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    • He is not undisputed!! Devin Haney holds the wbc belt that same belt loma gave away to not face him. Teo has the franchise belt.

  • I really hope Lopez gets worked big time. Used to be a fan, then he opened his mouth. Can’t stand him or his dad!

    • What did he say that you don’t like? Or do you mean his personality.. if so same question

      • Unless its Fury or BJS the fan-boy boxing fans get mad when any fighters show any confidence. They’ve been humbled by their wage earning boss and wish the same for others.

        • Hahah I promise I earn more than you buddy, too bad we weren’t talking money. Fury is the man, sorry he beat your boy Wilder like it was the 1800’s. I enjoyed every second of it. Since all you ever talk about is race, I’ll be happy to go that route.

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