five. I don’t know if I want to spend the next five, six years getting hit in the face. My brother [trainer LJ Harrison] had the perfect game plan, but sometimes when you get in there you forget.”

* * *

Injured world champion Jermell Charlo joined the Showtime announce team live from the CBS Studios in New York City as a special guest.

“He’s going to be a tough fight because he’s coming forward,” Charlo said following the telecast. “But I think he’s perfect for my style. He fits suitably well for me. I know he can’t take my punch because I know my punch is different. I think he’s going to do the same thing (when he fights me). He’s not going to change up much. Seeing him tonight just made me want to fight and be back in there, to get this over with, to just shut him up. I’ve shut up a lot of fighters. He’s just another one.”

* * *

The 28-year-old Tszyu is the son of International Boxing Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu, who was unable to attend the fight because his daughter and Tim’s half-sister has been ill.

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Attendance was 11,740 at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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    • Tszyu is not ready for Charlo. Doesn’t move his head enough to stand in front of Charlo. Tszyu did his job to make the fight even bigger and to somewhat actually earn a shot at undisputed. Tszyu landed clean punches to the head of Harrison and could barely get him off his feet. Tszyu doesn’t have the power like people think.
      Harrison was completely off for this fight and likely was on his way out the door. Harrison is a Boxing trainer that collected a nice check to travel to Australia. He looked like he didnt even train.
      Charlo ruined a lot of good fighters lately and Tszyu is likely next.

      • Agree. Harrison was a predictable win, but the kid isn’t on Charlo’s level.

  • Charlo is on another level! His boxing IQ, experience, power and has a world class chin! Not to mention endurance. I just can’t see a scenario whereby Tszyu makes it to the 12th!! I’m picking Charlo in 8!! Maybe even sooner…..

    • Charlo will bring more offense to the table than Harrison when Tszyu meets Charlo in the ring. I am willing to bet Charlo will be totally ready for this fight since the world will be tuning into see this showdown. Charlo has more experience and yes, has the ability to “crack” with his counter punches. I think Charlo has the edge over Tsyzu when you study the differences between them.

      • Thought I would be rooting for Tsyzu against Charlo but after all his say my MFing name crap after the fight he proved he’s an ass too. So I don’t care who wins this fight, I just hope Fundora stretches the winner. That young man has class. Hate these cocky clowns. I root for the humble warriors.

        • The promotional follow up to the fight was somewhat over the top at times eg deliberate miss pronunciation of Tim’s name constantly by some loud mouth no name rapper and motormouth Harrison, rediculous ” bets” etc,,,,you wouldn’t blink an eyelid!
          As soon as Tim wins ,and yes he was a bit over the top, you criticize him.
          Tim won….give him credit
          And I might add that Tony Harrison was gracious in defeat,nice to see.

      • I agree with everything you said and add that, although Tsyzu beat Harrison, I saw some flaws in his defense that Charlo will take advantage of. Charlo with his speed and power should beat Tsyzu convincingly..perhaps ko!!

    • Although I do not care for Charlo, I think you’re right on.

      I thought Charlo was on another level before the Castano (who is like a much more polished version of Tszyu) fights.

      After those fights, I didn’t see anybody beating him. Especially if he was up for a fight.

      I think he’ll catch Tszyu and it just wont matter how tough he is.

      But Tszyu has impressed me with how much he can do with limited movement.

      • Tszyu reminds me of a little Beterbiev. Obviously, a much smaller package means he doesn’t deliver that concussive power, but his fighting style is similar. He’s completely committed to walking a guy down and doesn’t seem to concerned with taking shots. I’d favor Charlo, but it seems like it’s within the margin of error. While Charlo would be a different level than Tszyu has fought before, Tszyu would still be the best fighter Charlo has fought. I’d make Charlo about 7/5, slight but not overwhelming favorite.

  • I thought tszyu looked very good. Much improved since his last outing. He had more head movement, was patient, showed better hand speed, utilized his own jab well, and ultimately he figured out after the first couple of rounds that Harrison couldn’t hurt him so he applied patient pressure and continued to walk him down.

    I thought Harrison would employ a stick and move style behind the jab with a lot of lateral movement. Not doing so was a bad decision. Harrison clearly did not respect tims power but you could hear difference when his shots landed compared to Tony’s.

    Kudos to Tszyu for taking this fight when it was not in his best interests to do so.

    • Steve, yes, good point. I agree Harrison should have been moving more in the fight working off his jab making it more difficult for Tszyu to find him. However, Harrison seemed to be more stationery in the fight allowing Tszyu to be flat-footed where he sat down more on his power.

