Tank Davis: I’m bringing everything

Gervonta Davis Workout
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Four-time world champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis held a media workout in Las Vegas Wednesday as he approaches his showdown against WBA super lightweight champion Mario “El Azteca” Barrios which headlines a Showtime PPV Saturday, June 26 from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

With a victory, Davis will hold world championships in three different divisions simultaneously, a feat only accomplished by a few fighters in history, including Henry Armstrong and Canelo Alvarez.


“We can’t say who the bigger puncher is until we get in that ring and test his power. It doesn’t matter who is stronger, I want to be better than him across the board and in every aspect of the game.

“People who are here in the gym with me see a lot of things that I don’t need to bring out, even in my fights. Floyd is always telling me to box and use my skills, and don’t always look for the knockout. This camp we’ve actually been working on getting back to that and letting the knockout come.

“For me, greatness is just not going backwards. I just want to keep going forward no matter what. No matter who’s in front of me, I just have to go through them. Where I’m from, a lot of people don’t make it out, so I’m doing something right. It doesn’t even have to be an opponent, it can be something outside of the ring. I’m always chasing greatness.

“My thing is just beat whoever is put in front of me. When it’s time, we’ll see who the top guy is. Until then, I don’t need to speak on any other fighter than the one in front of me.

“Barrios and I have been through the amateurs together. He’s known what I’ve been doing. It’s crazy how life works out sometimes.

“I’m a team player, so whatever my team tells me has to be done to better myself, I’m all for it. That’s what’s made me so good. I don’t just stand out by myself. I have the best team in boxing.

“My last fight people complained that Leo Santa Cruz was too small, so I’m basically going out there and showing that a size difference doesn’t matter. I’m going to beat whoever they put in front of me. I’m trying to chase greatness.

“I’m definitely looking to walk down the bigger guy. He might feel like he can walk me down. I was definitely watching Floyd fight a much bigger guy in Logan Paul and taking a few pointers from it.

“I don’t know what Barrios will bring, but from my side, I’m bringing everything I’ve got. You know whenever I fight, I’m bringing something for the fans to enjoy.”

CALVIN FORD, Davis’ Trainer

“’Tank’s’ pay-per-view numbers opened up the doors for the rest of them. It’s because of ‘Tank’s’ social media. When people ask me why people gravitate towards him – he’s just like any kid that’s coming up from the inner cities. Look at basketball players – inner cities. Look at football players – inner cities. He’s showing them that if you put the right people around you and you put your mind to something, anything is possible.

“’Tank’, Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez and Ryan Garcia will be the Four Kings if the fights happen. Let’s keep it real. Right now, they’re doing the same thing that the Four Kings did at the beginning stage. All we have to do is sit back and let the minds that be, do their thing. It’s going to happen. All these fights that people want to see are going to happen.

“Have you noticed that ‘Tank’ don’t call anybody out? He never did. But if you put him in front of somebody, he’s going to show you. If you know ‘Tank’ from the amateurs, he’s going to show up in the ring. He’s like a baby Mike Tyson.

“The weight isn’t what I’m focused on, it’s actually the opponent. When I started studying the opponent, his coach and I go way back in the amateurs. When we see each other, we know each other. It’s about the minds. He knows his athlete and I know my athlete. That night, it’s about the minds. It’s about who is going to hold fast to what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s the fight for me.

“I wouldn’t say this is the toughest test of ‘Tank’s’ career because nobody can show me the best of ‘Tank’ yet. I know the best of ‘Tank’. Ya’ll ain’t seen ‘Tank’.”

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  • I’m not super high on Barrios so I think Tank may have a good shot in this one but I can’t see him having much future success fighting quality fighters at 140. I don’t think he has the size to consistently compete against guys like Taylor, Ramirez and Prograis and he has a big name so I’d imagine they’d all be interested in fighting him.

  • Tank Davis is an incredibly hard punching fighter. I never seen him get hurt and he seems to have a granite chin. I see Tank and Teo being the best of the best out of the rest. Tank will have to attack the body since Barrios is about 5 inches taller and has a longer reach. If Tank catches Barrios of guard and makes it a dog fight, Tank wins rather early. Barrios has a great chance at upsetting Tank, but I think in the end, Tank finds a way to win by knockout.

