Spence out, Pacquiao to face Ugas

Unified Welterweight Champion Errol Spence, Jr. was forced to withdraw from his blockbuster FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View showdown with eight-division and former welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, August 21 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas due to a retinal tear in his left eye.

WBA Welterweight Champion Yordenis Ugas will step up to replace Spence and will defend his title against Pacquiao, who won that title when he defeated Keith Thurman in his last fight July 2019. Ugas was preparing to make his first title defense against Fabian Maidana in the co-feature of the Spence-Pacquiao card. Being elevated to the main event against boxing legend Pacquiao means Ugas will get a career-defining fight sooner rather than later.

Spence discovered that he had a torn retina during a pre-fight medical examination in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao-Ugas Virtual Press Conference
Casimero: I can make this an easy fight

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  • That Sucks! I was looking forward to this one. Ugas is dangerous… Good luck Manny! Speedy Recovery Errol!

  • What an Alibi his camp has been silence since the start of the training camp. They realised that why they had taken the fight. Saw training videos of Pacquiao knocking sparring partners. Lost respect on Spence. He will always be known as the prime fighter who ran against a legendary GrandPa

    • Bet the PPV price will be the same?? This is not a Super-Fight?! Wondering if ticket prices will reflect this adjustment as well……

  • I honestly believe, Pacquiao vs Ugas will be a much better fight. Ugas is a deceptively good fighter. He was totally robbed in the Porter fight. I’ll go on record, this is a 50/50 fight!

    • How is it a better fight?

      Yeah, Ugas is underrated but he’s not Errol Spence, not even close.

      • Spence is overrated. I don’t see why everyone thinks he is all that. Can you please name a fight for me that made you believe Spence is an amazing fighter?

        • He’s a very good fighter and considered top notch at 147. He has accomplished more than Ugas and carries two major belts.

          • Carter you said “Spence is overrated?” Either you don’t like Spence / never seen Spence fight / you don’t know boxing? Which one is it???

          • I’ve seen Spence fight and I don’t see the pound-for-pound title. Can you point me to a fight that tells me he is on another level? No. His opposition is mostly b fighters. He beat Garcia but didn’t look good. Some people believe he lost the Porter fight so yeah I know Spence and he’s a good fighter but he’s not great. Bud would kill him.

          • Lmao, by your logic what makes Crawford so great? He has literally beaten no one special. A washed up Kell Brook, washed up Khan. I mean unless you think Jeff Horn and Postol were p4p fighters, then Crawford resume is not better than Spence’s!

          • Performance. It’s true he hasn’t drawn in the top names, but there’s a reason for that. He’s too good. It’s sad really. I think he’s one of the best I’ve seen in 35 years of watching boxing. I can’t really compare him to just one fighter, he has so many gifts and takes full advantage of them in the ring. I’m talking footwork, speed, great power, awesome counterpuncher, and the drive a great fighter needs. I have a dream matchup for Crawford but it’s not Spence. I know the outcome of that one. So to get back to your question SteveG, Crawford is great not because he’s beaten 8 undefeated fighters, not because he’s undefeated, not because he backs up what he says, and it’s not because he always comes prepared. It’s because of his performance over every fighter he faces. He dominates leaving no question as to who won in the end. Until someone can beat him he is the Kingpin at 147.

