Tszyu KOs Harrison in nine, Charlo next

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By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Undefeated WBO #1 rated Tim Tszyu (22-0, 16 KOs) stepped out of the shadow of his ring legend father Kostya Tszyu to stop former world champion Tony “Superbad” Harrison (29-4-1, 21 KOs) in round nine to claim the vacant WBO interim junior middleweight title on Sunday morning at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Harrison was able to keep Tszyu on the end of his jab in round one. Tszyu upped the pressure in round two. Tszyu rocked Harrison with heavy artillery in round three. Harrison continued to land the jab, but most the power punches were landed by Tszyu. Tzsyu finally dropped Harrison hard with a barrage of punches in round nine. Harrison barely beat the count, but referee Danrex Tapdasan waved it off. Time was 2:43 of round nine.

With the win, Tszyu set up a clash against undisputed super welterweight world champion Jermell Charlo. After the fight, Tzsyu shouted, “What’s my motherf**king name? Say my motherf**king name!”

At the time of the stoppage, Tszyu was ahead 77-75 on all three cards.

Tszyu: I’ve beat the man who beat the man
Tszyu-Harrison undercard bouts

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    • You are right. Kosta was more aggressive and applied great pressure. I predicted Tim on a split decision. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.

  • Harrison arrived spent.. Tszyu still average.. congrats Tim! Your gym scouts led you to glory, Harrison is just as gone as they said. Bring on Charlo…

  • Harrison is a class act. Not sure if he got old overnight or if Tszyu is just that good. We will find out when we get to see tim and Charlo. It would be good to get Tony to say what his thoughts or take aways are after fighting both guys.

  • Saw nothing special in this fight, Tim lacks head movement/defense, gets hit way too much and is easily neutralized by a stiff jab…….Charlo in 8-9!

    • Haha yeah did you see the jab stats? There were plenty and none bothered Tszyu

  • Where are the haters now? Tim battered Harrison and beat him like he didn’t even belong. Charlo never did that to ‘Superbad’. Tszyu is now the favorite when he fights Jermell, and I don’t think Charlo finishes the fight. Tim getting this fight with a world-class opponent and making a statement is just what he needed to get the upper hand against the fading and now vulnerable Charlo. Tszyu tko 10 Charlo

    • Harrison has been laid out multiple times..let’s notbget ahead of ourselves.. Lol.. can only congratulate Tszyu, am I the only doubter that showed up tonight? I will say two things: Harrison was a used up fighter already.. I had that suspicion, but couldn’t confirm.. he started this fight as if he was already in the latter stages of his losing efforts… I will also say Tim is well conditioned and very big in the torso for his weight..he still appears basic fodder for Charlo.

      • Wow bro, you literally can’t give him a compliment without saying something else to drag him down. He fucked Harrison up, worse that Charlo did, simple as that. Give the man his props.

        • He beat someone Charlo has already crushed badly, how much/many props can he be given? Harrison was a one defense champion. Have some perspective my man. Tim and his followers acting like he beat Marvin Hagler.. it was notorious front runner Tony Harrison.. many, me included, thought Harrison would win.. as I said in previous posts, I grew increasingly suspicious of Harrison.. figured Tim and his people must’ve been tipped as to his depletion.. was right about that.. if Tim is what passes as talent these days then OMG.. bring on Charlo. Surely, he can’t be hiding from this Duck.

          • Wait, you grew suspicious of Harrison yet you still backed him to be Tim? You sound like one of those bitter MSNBC analysts who still double down on their misinformation that they peddled even after they got caught red-handed lying. Your boy lost kiddo, why don’t you just admit you were wrong?

          • Your a moron mate. You thought Harrison was going to win, he got knocked the fuck out, now your saying he was on the slide. Your a joke my man. Also, Charlo was losing again in the 2nd fight with Harrison, until he caught him. Your boys in trouble mate.

      • Hands the Casual, I can’t wait to hear your cheap excuse when he beats Charlo and read your posted thesis with every excuse in the book why Charlo lost!

