Tank Davis sentenced

WBA “regular” lightweight world champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis was sentenced to 90 days of home detention after pleading guilty to a 2020 hit-and-run incident in his native Baltimore. In addition, Davis must attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving program, perform 200 hours of community service not related to boxing, and serve three years of supervised probation. The judge also specified that Tank serve his home detention in Baltimore. He was facing more than seven years in prison.

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  • Ninety days of playing video games and smoking doobies.

    • That may be your life but not every is into drugs and most fighters aren’t!

    • the rich and famous get perks like the hollywood celebrities

    • Hitting a pregnant woman while drunk and then fleeing the scene.

  • Bullshit weaponized judicial system in the USSA. A slap on the wrist for someone they like. You or I would get ten years in prison.

  • If that was someone that didn’t have a ” name”, the sentence wouldn’t be so lenient!!!

    • The fist thing Tank should say is “I’d like to thank Al Haymon. Without him, it could have been ugly.”

      Al probably called in a favor to his Harvard frat.

  • See? This is proof that young black men are marginalized and discriminated against. If a white man was to have committed this same crime he would have been given some type of soft punishment like five years in prison, but poor Gervonta has to do house arrest, supervised probation and [gasp]! community service. The humanity! Where is Benjamin Crump when you need him?

  • Typical trash getting away with it, But this is what happens when people scream BLM.

    • You show that not only are you a piece of work, but a racist A hole and I wish I could catch a case on your aSs!

  • It would be a bit, just a bit of justice if he had home arrest without any visitors an under supervision. Also drug test even IF drugs weren’t “involved’ (wink) in the incidents . This would be punishing as he would have nobody to listen to but his thoughts. Oh and no phones or social media. Oh but wait that’s actually prison life. Nevermind.

    • Shipmate not really, you haven’t been locked up in a while but many prisons have all those things and then some it also depends on what level prison you are in. The wealthy has it’s perks we need to get over it!


  • No Surprise since only white criminals whether guilty or not get thrown in jail in the good ol’ communist Jew-sa

  • I have full faith that he will violate his probation within a year.

  • Two hundred community hours in my living area would be cleaning public park bathrooms, picking up trash, and working shelters. I doubt Davis will have to go to that route with his community work.

    • This guy wants to call himself the face of boxing. Well I don’t know about you guys but I feel like we can do much better than this.

      • Yeah, but you tuned in on his life like the rest. Go sit you (A)ss down!

        • Yeah but it would sure be nice to see this piece of stool get what he deserves. It’s not if he breaks the law again but when. My money is in another domestic incident that he buys his way out of. I’m sure he’ll be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons soon enough.

      • The reason I would call him the face of boxing has little to do with his out of the ring issues, he has to pay for these things, but his in the ring boxing iq and then having the ability to execute a game plan. I liken his ring iq to Money May even though they have total different styles. In fact Davis may adapt his style more like Floyd’s as he continues to move up in weight. Floyd was ko’ing almost everybody at 130, 135 and 140. Welterweight and jr middle was a bit big for Floyd to show any power there, I can see the same happening for Davis as he matures.

  • Forget all tha of community service, home detention, probation and MADD program as a punishment, just removing all his tattoos with a big flat steel file could be a better punishment

  • Excuse me. Can I get the same deal? I haven’t broken the law, but I can use a break.it will be like March through June of 2020 for Davis.

  • that would mean that would be the end of his boxing career? RIP

  • He got lucky but he’s still out of the ring for six months more than likely.

  • Oh well, 90 days of training and chill at home with his homies!

  • Former WBC super welterweight champion Lupe Aquino was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing two of his passengers while driving drunk, but ended up only serving 3 years.

  • Tank is my guy and the face of boxing, but he got off super light. I don’t care who it is, this is sending the wrong message. If I did what he did I’d be in a jumpsuit.

  • I’m all for first timers being given a little leverage but this was over the top someone could have been killed a pregnant woman could have lost her child he was drunk driving and left the scene .Check the judges donations if he’s not appointed because he just unleashed a dangerous individual and set a precedent for the next person that does this . Baltimore is an example of letting these little thugs out on the streets he wasn’t a teenager with a first offense but a grown man who could have killed somebody.I don’t know what the laws are in Maryland in regards to sentencing but I bet it’s not sitting home with a video game and watching tv all day while your buddies come and go just ridiculous you must show accountability and I’m a Black American in case you are wondering .Very familiar with the legal system

  • He’s not the first and won’t be the last………..hope he gets his life together. Not going to bash him like most of these idiots because they’ve never came from the environment this guy has been subjected to growing up.

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