          • I think Crawford is a very good fighter that has looked great against lesser opponents. He has really long arms which helps keep distance but at times he still smothers his own punches by leaning in too much and getting ahead of his legs. He also is a sucker for a straight right hand as evidenced in the Kavaliauskas fight among others. When Crawford stays back and uses his reach properly he is tough to beat. But can he fight outside of his comfort zone? Porter is going to force crawford to fight in tight as well as going backwards, and he will give him a lot of trouble. But porter is undersized and will most likely lose a decision or get caught coming in. You ask what makes Spence great, well it’s because he does everything very well but not one thing exceptionally. He has great balance, great technique, he’s very strong even tho he does not possess great speed or power. But he can box and he understands when to fight at distance and when to bang in close. He’s a great body puncher and has a fantastic jab! He’s also mentally and physically tough. He’s not afraid to fight when he has to like he did against porter, or box smartly like he did against garcia. But Spence is big and can do it all and that makes him the ultimate opponent for a guy like Crawford who has really gotten by on his reach and power alone without ever really being tested physically. Bud has also been brought along slowly and carefully against guys who don’t pose much of a threat. I would tend to think Postol was his best opponent. And I can’t wait to see how Bud responds when someone forces him to go to plan B C and D. When he has to actually move more laterally or when he gets backed up and roughed up and has to throw boxing out the window and just fight. Porter and Spence will both do that. But until it happens i can’t say that Crawford is the best in his own division.

          • Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns would have destroyed Crawford zipping Cuevas and Duran probably knock him out as well

          • Okay, but you have changed the standard of evaluation now from quality of opposition to the eye test. You previously stated about Spence that he can’t be called better than Ugas because, “his opposition is mostly b fighters.”

          • Yes, I agree. Bud also succumbs to that logic. He is no more special in regards to his record than Spence.

          • Bud is an ambidextrous and adaptable fighter. He is better than Floyd and Roy — combined! Because of those factors and his — willingness — to engage wisely ‘during’ battle. There is a big difference in engaging on speed and reflexes like Jones and Mayweather, without substance.

            Or the wise and effective engagement that true gladiators employ.

            Neither have legendary fights that are gladiatorial-ly breathtaking. Floyd held Manny beyond disqualification — after taking 6 years to fight Manny. James Toney fought 2 high-risk southpaw contemporaries—inside 6 weeks! Michael Nunn and Reggie Johnson.
            Roy NEVER did that. Nor would Floyd have even consider that notion. Too dangerous! Roy and Floyd, collectively took on many lower risks for higher rewards. They were good athletes. Not gladiatorial pugilists. Terence is willing during fights. And thus far, has passed his tests. There is a video of Terence getting in Spence’s face and if you watch the video. Spence gets timid. Most of you people really type-fast for a living. And make wishes in life. Never step out your comfort zone to — ACCOMPLISH — an ‘against the odds’ goal. That is why most of your words are shallow, on here. We all tell on ourselves, when we write and speak.

          • Yes Bud is willing to mix it up against washed up and lesser level fighters would he be so willing if the opponent across from him is much more dangerous and could hurt him..probably not

          • What makes Ugas even being worthy of a main event on Fox. He has no power he has nothing anybody that would buy this card needs mental help

        • Finally a man with a brain. Good for you Carter. If Spence is who he is portrayed, the Crawford fight would have been made once or twice by now. Michael Nunn was sought after. But could never evolve in his ‘potential’ after James Toney. The exact for Donald Curry after Lloyd Honeyghan. And Nunn and Curry are extremely higher caliber than Spence. But people do not examine behind what the, by and large ‘rushing to meet deadlines’ media – portrays.

          • @Coach Hilario

            I don’t understand the dislikes. I guess that most of these guys never grew up watching the hype surrounding Curry and Nunn. And Curry would have beaten Spence easy.

          • It does not matter what you say, someone will always thumbs down ya just for being here. It happens to me and others.

          • The dislikes is because I can write, spell check, I’m not emotional and bring facts. And finally, they Google me and see who I am. I’m NOT hiding behind alias.’ They know I am speaking my life experience and not merely words.