    • You must be out of your mind or smoking some shit. Tszyu had little opposition in this fight besides an innate ineffective jab from Harrison. Charlo will take his head off. He is too slow, predictable and ponderous to bother Charlo. If he fights Xander Zayas, Towering Inferno, Brian Castano, or Ericson Lubin, he will not win. Any of these contenders will beat him. He is looking for a short cut to the top and it will not work. Of all the real killers in this division they selected Harrison? He will surely see hell when he fights Jermell. Charlo will knock this sucker out for sure. My prediction!!!

      • And then we will never hear from you again after Tim knocks out Charlo. Go away casual

        • Chris, I am not casual. I have been at this for decades, may be, before you were born. I was scoring the fight too and had it 77-76 for Tim and predicted a stoppage in his favor. But, he will not beat Charlo.

    • Charlo knows Tim ain’t at his level, his mouth is watering at an easy payday.

  • Solid performance by Tim Tszyu. Incredible hand speed, stamina, power, along with a granite chin makes him incredibly dangerous. Can’t wait to see Charlo Vs Tszyu soon!

  • I expected Tim to do more pounding and body work. Not sure about the swearing at the end, no need for that. Should be an interesting fight with Charlo. Hope Tim wins.

    • This stoppage win of Tim’s really has you triggered doesn’t it?

  • Tszyu past a decent test tonight, must give him credit for that. Harrison a little shop warn though, being stopped 3 times before tonight, and always later in the fight. Harrison didn’t throw enough power shots. Tszyu needs to go to the body more since he’s a pressure fighter and use the jab, although most pressure fighters don’t use the jab. Charlo a whole different beast than Harrison with his chin, power and counterpunching, Tszyu better move his head more and vary his attack against Iron Twin. Personally, I think he needs one more sterner test, namely Brian Castano, before facing Charlo.

    • Good post!!!…agree DMV….Congrats to Tszyu…..Charlo a different beast….Tszyu has to move that head…and not wait to get hit by jabs…note that the upper tier fighters will be looking to hit Tszyu with that second punch. ….,..definitely a fight against Castano would help Tszyu…. quality win.,…was that a tiny ring…or is that my imagination…,again Congrats

    • Why would he give up a title shot when he’s interim champ, just for another test?

  • Congratulations Tim not only you follow your father’s footsteps but now your whole life and forever you are CHAMPION OF THE WORLD

  • Bring on the excuses lads, let’s hear them… All of you guys that gave Tim no chance, where you at? Absolutely dominated him.

    • 100% to strong
      He will put charlo away and people still won’t shut up!
      Open your eyes world Tim is something very special

  • Referee should have stopped the fight before the knockdown. Tszyu landed around 17 unanswered blows before Harrison finally went down, kind of dangerous procedure from the referee.

    • Was a “championship” fight and near the end of the round. Let him have a chance to beat the count instead of stopping prematurely.

    • The ref should answer for this and be suspended, Tony could have been really hurt and he has kids he trains at his gym where he needs to go back to. This ref really took away from an otherwise good event, very hard to watch this happen to a gentleman like Harrison. What a breath of fresh air he is, Australia fell in love with him. Hated watching the last 7 or so punches that should not have been allowed to happen. Ref, take a good hard look at yourself and I hope you answer for this, it was terrible and life threatening referring. Disgraceful. God bless you Tony. And I’m an Aussie and a Tszyu fan!

  • Charlo get your fake injuries ready.Shitload of trouble is coming your way from down under..

    • You must be smoking some shit. Charlo will dismantle this man for sure. Send this man to Castano or Lubin. He just beat a depleted non threatening opposition and thinks he ‘s conquered the world. Give me a break! Many hearts will be broken in Australia as is usually the case with most of their challengers anyway. A big ko is in the making. Read my lips.

      • Take a Tums little boy and go to bed. You’ve had a rough night and your pick lost.

      • Maybe, maybe not?
        But I don’t know anyone who would give up the chance to fight for all the belts, especially form down under.
        The Association put him there.
        He took Tony H when he didn’t have too.
        He can only fight who they put in front of him, 22 and 0.

