Tapales: I’m 2000% confident to win over Inoue

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By Joe Koizumi
Photos by Naoki Fukuda

On the next day of his arrival in Japan, WBA, IBF 122-pound titleholder Marlon Tapales (37-3, 19 KOs) also showed a public workout before Japanese press people at Ohashi Gym in Yokohama, Japan. Southpaw counterpuncher Tapales demonstrated just light training, but displayed speed and sharpness in a short workout.

Sean Gibbons, of MP Promotions, said, “Marlon is 200 percent confident to win.” The southpaw Filipino champ responded to his words, saying, “I’m 2,000 percent to win over Inoue. I’m more experienced and more motivated to win.” Gibbons said, “Fulton looked a little intimidated against Inoue, but Marlon has been to Japan several times (as a sparring partner for Kazuto Ioka or Shinsuke Yamanaka). He will never be intimidated against Monster Inoue as Fulton.”

Naoya’s promoter Hideyuki Ohashi predicted that it would be a do-or-die fight for both of them. Gibbons also said, “Should Marlon be victorious, we may come back here to give an opportunity for Inoue to win back the belts.”


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  • This fight will be fun while it lasts. Kudos to Tapales for taking this fight and for being supremely confident. He’s a strong durable fighter who is much better than his record suggests. That being said, his confidence and style will be his downfall. Inoue by knockout between 6-8 rounds

  • Let your fists talk. Tapales said, he is 2000percent to win over naoya. Tapales is a good salesman and hope tapales can sell or else you can go an apply as a salesman because you are good in talking.maybe, tapales has a degree in journalism.i am a Filipino engineer and a boxer during my college years. Hope tapales will win.

  • Nope. Although 2000% is technically better than being 100% confident, once Inoue starts to rip those ribs apart, confidence will drop to about 15%.

    Tales is going to try and smother Inoue which will open several routes to the body. Once that gets on track, it’s only a matter of time before am uppercut-hook combo ends the fight I’m spectacular fashion.

  • Both fighters will have a chance to win, both are good, it comes down to who can deliver the K.O. punch and that depends on who is lucky that day. My support goes to Marlon Tapales, he look a lot like Manny Pacquiao and I hope he’s as good as Manny.

  • That’s good. In order to win you have to be confident aside from the conditioning that you’ve gone through. Nothing is impossible. My prayers with you tapales may you get an upset win over inoue.

  • Wow, 2000%? When Inoue start to lay hands on Tapales, it’s going to be brutal. He only made Inoue mad talking like that.

  • The Monster is a MONSTER for certain reasons: He destroys opponents by applying physical pain and mental pain.

    A monster body shot will cause Tapales’ KO6 downfall, but I expect Tapales to try his best.

  • If you can knock him down just once over 12 rounds then I can say your 2000% is justified, it means
    that you have prepared well.

  • I ser Tapales getting severely ko’d in the 3rd in a ko of the year fashion! I dont see anyone hurting the monster for the next 2 years. If he goes up 2 divisions then, it will be a high risk fighting dudes over 140! Monster then will be too small unless he pulls a paquiao magic!

  • Though Tapales boasts confidence, Inoue’s “Monster” moniker rings true! Both warriors bring fire, promising an explosive clash. Can’t wait to see who rises undefeated in this epic dance! #InoueTapales #gb whatsapp pro

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