          • Coach Hilario, are your lithium levels off again, or did you miss taking your Abilify? Getting a little conceited and ahead of yourself? Maybe suffering from delusions of grandeur secondary from drug abuse recovery? Can you please show me terms or conditions, policy, or even a generic statement that says I have to divulge my real name, accolades, or background? Nope, does not exist. I am sure it just kills ya you can’t figure who I really am and my real identity. LOL

          • A ‘man’ that goes by Scooby Doo is on a fight forum to feel secure.
            I can guarantee you, you won’t talk like that in my presence. I was raised in The Petronelli AC. And go by my researchable name and provide email because I am A Doer for Boxiana. You go by a cartoon character avatar because — YOU ARE a cartoon character. We all tell on ourselves with our choice words. Don’t reply unless you email me and get my cell from me to talk big. And – THEN – fly out to me. Little boy. I don’t hide online or in the physical.

          • I do have an extensive medical background if you ever want to discuss psychology meds. I am more than willing to offer suggestions that may help your issues. Yep, I am a cartoon character alright. It’s all for fun. Have a great weekend coming up.

          • The same Curry who was stream rolled by Lloyd Honeyghan in his prime and who also lost to Renee Jacquot before he was 30? That Curry would steamroll Spence? Respect to Curry but saying he would stream roll Spence is not based in reality.

        • Spence is amazing but not as fighter, but in obedience to Al Haymon. That is why he is not fighting Pacquiao.

        • Spence is amazing but not as a fighter, but in obedience to Al Haymon. That is why he is fighting Pacquiao.

        • Ahh Kell Brook..Mikey Garcia..Shawn Porter ..Danny Garcia …I don’t know why so many hate on good black boxers ..what’s so great about Manny Pacquio a guy many suspects does PEDS but never got caught because physically moving up from 106 to 147 is not possible with the same power and speed..but a small Asian man supposedly did it and no one questions his greatness…Mayweather called him out and he was scared to death to take VADA tests that it took 5 years until he did it … Spence is special man and unfortunately haters like yourself don’t give props to those worthy..he’s versatile and he doesn’t get his respect

      • Jay, better in the sense Ugas and Manny are more evenly matched, especially at this point in Manny’s career. I think Spence would have KOed Manny in 3 or 4 rounds. If Ugas does the same thing, or wins a clear cut decision, his skills may be comparable to Spence’s, after all.

  • How strange, less than two weeks to fight Pacman and Spence gets an eye injury in training, I wonder if the eye injury happened while Spence was watching highlights of Manny’s career wins, won’t pay a penny to watch Manny fight now, what about Crawford, boxing is such a shame these days, it’s pitiful.

    • The doctor that found the torn retina was clear!y in on it. He bet on Spence and knew he was gonna lose.

      Wow, boxing is the worst.

      • Boychik. Don’t be so obtuse.

        Spence drove drunk. He did this to himself. Spence is a fucking idiot for driving drunk.

        And now, Ugas is going to make Pac his lipstick-wearing, skirt-wearing bitch. Pac should leave boxing to the current day guys, and run for president in his nation. I project he will get knocked out by Ugas and lose a landslide election.

        Speaketh … Mort.

          • Michael you said “Yep, Ugas will beat Manny as badly as Biden beat Trump!” So will the 3 judges be from the 30 million dead people that voted in the 2020 election??

          • Wow Gary, you are TERRIBLE at math. Hope you’re not a structural engineer!

          • Let’s put slovenly, 3 chin, 300 LB lubber Donald Trump in the ring with thin, in shape Biden and see who prevails. Biden could still beat the blackhearted sociopath TRUMP with one arm cut off. Now, run off with your white supremacist friends and attack the capitol!

          • Mods, this guy just got political. Please delete his account.

            This is a boxing forum. Not a political forum.

            He violated the rules. Please delete his account.

    • Are you saying people don’t get injured during training? I’ve had this exact injury on both eyes. I was training as an amateur in Cuba when the first one happened. Second one was found when I wasn’t training or fighting. Could have happened playing soccer I am told.

    • I’m sure watching manny barely get by Keith Thurman who had only one fight in the prior 2,years and that one fight was unimpressive and seeing him go 12 hard rounds against Jeff Horn really scared him off.

