Tank returns Dec 5 against Romero

WBA lightweight and super lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) announced on social media today that he’s returning December 5 against WBA #1 lightweight Rollie Romero (14-0, 12 KOs). Tank says the bout will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and will air on Showtime PPV. As part of the WBA title reduction plan, Tank has to give up either his 135lb or 140lb belt, so it looks like he’s staying at lightweight.

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  • I think he chose wisely. There’s a lot more money to be made at 135. Just really one big fight at 140 now.

    • Great choice on picking Rollie , he draws a lot of attention but he is far from being a complete polished fighter . Hard hitter though .

  • Im not a super huge fan of tank but he’s a hell of a puncher and he has some experience. Romero is a loudmouth joke. He’s a dirty fighter who’s only been in against soft opposition.

    Romero was talking all that shit and probably never thought Tank would give him the time of day. I bet Romero shit himself when Tank accepted.

    Tank by ko in 3.

    • Why would he shit on himself he is a pro boxer who is about to get a nice payday

  • Rollie is easily one of the most exciting prospects in Boxing. He started Boxing late and has an amazing story coming from Cuba. Came out of nowhere. Gotta give him his props going in with the monster in the division. Should be an explosive fight.

  • Floyd cherry picking fighters for his bitch. Romero is still a prospect (not a good one at that). I’m not paying for this garbage, or i’ll just watch it for free on the firestick like everyone else.

    • I hope you’re giving Ryan Garcia this same kind of grief. At least Tank fights. Tank called him out and suddenly he had a fight lined up with Manny (turned out to be a lie). He dodge Lineres and Haney. I’m not against calling guys out but like I said at least he’s fighting. Where is Ryan?

      • Ryan is a headcase who can fight. He will get knocked out a few times before it is done, but he has pop and a jab. He has good reflexes but is heady and hot headed. He fights at a c level but has better skills than he uses because he thinks he is Ernie Shavers. He beats Haney but loses to Tank very quickly.

  • Say what you want about Tank, but he fights!! He’s going on fight #3 while all of these Twitter fingers aka; Teofimo, Ryan Garcia and Haney have only fought once in the past year!! Tank wins this, However I would not be surprised if he hits the deck?!!

  • Rollie Romero is great at the self promotion. Too bad he is no where near as good in the ring. This is going to be a one sided contest. And I doubt Romero will learn much.

    As for PPV, they’d better find diamonds on the undercard, because this main event is basically a keep busy fight for Tank.

  • I remember ppv being only the huge fights. Holmes vs Cooney, Leonard, Hearns,Duran, Hagler etc. But no ppv Holmes vs Tyson HBO, Leonard vs Benitez free ABC with Hagler Antuofermo on the card. Many more of this quality on non ppv.
    Today ppv anyone and everyone mismatches etc. Just a joke

  • Smart choice Tank. Give up that 140lb belt. There is plenty he can do at 135. He has the ability to beat them all because he has an eraser. I would love to see him take on Loma, Haney or Lopez. I don’t include Garcia because he has proven that he’s afraid of everyone. He dodged Tank, Lineres and Haney.

  • Title reduction plan does nothing to get rid of the unneeded divisions of every few pounds. 140 used to be right in the middle of the welterweight division and still should be.

  • Tank is about to get hit by a real puncher. Not a tiny one coming up in weight. Tank hates on Rollie but I wonder why. I think he knows this kid can turn his head in a 360.

  • Tank has Floyd. The best managed boxer in history. He is in good hands. Matchmaking is absouletely everything. Timing. Floyd fought canola at the perfect time. Mosley too. Pac too. Etc.

    • Kurtis, Floyd beat them all because he was better than them he called Mosley out years earlier and Pacquiao refused drug testing years earlier. Canelo is basically the same fighter as when Floyd fought him, he’s been fighting guys tailored to his style.

  • Rollie might be something if he were managed correctly. Handpicked opponents til he runs up his record then a title fight against a vulnerable champ. But his management knows what we all know: he’s limited, he should already have at least 1 loss and probably should have been disqualified at least one other time. They know Romero is as good as he’s gonna get. He’s bound to get exposed soon so they might as well make some money on him while they can. A fight with Tank at this point will ruin Romero. The only reason you’d make that fight is because you know its only a matter of time before he’s exposed anyway and it might as well be against Tank than some fringe fighter.

    Romero has zero chance. Hes such a bad, sloppy, dirty, disrespectful fighter. I personally can’t wait to see him separated from his senses.that amateurish rough house bullshit aint gonna work on tank. Tank by ko early.

  • Mayweather is choosing Gervonta Davis’ opponents very carefully. He is really trying to extend the boy’s career as an undeafeated boxer for as long as the sanctioning bodies & the public wii allow him too.

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