  • I certainly can’t begin to say who I think will win out of Charlo and Tszyu but I think the one thing I took away from seeing the fight last night is that Tim does have power that other boxers need to be aware of. Styles make a fight and Harrison didn’t move alot last night I expect Charlo to move alot so that fight will likely be different in that aspect. If it turns into a slugfest it will surely be a fan favorite!

  • Young fighters; learn that when you psychologically do N O T take your opponent seriously, you make the fight easier for your adversary. Harrison did
    N O T take Tszyu seriously from onset. Tony behaved completely dismissive of Tim and now at the post-fight presser he is humbled, nonsensically. Not humbled as in ‘the better man won’ per se. Harrison’s team portrays being elementary. From losing focus during the latter rounds of Charlo II to now, no competence increases.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • Beating the man who beat the man does not necessarily mean you gonna beat the man…

  • no latteral movement for harrison charlo should be aware of tszu power and have a good fight plan i favor charlo as being better fighter tszu chaarlo should be a real good fight charlo wins split decision

  • Charlo won that fight against Harrison, the judges gave the decision to the wrong man that night, period. Tszyu will have his chance to prove us all wrong, no hate, but I just can’t see that head in the air, walk forward style defeating Charlo. May the best man win!

  • Tim should be much better prepared for Charlo as a result of this fight. Charlo is still the favourite.

  • Hm fighting that fight, even if it was risky, served Tszyu much better than sitting out, waiting for Charlo who said he’d be ready “late summer”. Good for him and may the best man win.

  • A solid win for Tszyu, and he displayed an outstanding offense. Tszyu took his time and applied smart pressure. Tszyu used hard, quick counterpunching to shut down Harrison’s motivation to throw more right hands. If he fights Jermell, Tszyu will need to use his hard jabs and smart pressure to cut down Jermell’s movements for body punching.

    However, I have a strange little feeling Jermell vs. Tszyu may not occur, but if the money is right, Jermell will fight Tszyu. Let’s hope Jermell does not try to price himself out (for whatever reason/s). Jermell is caught between two tough roads: Fundora (WBC) and Tszyu (WBO). Don’t let it shock everybody if Jermell goes to 160. A Tszyu vs. Conwell major collision may occur sooner than expected.

    After Fundora wins his next fight, the gravy will get extremely thick at 154. I prefer to see a Fundora vs. Tszyu fight because their styles will create a MAJOR boxing earthquake.

  • Charlo sisters are EXTREMELY overrated and don’t fight nearly enough. Harrison didn’t look the same last night either. No lateral movement and he just looked shot. Yeah, he beat Charlo, but he looked much better in that fight and threw more combos. Tim shouldn’t get ahead of himself!

  • Everything was going Good until he asked ,What my MFing name? 6 year old children in the ring !!!! lost me with that – Grow Up …

  • Charlo will stop lil Timmy within 10 hes just not skilled enough nor has the power to dethrone Charlo

  • Wait a min, “beat the man who beat the man”? You all remember Mosley (on juice) beating Oscar, then Vernon beating Mosley, then Mayorga beating Vernon, then Oscar beating Mayorga? LOL . That shit went FULL CIRCLE.

  • After that fight, %100 Charlo vacates the title.
    Trust me the fight won happen, Charlo will want the 3rd fight with the Argentinian for more money and a easier fight. He will vacate to avoid Tim and Fundora.

    • Your opinion is respected, but cant see any top 5 Jr. Middle wanting to avoid Tszyu or Fundoro. Salivating more likely.

  • Harisson is 0 for 3 in the three times I’ve seen him fight: He lost to Willie Nelson( not the old shit kickin’ pothead), Charlo, and now Tyzu. Very impressive win for Tyzu and solidies himself as a viable contender by decisively beating a former world champion. Whether or not he can beat Charlo now remains to be seen. My guess is an emphatic HELL NO!

  • Charlo will pay the price for being inactive for so long. Tszyu will take him down.

  • Not really sure what the judges were looking at or how the first fight between Harrison vs Charlo was judged.
    I’m still to this day just didn’t see how Harrison pulled off the victory. He had a few moments but clearly not enough.
    However, it is what it is……….he can always still say he was champion

  • – Looked to me that Harrison didn’t show up for this fight.
    – All that talk, and he showed nothing….

  • Guys like Tszyu are what we need in boxing. He’s a rising star who doesn’t want to hold on to his “0” but is willing to risk it. Like him or hate him you must respect this. There aren’t very many boxers like this in the modern era.

  • Harrison was a shell of what he was and arguably didnt really beat Charlo! Saying that, and I am not a Charlo fan, but the Charlo from fight number 2 will destroy Tszyu, IMO!


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