  • Mannnn.. I was waiting for Paquiao to retire Spence’s ugly asss!!! Wtfff… Ugas is a tuff fight but Paquiao should KO or beat him convincingly!!!! Team PAC MAN 100 %

  • Ugas is going to beat Pac’s ass. Ugas is very underrated. A bronze medalist. He had a tough start to his career. Now he is kicking ass. I am very proud of Ugas.

    And after Ugas gets done with him, Pac will be Rodrigo Duterte’s bitch in the general election. Duterte is going to beat Pac by a landslide.

    Speaketh … Mort.

    • I agree Ugas is tough, underrated and on a very good win streak plus on any given day Ugas is 50/50 to beat anyone in the division….. but that’s the problem, hes also 50/50 to lose to anyone in the division. Something about his style is prone to close fights. Aside from Cuban boxing not being appreciated by U.S. Judges and fans.

      Ugas last fought almost a year ago and it was another close split decision against Abel Ramos. Ugas aint making anybody his [email protected] let alone Pacquiao.

      • Fight wasn’t close at all. Ugas completely dominated Ramos and almost suffered one of the worst decisions of all-time. He also handily beat Porter and got robbed. Don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict a questionable Pac-Man decision. I’m actually surprised Manny took this fight. Kudos to him, he’s always been a true warrior and probably needs the money.

    • Quite opposite. After knocking out Ugas, he will return to Manila to knock out Ungas DU30 too!

    • After knocking out Ugas, Sen. Manny will return to the Phils. to knock out UNGAS DU30 too!

  • Figured that I wish Crawford could have jump in I had Pacquiao winning UD anyway because of Spence Car Accident I feel like Spence will never be the same after that but I guess I’ll watch PAC vs Ugas ‍♂️‍♂️

  • Said it before, Spence is damaged goods. Stop buying Ferrari’s and gold and platinum chains, Errol, enjoy the few million you still have left, and get out now before its too late. Ugas is a solid replacement, tough to pick a winner, gotta go with Pacman

  • Manny can get back what was farcically taken off by the WBA the first place !!

    • I’m kinda hoping that he doesn’t want it back and refuses to pay those creatures a dime in sanctioning fees.

  • A few of you think highly of Ugas and yes he is a decent fighter but the truth is no one is going to pay to see Paq vs Ugas. Not live or on PPV. Now if it was Crawford or Porter stepping in that would be a different story. I had tickets to see this live at T-Mobile and has soon has i heard i called for a refund. I talk to the person giving me my refund and he said a lot of calls to refund are coming in. I don’t believe this fight will even happen. Would you buy this on PPV i know i won’t. At Pacquiao age he need s another name fighter to carry the card with him and Ugas is not it.The undercard sucked too.

    • I tried contacting axs about a refund and they gave me the runaround so far. Who did you contact?

    • Hey DL, can you please tell me how you got a refund? AXS was telling me they weren’t offering one (yet).


    • follow up: refunded – I had to mention Nev. Admin. Code § 467.255 to get my refund thru AXS..

    • Finally someone that knows what they are talking about. Not even as good as when he fought Horn on free TV. Plus is Ugas even in shape was he training for another fight

    • Are they giving u a refund?
      I’m trying to get my money back as well. Let me know?

  • A torn retina is something not to sneeze at; literally. Technically, it can be repaired by injecting a gas bubble into the eye and allow compression of the gas to push the retinal tissue back into place. This procedure is called a pneumatic retinopexy. Care must be taken prior to surgery by minimizing pressure within the eye by no heavy lifting, keeping the head as flat as possible, and no straining. These interventions are in extreme cases but still noted within the medical protocols.

    • My question is….this injury was recently discovered ….days before the fight.,. Don’t sound logical….

      • That is a good question. Yes, could have been caught at that given time. A “weak” spot in the retina could have been there for a while and then managed to be caught by a competent medical examiner. Usually, symptoms such as flashing lights in the eyes, occasional blurred vision, and seeing a shadow from within one’s eye are symptoms. Considering Spence has suffered from an auto accident, participates in boxing, and does training any or all of these issues could have contributed to the development. My question is… I wonder how bad the tear really is and will it haunt him as a fighter?