  • Good performance by Tim Tszyu. Kudos to Charlo for coming up with the hand injury excuse. He knew that he needed more time to prepare for Tszyu.

  • Let’s not resort to the old go to, “Harrison is a shell of his former self.” Tszyu paced himself beautifully, outsmarted Harrison, ultimately had more power, better endurance and ended things as he promised! When he mixes it up with Charlo, who knows the result, but by God, I can’t wait!

  • The scores were all 77-75? Man, I thought it would have been a wipeout on the scorecards. I didn’t think Harrison did much of anything and only one the first round because Tszyu did nothing at all.

    • He did enough to win three of the early rounds-77-75 was correct.

  • Charlo knocked the hell out of Harrison, after Harrison embarrassed himself talking trash like an ignoramus from the hood. Harrison hasn’t been the same since. He is a shot fighter, but talks a good game. I don’t like Harrison or the loudmouth Harrison-type of fighter, and I’m glad Tszyu took him out. Hopefully, this is the last we’ve seen of Harrison.

    • Harrison was beating him again in the second fight until he got caught. You guys love Charlo but his skills aren’t at the level you think they are. Tim will prove that.

  • Since the fight was made, Tony has been talking as though he is sparring Tszyu. That was very telling. He spoke like a tennis player and N O T, a Pugilist. Good for Tszyu !!
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • good for Tsyzu. with this quality win, he has established himself as a top guy in his division. making the Charlo fight more of a must see

  • Charlo is the undisputed King!! He has fought the better opposition and has proven himself as a 154 great!! Stops Timmy in 6!!!!!!

    • That’s all you got from the fight? He cursed live and his Daddy didn’t? You didn’t just see an entire fight? Boxers curse, and most aren’t that classy.. uninformed a** clown fan help ruin the sport. Self righteous perspective against people doing what you wished you could.

      • I rest my case -you know nothing about me – just an ignorant rant because you are thick-Boxing started in ancient Greece -It is a sport-self control and sportsmanship are qualities to aspire to-He won convincingly and swearing at the end reduces him—His Dad was classy a hell old a fighter and a gentleman end of!

  • Good win for Tszyu. Harrison didn’t have a chance. Looking forward to Tszyu fighting Charlo for all the marbles. I hope Tim takes it.

  • I like Tszyu but he needs to protect himself more. Harrison does not punch harder than Charlo. I think he needs 2 or 3 more fights with #2 and #3 rank. He’s not at his father’s level yet.

  • I’ll say that Tszyu passed his first world stage fight and deserves to move forward. Besides winning, the experience gained against a highly ranked fighter only serves to take him to the next level. Of the old saying true about getting 20% better upon winning a belt, then we are in for a really good fight if Charlo signs the dotted line.

    Nailed it again. I had called round 9 TKO a week or so ago.

      • Another troll. Look back at the previous posts numbnuts. It’s titled “Tim is not Kostya”. Time to grow up and stop being a victim to your own emotions.

  • Tszyu continues to impress. He has taken it step by step. Passed every test. Developed as a fighter for each new higher level.

    I like the uncomplicatedness of Tszyu. Don’t get too high on your wins, don’t get too low on your losses, seems to be part of his life philosophy.

    That shows he is fully aware of the hard work that remains and starts tomorrow.

    Harrison as a sparringpartner in Tszyus preparations for Charlo? Why not?

    Sometimes I wonder if a major drive for Tszyu is trying to shed the shadow of his father to whom he is always compared. Sometimes that comparison can be a burden, but Tszyu has made it an engine in his success.

    Anyway, a better preparation than Harrison for Charlo is hard to come by. You did it brilliantly and you stand with your feet on the ground.

    Congratulations and hats off!

  • Said it before and I’ll remind everyone again…line ’em up..Tim will defeat all of them one @ a time…whatever it is or however Tim goes about it..end of the day..The Australian will take all them straps.

