Thurman: I’m gonna do to him what I did to Danny Garcia

By Robert Hough

Keith Thurman (30-0, 22 KOs 1 NC), who faces Manny Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KOs) on July 20 and defends his WBA welterweight title, took time from training on Tuesday for a conference call to discuss the fight.

“Movement will make it difficult for a fighter like Pacquiao to have the output he wants to have. If I feel like he’s getting off too much, maybe I will increase the movement.”

“I notice that a lot of people don’t go to Manny Pacquiao’s body. At the end of day, I’m gonna do to him what I did to Danny Garcia: I’m gonna hit him as soon as I can hit him.”

“I wanted this fight six years ago, at the MGM Grand. I always thought it would be a beautiful fight. I always wear red, white and blue. I never change my colors. When Keith Thurman is in the ring, he is living out his American dream. I’m fighting a legend. It’s as if I’m fighting Sugar Ray Robinson. It’s like I’m fighting Roberto Duran.”

The fight headlines a Premier Boxing Champions on FOX Sports pay-per-view event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view begins at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT.

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  • I am so sick of tired of Keith Thurman’s constant overbearing personality and rhetoric. I really hope that he not only loses to Pacquiao but gets knocked out so someone can say they shut his mouth up for good. Even if only for a few seconds…

  • Lol, “I’m gonna do to manny what’s I did to Danny Garcia”… Really? Yo, Keith, you didn’t do shit to Garcia so quit flattering yourself! Overrated loud mouth clown.

  • Nobody on your record is close to a Duran or Sugar Ray. Manny should be mentioned in the same breath as both those legends as Manny has an old school record of 70 fights. Keith will be lucky to end up with 40 pro fights.

    • He was comparing Manny to the all time greats. And Manny is an all time great, but Welterweight definitely is not where he was at his best. He was devastating at Lightweight.

      My one prediction for this fight is that it goes the distance. I lean toward Thurman by Decision, but it’s a pick em and you just never know with the judges.

      • He only had 1 fight at Lightweight. He got his all time great status because of his welterweight+ achievements.

      • Ive got it Thurman round 10 for the KO he is too strong for pacquaio, who has had too many fights the guys a bit touched

  • He won a SD against Garcia that could have gone either way. He was hardly dominant so he needn’t be getting excited by that.

  • as he said “MOVEMENT” will make it difficult for Manny. Well that will probably translate to running around all night

  • Hilarious, maybe Keith (who seems to be a nice guy) wants to become a comedian. What did he exactly do to Danny Garcia? It was a split decision. Keith started well early, but as I have said before, seems only to fight in one gear, and seems to fade in the end. Garcia came into that ring as if he did not really want to be there. Both men really showed nothing that night, and then Mr. Thurman did not fight for nearly two years.

  • Maybe he’ll show more movement? A woman in Mayweather’s boxing gym coined him “Runtime” Thurman. I hope that’s not going to be his strategy for the bout.

  • Danny Garcia doesn’t even fight like Pacquiao. I’ve sparred Pacquiao six weeks and he’s always moving his feet so fast makes him in control. He’s all over the place making you think always which makes your pumches delay. This guy is a joke. Hes good, hits hard but really? Come on Keith… Your moves are to square and robotic. Not smooth. You have to move and stop to pumch. Pac throws on the move with power and speed. Scianara…

    • Thank you for the input. It must have been great to spar with a legend. Pacquiao seems like a nice guy to hang out with, too. Maybe not a good guy to spar with…

    • Marquez put Pac man on his face Thurman hits hard you have to see if Pac man can take that blow because porter felt it Garcia and Lopez

      • marquez is a better fighter than both pac and Thurman sure pac great but he a offensive fighter he throws a lot of punches marquez is the best all around fighter both pac and marquez has 10 years of fighting better fighters and both pac and marquez have the will to win Thurman says he going to move that means he running like all his fight as soon as he get tag he on his bike what Thurman don’t understand is if goes 12 round and close pac wins he the better draw the money man Thurman is so full of himself plus if he loses make him he cant beat a old man and if he wins he beat a old man he in a no win he ducks everybody im not a pac fan but expect him to win hopefully he didn’t get old over nite I cant listen to Thurman anymore his ego is to big for him now Crawford would beat him

  • Danny Garcia would knock Pac-Man out with a left hook. Styles make fights. Thurman vs Pac-Man is a toss up

    • LOLOLOL Goo Goo are you kidding? Danny Garcia knock Pacquiao out with a left hook?? Not in his wildest dreams!! He’s NOWHERE near the level of Pacquiao. Hurrera boxed circles around him, Manny would make him cry.

  • I must say what he did to Garcia was nothing short of nothing. If the fight went another round Garcia would’ve stopped him. And in his fight with Lopez he was fighting to stay on his feet in a couple of those rounds. He is very lucky he hasn’t been stopped in a few of his recent fights. This is a 50/50 fight, but only because Manny is 40 + and is fighting a much bigger man, by fight time Thurman will be 160 +,still if Manny is 80% of what he was Thurman is going to be stopped.

  • ” SOMETIME THURMAN ” will do a lot of movements for sure once he felt the combination punches of Pacman….don’t forget your bicycle shorts you will need it !

  • Pacquaio is not going to stop Thurman. Unless if Manny suddenly hit a wall Thurman won’t be stopping him. So it will go the distance. I’ll take Thurman by a SD as close fights are how he rolls, though with Pacquaio deserving the nod.

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