        • One more thing I can add. Most retina repairs can be done within an ophthalmologist’s office/outpatient clinic and not in a hospital in many cases. A guided laser can also seal a minor tear in the retina as well. It’s hard for me to decipher since we don’t know the details of the medical report. Hope some of this helps.

    • To Spence jr. my best wishes for a full and healthy recovery so that we can continue
      his brilliant career. It would be a real shame to have to give up because of this issue.
      For Pacquiao, a match with Ugas is more balanced; may the best man wins!

  • Ugas is another GOOD fighter, but not a Great fighter. another titlist who only won the “regular” title but got a free upgrade from the WBA.
    he only won 80% of fights, but at least he is a legit contender. I would watch on regular cable or at the theatre. That’s it, not a PPV-even w Pacquiao the great

  • pac can keep winning the title, have it stolen, then win again till he’s something like a “25X” champ. people always brag about how many “times” you win a belt- but WBA does no favors by stripping the belt. That said you gotta fight regularly

    • The WBA does NOT understand that the Champion makes the belt, NOT the other way around…

  • Ugas is the worst kind of fighter for Pac at this point. Good on him if he goes through with this that’s a tough substitute

    • A Jewish term for a young man or Lad. Its meant in an endearing way its not a slight.

  • So, we won’t have to pay the PPV. Is this bout is gonna be broadcast by FOX without charge?… GREAT!!!

    • They could have picked a better opponent. I was so pumped to see Pac school Spence now it ain’t gonna happen. Very disappointing!

  • Struggle to see this as PPV. Free on fox I’ll watch.. interesting enough, possibly a good fight. The version of Pacman that beat Thurman beats Ugas. But make no mistake, Spence is too much Pac-Man at this stage.

  • Truth of the matter is Spence got a hold of Pacquiao’s training tapes and got scared like a little 9 year old girl. After he sees Pacquiao destroy Ugas, Spence will never mention the names of Pacquiao and Crawford.

  • Why isnt pacman fighting crawford thats the question, he knows he has no hope of beating him that’s then true answer, its a joke , why would anyone pay for this to watch Pacman fight essentially a little know fighter

  • Disappointed….but this doesn’t past the smell test…..logic just not adding up….for starters…..When did they discover the injury? Recently? For a major fight of this capacity and recently there was a ,”new” discovery of an injury and the fight was scheduled for late August?
    Just doesn’t sound logical….Spence did not look the same in his last fight., Logic always prevail though….truth will eventually emerge…right now…logic just not there….paw will destroy Ugas ….don’t be fooled…Ugas not on that level.,.

  • while no longer a “Superbowl” fight, it is still playoff worthy. * Ugas is an A+ option versus scraping the entire card.

  • NOOOOOOOOO!!! I sure had my mind set for this fight, but I hope Spence takes care of himself and best wishes to him and his family. Even with all the advanced medical treatments, I do not know what the future holds for Spence’s career. I hope Spence is properly managing his finances with a solid financial and/or legal representative(s).

    As for Pac-Man, I have no problems seeing him fight Ugas because sturdy Ugas has a grand moment to become a bright star, while gaining money for his family; but I favor Pac-Man to win by TKO.


  • This is a major bummer and just doesn’t smell right to me. Less than two weeks before the fight and this injury occurs? Is it possible? Yes. Am I believing it? Not really.

  • Disappointed in Spence. There have been many past fighters who would never give up such an opportunity. Larry Holmes wore a contact lens before his fight with Holyfield.

  • Good for Spence. He shouldn’t risk his beautuful undefeated record against a 42 years old fighter. He should seat this one out until Al Haymon finds him an opponent he is 100% sure he is gonna defeat.