    • Good assessment. I feel Tank’s power will be the tipping device in this fight to seal a victory. Tank’s onslaught of subsequent power punches will force Barrios to back up and retreat in the middle rounds setting up a TKO.

    • Arturo: I’m not sure if it is timing or speed that gives Davis this power. Out of nowhere he is able to land a punch with his full weight behind it, like Joe Frazier could.

      • yeah that Santa Cruz knockout was quite unusual. To fling a punch from that low down and completely KO a proven chin was impressive. (i know Santa Cruz moved up but still…)

  • The beginning of this article shows why the WBA/WBC/IBF/WBO cartels aren’t the only ones responsible for this travesty of multiple champions in one weight class.

    It is one thing to say that Tank could be potentially win the WBA “regular” world title but to call him (no disrespect to him as a fighter) a potential three division champion like Henry Armstrong is utter nonsense. If Tank becomes the WBA world super-lightweight champion, who then is Josh Taylor?

    This article helps to legitimise the WBA antics. Why should they stop their shenanigans when websites like this validate their insanity? This makes me question Suleiman’s weekly article. Is Fightnews now a mouthpiece for the Alphabet Boys?

  • I know there are quite a few haters out their against Tank, hope y’all keep your comments about boxing. Having said that, what will those haters say if Tank beats a way bigger fighter than Santa Cruz in Barrios and a considerably bigger fighter than himself? Give him his just due if he pulls it off, regardless of what you think about him personally. Should be pound for pound if he does IMO, and I think he will.

    • Save your breath. Guys like Tank will never get his just due, just like Haney will never get his just due. While a dude like Ryan Garcia is given a pass for a fake mental health ordeal. This difference is for obvious reasons.

      • It comes, as long as you keeps winning. Its just a much rougher road for some.
        Same situation was for Ali, Mayweather, Jones jr. etc. You cant hold back greatness, no matter what.
        Guys like Holmes, Bradley, Ward took risk and didnt get there dues while in the game but they still get to live like legends.
        Ryan Garcia can fight anybody he wants but we se the choices he makes. He wont be mentioned among the best for much longer.

      • Haney needs to step up if he wants to get his due. Lopez stepped up to Loma. Haney is fighting no names and guys past their best

    • Easy to hate on Tank when he will boast about being a three weight division “champion” when he hasn’t beaten the top guys. I don’t blame Davis for this it seems like his handlers prefer to go the path of least resistance route. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this he gets matched up with Jamal James for the regular WBA Welterweight title or some no name for a WBA Interim Welterweight title

  • I believe that Barrios is going to knock Tank out, Barrios is a smart strong boxer that goes from less to more, he starts off slow and picks up the pace as the fight continues, would like to see the odds, will put $100 on Barrios.

  • Errrrr, firstly, I think Josh taylor is the undisputed world light-welterweight champion.
    Secondly, please never again put any of today’s fighters’ achievements in the same breath as Henry Armstrong. He has just the original eight divisions. Now there are 17, soon to be 18 with the imminent introduction of super-cruiserweight…..
    This is why I went off boxing years ago. Just a passing interest now. Occasionally I log on and see CRAP LIKE THIS!!!!!

  • tank has done good for himself, tough, big puncher, his last fight against leo yea he put him to sleep but it also showed he’s hittable and at 140 boxers there are bigger faster and way more power

  • Tank is damn good, but styles make fights. Barrios wins this fight. He will stun Tank early and puff him up. The end will come between rounds 7-9. It’s as good as done.

    • I don’t know. Davis power looks good knocking out smaller guys like Cuellar and Santa Cruz but then it takes him 12 rounds to take out a one legged Gamboa. I’m just frustrated I want to see him in with tippy top guys

    • Jake: Was thinking the same yes. The same type of sudden explosiveness. The question now with going up in weight, will the bigger fighters easier handle this power. Also will Davis lose some speed. Recon Davis will be more effective.

  • I concur, Tank’s power/timing is exceptional. You just wonder if he will be hurt vs the right fighter because he sometimes is willing to take a few to land his own.

  • To everyone’s surprise lil tank will get his bootie waxed! And carried out on a stretcher! Career over, in your face Mayweather!

  • >