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Taylor: I’ll whoop Ramirez’ ass all day long

After retaining his title via first round KO Saturday night WBA/IBF unified super lightweight champion Josh Taylor is now in line to face WBC/WBO world champion Jose Ramirez in early 2021 for the undisputed championship.

Taylor said, “One hundred percent, I want Ramirez next. He’s a very good champion, unbeaten like myself, hungry, on top of his game. I thought the Postol fight, it wasn’t a very good performance at all. I do feel he can perform better than that given the circumstances. Again, I wasn’t impressed with what I’ve seen from him. Again, I want that fight now. I believe I’ll whoop his ass all day long.

“I’ve never seen anything from him that I haven’t seen before, so yeah, I want that fight as soon as possible. Obviously, I know the situation with {Ramirez’s WBO} mandatory, but hopefully, we can sort of get that worked out. I would like, for selfish and personal reasons, to get that fight next. I deserve it. I’ve been in big fight after big fight for my last four fights. Not ducked anyone. Never ducked a tournament like someone else. I’m game. I’ll fight the best whenever they want. To be honest, I would rather wait until the fans are back for that fight. It’s a huge fight. It’s one of the biggest fights at the minute for all the belts.”

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  • Ramirez, YOU WERE CALLED OUT by Taylor, and I highly recommend you answer Taylor’s challenge. Ramirez, do not go to 147 until you resolve this Taylor issue or else the boxing public may conclude you fear Taylor.

  • Taylor is a good fighter but styles make fights and big mouth Taylor who went life and death with Prograis in a fight I thought Regis edged. Josh ain’t all that I’ll lay some dough on the underdog Ramirez I just want a neutral sight cause ain’t no way on earth the paid off judges are going to let Taylor lose a decision in the UK!

  • Ramirez will KO Taylor in the middle or late rounds!!! Ramirez has the perfect style to destroy Taylor any day of the week! If the fight happens in the USA it will be a easy ko win for Ramirez but if it’s across the Pond then it will a closer match because of corrupt Referee and judges!!! Let’s go Ramirez

    • Ignorance is bliss. How moronic of a statement is that that you made. Ramirez just struggled with Postol, whom Taylor beat convincingly, but Ramirez is supposed to beat Taylor easily? Do you even watch boxing, or did you just tune in for the first time in this post?

  • Chris “the natural”,

    He just stated that styles make fights and even though I don’t agree with him that Prograis edged Josh I feel that Josh is a bit over rated and the fight with Ramirez can go either way. Sounds to me like you are a big Taylor fan boy who would probably put a tattoo of his name on your rump lol. Listen little man-Everyone is entitled to an opinion and your ignorant comment is just as bad as his lol so stick to men’s badminton and leave boxing to the big boys sunshine.

    • The bottom line is Ramirez-Taylor is a great fight that would be a treat for fans. It’s the biggest fight that can be made at the weight and both guys are attractive fighters and the fight would easily sell itself to the public. It feels like a no-brainer to make it. I’d take Taylor, but I couldn’t argue if someone saw it the other way. That’s what makes great fights; you don’t know what to expect.

  • Taylor is a really good fighter who probably punches to the body a lot harder than he does to the head. He basically outworked Prograis to get the decision. However, I believe both Prograis and Taylor can beat Ramirez.

    Ramirez is a good fighter as well, but was unimpressive against Postol. He is a relentless attacker, but that doesn’t work with all styles. Taylor is long and tall and matches well with Ramirez in style and reach.

    Prograis, Ramirez and Taylor are the class of the 140 pounders. I really love the way Prograis fights, but he just didn’t punch enough in some of the rounds against Taylor and was outhustled. I hope he learned from that fight because he is the most heavy-handed of the three fighters. I’d like to see Prograis back in action soon.

    I believe a fight between Ramirez and Taylor is a tossup fight. Ramirez seems to need the crowd behind him, so the fight against Postol showed what could happen when he’s fighting without a supportive crowd in the stands.

    If I had to pick a winner, Taylor would be my pick. He’s got a wide arsenal of punches and is a better boxer than Ramirez. Taylor by unanimous decision.

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