  • I like Tim’s approach to the sport. Rather than wait around for Charlo, he took the Harrison fight to stay busy. In another smart move, Tim brought in top contender & former Olympian Charles Conwell as a sparring partner in preparation for this fight.

    • No he didn’t, Cornwell was in the Harrison camp. Said Tszyu is a lesser fighter and why would he help him……didn’t see Cornwell jumping in the ring post fight.

      • I stand corrected, Elbow. While Tim’s team did initially reach out to Conwell for sparring, the American secretly went to Harrison’s camp. That makes sense, as I see both Tszyu & Conwell as the future of the division & on an eventual collision course.

  • His name is TIM TSZYU stop comparing him to his dad! He doesn’t deserve that.

  • Good win, but a lot of delusion. Tsyu was younger, at home and had a huge ring. Harrison has had more wear, and had been stopped in all his losses. His chin has always been questionable.

    Charlo struggles with volume. Tim is not Castano. I think Tim might make it 12, but he is just too predictable. Charlo seems more durable, strong and has more dimensions

    • Charlo gets hit a lot and loses focus in the ring. Tim will be able to capitalize on that. Tim also hits harder than anybody Jermell has ever fought before. Charlo is also showing signs of his body breaking down when he breaks his hand in freaking training. Smart money will be on young Tszyu once the fight gets signed and the date gets closer, but go ahead and get your excuses ready now. DEI has no place in boxing.

  • That fight was entertaining to watch. I wasn’t rooting for either just a good fight. Harrison did not “run” as he sometimes does and the jab he utilized must have been effective to a extent based on what the judges were seeing. But Tim Tszyu was impressive with his poise and not wasting his energy, and his placement of shots. Nice that Showtime had Charlo included also and this sets up the next fight. I was wondering why Harrison wouldn’t let go more right hands but perhaps he was scared of what would come back.
    It was funny Tim asked his name. He must be a Snoop Dogg fan..

  • It will be a great fight if they can get these 2 in the ring. Both Charlo and Tszu have punching power but they are also defensively vulnerable. I hopw they can make this fight happen because its very hard to get Charlo in the ring.

    • How is it hard to get Charlo in the ring? He is going to fight Tszu? He fought Castano twice. I was impressed that he fought Harrison, and looked better than his last fight, but this fight will come down to chin and will. I wouldnt fault anyone picking Tim. But away from home he has a big disadvantage.

  • I wonder if Harrison knew that the ring would be that small and if he did I don’t get it

  • Harrison looked washed up. A pissed poor performance. Time to look for a new day job.

  • Harrison just gave one of the most limp, cowardly performances of a boxer I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen someone retreat along the ropes AN ENTIRE FIGHT and barely punch back.

  • In the “face to face” interview of both fighters 2 days (approx) before the fight, Harrison kept calling him Timothy.
    He asked Harrison call him Tim and not Timothy a number of times.
    Harrison ignored the request and kept calling him Timothy over and over again. Tim got visibility frustrated.
    This was an interview on Australian TV, that what the reference “what’s my name” is about.
    Maybe only shown on Aussie TV?

  • Congrats to Tim Tszyu, comprehensive victory and proved allot of doubters wrong. Tony Harrison I feel, as good as he is, didn’t put his best foot forward in this fight, mind you if he had, Tim still wins IMO but maybe not as comprehensively. As for the Ref, complete an utter disgrace letting those last 6 or 7 punches go, Tony was done way before that and his safety and health were put on the line by the incompetent ref. He almost let Tony go again! Sack him and fine him.
    As for Charlo v Tszyu, well it shapes up to be very interesting and should be a battle for the ages.
    To Tony Harrison, you my friend left a lasting impression in Australia. You are a well mannered gentleman, full of charisma and character and you won over so many fans. Such a breath of fresh air for boxing in general with how you handled your self, the media and just did your job so well in promoting this fight. You get it. I’m a fan.

  • How can you not be a fan of this guy? He wants to take on the best. He’s not hiding in Australia but is willing to take on the best in the world.

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