Video: Fury-Wilder erupts

Worth watching. Things get heated between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and former heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder at Wednesday’s press conference.
Video courtesy ESPN & FOX Sports

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  • Obviously, the two big names are in the main event, but I’m surprised more publicity hasn’t been given to the guys on the undercard. There’s four really good fights on the main card and every one of them should be a good watch. Even Anderson v Tereshkin isn’t a gimme, and the other two after that are close to 50/50 toss-ups.

    • Brainchild
      thats because there is no reason for a third fight between these two.

  • What crap. Compare that with both Usyk and Joshua who conducted themselves as good sportsmen.

    • Exactly right. Fury and Wilder act like two high school juveniles talking smack over a fight after school when the bell rings. Good grief! Let’s move on and ring the bell for the fight. Their pre-fight circus act is nothing more than play-rewind-replay…

  • Deontay sounded a lot calmer and assured than previous pressers. Mr. Fury having the edge, is acting as though he doesn’t.

    • He’s trying to get some attention onto the fight. Isnt selling partially because Wilder hasn’t been promoting it. Fury wants to make money. Wilders silence hasn’t helped to make money.

  • I remember being at a weigh-in when for Moorer vs Botha I believe and Teddy Atlas who was training Moorer snuck up behind this kid maybe Ricky Salazar and sucker punched him from behind and a big ruckus broke out about two feet from me. I have never been one that supports the taunting and bullying prove yourself in the ring and show class outside of it

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, some fighters have to talk smack and get physical to promote a hostile environment so their egos can be complemented within themselves. Some crowds buy into it and ticket sales climb. I think it’s the same old crap over and over. Save the voice and use your physical energy when the bell rings…

      • Don’t overthink the motivation here. It’s about making money. More attention onto the fight. This fight isn’t selling. Wilder isn’t helping with his calm act. Also doesn’t help that the average person sees that Tyson won the first 2. So they don’t care to see a predictable 3rd outcome. Unfortunately, drama sells. Only other way to get people to pay to see it.

  • It’s the 2020s and this is the norm. Yap, yap,yap. Take me back to the 80s and a Marvelous Marvin/ Tommy Hearns stare down. No words needed. The eyes never lie.

    • Ummmm…… Ali was the man to really create all of this. Well before Hagler and Hearns.

  • And the ‘Champion returns’!!Wilder within six rounds!—Big surprise coming Tyson whimper

  • Give Tyson Fury credit for one thing – he’s happy to rep the WBC brand at the expense of all reasonable fashion sense.

  • Wilder had no answer for Fury’s comments about how he (Wilder) had “50 excuses” for losing the fight. I noted what Wilder said about his former trainer (Mark Breland) throwing in the towel. “The employee was fired for disobeying the boss”.

    • Some people hate to admit they make a few mistakes or are defeated. Yet, they blame everyone else for their downfalls. Shame…

  • I’m totally fine with trash talking and taunting, its part of the game and it’s a fascinating peek into the psychology of these athletes and their mind set for the fight. I’m not recommending it or saying it is necessary but it’s part of the game as much as the hype. It’s always been and always will be, no need to work yourself up over something that’s an inevitable part of the game and the human condition.

    • Main thing is that this fight isn’t selling outside of the hardcore boxing fans. Wilder hasn’t helped by being all reserved. Tyson wants to make some of the money he could have made fighting Joshua. Wilder stopped at $100 million pay day for Fury. I can’t see Fury being gentle

  • “The eyes don’t lie? Lolol what a loser the only thing his eyes seen was Fury kicking the royal crap out of him.

    I am going to laugh my ass off when Wilder loses and comes up with yet more bullshit excuses then proceeds to fire his new trainer Scott. Wilder knows no loyalty he should be grateful that Breland saved his life but instead he fired him. Scum bucket him and his screaming ridiculous “Bombsquad” lol. I’m gonna bust up after he loses. Not about kicking a man while he’s down but this clown takes the cake.

  • Fury is such a disrespectful SOB! Contradicts himself to no end! He talks about being mentally unstable and that’s because it’s what he sees in the mirror!! Hope he gets Knocked out and then we’ll see who gets a job at a fast food restaurant!!!!

  • Angry people in hear with contempt for Fury… I can’t wait till he beats seven bells of s*** outta Wilder again this weekend. Then these people will crawl back into their butt hurt hole that they came out of.

    • Shall we give them lube to slide back into their “butt hurt hole” or let them go dry?

  • Personally, I enjoy Fury’s chatter and I think it works in his favor on a regular basis. It possibly worked in fight 2, but it didn’t seem to be working yesterday. Wilder didn’t seem to be taking the bait and it seemed to rile Fury up more. We’ll see on Saturday, but I scored the press conference for Wilder. LOL!

    As for the necessity of a 3rd fight, I didn’t need it, but considering that Wilder has had Fury down twice it’s very conceivable that he could put him out. I’m also curious to see if Fury just tries to bully and foul his way to victory again. I still believe the most damaging shot was well behind the ear and Wilder never got his balance back. If I was his corner, then I’d be whispering in the referee’s ear about the fouls during the whole lead up.

    It should be fun and the undercard is very good. I’m buying this one to reward the promotion!

  • Winner gets Usyk. I can’t WAIT for this one and we get a 3 day weekend. Life is GOOD!!

  • The loser mindset always blames everyone but himself in any of lifes defeats. Fury will beat him up again.

  • Why change between first and second? If not for cheating? That seems to me to be faulty. Fury knew he had to change for the second fight because the first was too close.

    Given his skillset and the fact he’s the bigger man the only real adjustment was getting a trainer in his corner that would show him how to throw off the front foot. That’s what he did. He enlisted Sugarhill for the 2nd fight. Kronk style is all about throwing off the front foot.

    When a man who is 6’9″ 330+ lbs throws off the front foot he’s going to hurt you. No he’s not knocking people out cold like Iron Mike but he’s hitting hard enough now that he can hurt these fellow heavyweights if he hits them repeatedly.

    Wilder could always connect early but here’s the thing. He has nothing on Fury. Nothing at all. In the first fight you could see Wilder being the only man in the ring who could knock the other guy out. The rematch ensured that wasn’t happening again. So now we’re left with a rubber match between two men where no questions are left unanswered.

    The undercard will be better I suspect. I fully anticipate a meltdown in the main event though. Just like we saw with Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson when Tyson realized he had no chance of beating Holyfield.

  • Wilder isn’t helping to sell this fight at all. Fury knows this fight isn’t selling. People think Fury is nervous by getting all wound up. Nope. It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Nothing more. He cares about his bank account. He could have gone on to beat AJ for MASSIVE $$ and instead got forced to fight Windmill Wilder again. Wilder going to pay for that.

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