Stevenson a massive favorite over Conceição

Oddsmakers are giving Robson Conceição almost no chance to dethrone WBC/WBO super featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson on Friday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Backers of Stevenson have to give anywhere from 20:1 to 30:1 at online sportsbooks.


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On Saturday, heavyweight Joe Joyce (14-0, 13 KOs) is a 2:1 favorite over Joseph Parker (30-2, 21 KOs) in their clash for the WBO interim title at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. ESPN+ will stream.


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  • Parker reminds me much of John Ruiz using basic boxing skills with a bad habit of holding/hitting on the inside. In my eyes, a boring style for Parker with much luck that has allowed him to climb through the ranks to where he is today. Andy Ruiz beat Parker in my opinion when they fought. I am hoping luck and favoritism are not going to be following Parker when he fights Joyce. Joyce by UD. Parker’s style of fighting has never quite impressed me.

    • Scoob:
      – You mentioning John Ruiz reminded me about 2 things:
      1). The brutal KO by David Tua in 1996, 19 seconds into the fight, during HBO’s night of young heavyweights.
      2). His trainer Norman Stone and Stone yelling curses at refs during Ruiz fights (and getting tossed from the corner).
      – Take care.

      • Norman Stone was one of a kind. I remember the ref brought Ruiz to the corner to fix the tape on his glove and Stone couldn’t find the edge of his roll of tape so he gave it to the ref to find and the ref said “No. You do it” – and of course replied by calling him a “fkin jerk off” and the ref tossed him. Stone then said, “I didn’t say anything to that guy”.

          • He called him a jerk off BEFORE he tossed him. That was why he tossed him and then he said he didn’t say anything. If I recall correctly, Larry Merchant just started laughing.

      • Gary G… ahhh yea.. good memories!! Took me on a lil trip down memory lane aswell. Stone gave a Lil bit of comedy for the fans between rounds. Waiting to hear his instructions in the corner was just as good as the fights lol

  • Parker didn`t stop Chisoro in the final rounds, because he was just as knackered and seemed one solid punch away from being stopped himself.

    • Agree Julian, that probably explains why Parker seldom gives it his all, looks disinterested a lot of the time, he does not have the energy. And he’s only 30.

  • These 2 fights will be snoozefests unfortunately. Concaicao will get his 10000 steps in by the third round with his running

    • Shkd be an interesting fight for Shakur. Robson is durable but Shakur’s skill set is unbelievable from what I have seen thus far. Im truly impressed by this kid!

    • Shaqueers whole career is going to be a snooze fest. Like Mayweather, he won’t have many fights worth watching once let alone twice. To top it off he’s a total lowlife.

  • another set up fight the anouncers on espn will praise shakur as the greatest fighter ever cansecion will get a paycheck and that will be it

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