  • Both boxing PPV’s I was looking forward to now are canceled…..hate this as it takes boxing forever to reschedule fights. This is why it’s frustrating being a boxing fan and following a boxer who fights once a year and than that one fight is canceled…injury isn’t anyone’s fault but inactivity is. Fight 3-4 times a year and this wouldn’t be such a big deal

  • Very dissappointing. It is unlikely that Pacman and Spence will ever meet in the ring now, except perhaps in an exhibition years down the road

  • Boychiks,

    I want to give props to Manny Pac. He showed a lot of class, by wishing Spence a speedy recovery. Boxing is a SPORT. It’s not 2 prison yard thugs fighting over an empty pack of cigarettes.

    I still expect Pac to lose his fight to Ugas, and, his election fight with Rodrigo Duterte.

    Speaketh … Mort.

    • Mort, under the Philippines constitution Duterte cannot run for a second term as President.
      I have no doubt that Pacman hopes that his continuing success in the boxing ring assists with his campaign for the Presidency.

  • Spence looked like sht in his sparring sessions and Manny looks amazing sharp. Wonder if that had anything to do with it? I was elated about this fight and could not care less about Ugas. Not buying the PPV They are all full of sht!

  • save your money too many bad decisions in boxing spence does not want pac man a pefect example of bad judgement is the castano charlo fight trying to save the card what happens to fabio medina just cancel the whole show

  • First the Fury vs Wilder 3 fight (Undercard was EXTREMELY stack) cancelled,

    Spence vs Pac (cancelled)

    What’s next Crawford vs Porter will be cancelled as well?

    What a let down.

    • Fury vs Wilder 3 is just postponed not canceled. I still have my tickets for that one October 9. But i wouldn’t be surprised if it gets canceled.

  • After seeing everyday a daily update of pacs training in youtube spence and his training team got really scared..they dont want to lose that zero….spence will never ever have that credibility when he talks about himself being a great fighter…everybody knows he is scared of pacman and crawford and he does not want those fights..

  • Ugas not ppv worthy it would be a big yawn if he was on free PBC on Fox. So now lousy fight with a lousy undercard. What next Tampa Bay pulls out of the Super Bowl and is replaced by the Detroit Lions

  • Don’t hate this comment because I love this site and I want to hear this news from this site first versus a non boxing new outlet. Fightnews should be informed first if at all possible. Not in there control but im a boxing fanatic not a boxing fan. So just want to support the site and sport

  • I don’t longer see this as a pay per event. No ofence to Ugas. But I see FOX/PBC being able to have any success in selling this event specially at price they have been charging, lately.

  • well out another year, now five years before he fights crawford, and thats if crawford will ever him or again, its like pulling teeth with these guys

  • Was Ugas’s original opponent a southpaw? Ugas is a veteran and a product of Cuban boxing, so he’s mastered it all, but fighting a southpaw when not prepared can be a big disadvantage for him. The same could be said for Pacquiao having been preparing to fight a southpaw, and now facing a righty. The latter is the easier adjustment though. Ugas is definitely no pushover, but I believe Pacquiao will win and prolong his career; I feel Spence would have ended it.

  • Please remove this comment and the one that I just sent a few minutes ago. It was a mistake. Thanks and sorry.

  • Sorry to hear about Spence’s eye injury. Praying that he has a speedy recovery. And does not get a seat next to Abner Mares in the announcement booth. You guys have no feelings for these young men who put their lives and health on the line for your entertainment. Spence might be the reason that Floyd left the game before win #50. Anyway if Ugas manages to hold on to the belt, it would be great and fitting for him to meet Bud and have Spence waiting for the winner. My Christmas wish is to see a unified champion at 147lbs.

  • Spencer it’s not the same after accident and Thurman told that Pac-Man have rocks in his hands so spencer quit

  • Spence has never impressed me. Seems very mechanical, and not very bright. Not surprised he got hurt in training and had to pull out. Pacquiao was a dangerous opponent for him.

  • >