Spence: I’m ready to put on a great show

Errol Spence Jr. Media Workout November 19 2020 12 05 2020 Workout Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Unified WBC and IBF welterweight world champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. brought fans and media into his training camp Thursday during a virtual media workout as he prepares to take on two-division champion Danny ‘Swift” Garcia in a pay-per-view event on December 5 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Spence was joined at the workout by his longtime trainer Derrick James. Here is what they had to say:


“I’m feeling great right now. I’m in shape and ready to go. We’ve been training hard and we’re 100% percent focused. I’m ready to put on a great show for my hometown fans.

“I’m not concerned about ring rust. We have a game plan and I’m working with my coach every day on it. I’m going to stick to the plan and use it December 5. I can’t wait.

“I picked Danny Garcia because he’s a tough opponent with a granite chin. He’s always in tough close fights. He’s going to bring the best out of me.

“If I took a tune-up fight, I wouldn’t be as focused or dedicated as I am right now. I know Danny’s dad is pushing him to take my belts in my hometown. So I’m staying focused to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“This is as good as I’ve ever felt. You can see I’m sweating today and I’m not dried out. There’s no struggle to make weight. I’m just feeling good.

“I don’t know if Danny is the hardest puncher I’ve faced. We’ll see when I get into the ring against him. But I know that I’m not Amir Khan or Adrian Granados or anyone else that he’s knocked out.

“I’m just going to feel him out. If I can press him early, I’m going to press and do what I do. We have a great game plan. Everyone has to tune in and watch what I’m going to do because this is guaranteed to be an exciting fight.

“There was a lot of uncertainty after my accident, but I knew that I wanted to keep training and make sure that I’m 100% ready to get into the ring. The doctors gave me the okay and said everything is fine, so I’m ready to go.

“It’s a blessing to have my son born during training camp. Seeing his face just pushes me to work harder. Along with my two daughters, I want to give all of them a great future. The only way I can do that is by training hard, staying focused and getting this victory on December 5.

“I want to make an impactful statement. I guarantee there’s going to be highlights everywhere from this one. It’s going to be a great performance.

“My message to the rest of the division is just, line ’em up. Everyone knows who to talk to. All the other top welterweights, anyone else in my way, can come and try to get it.”

DERRICK JAMES, Spence’s Trainer

“Errol has been working hard. The dedication and determination are there. He’s pushing himself as hard or harder than ever. You can tell there’s a competition within himself so that he can push himself to be the best he’s ever been.

“Danny is a very smart fighter. He’s one of the most decorated fighters in the sport and he’s got a great resume. He’s definitely a threat. So me and Errol both need to be on our ‘A’ game to be able to beat him.

“We don’t worry about what Angel Garcia is saying. On this level, you have to have that confidence that Angel has in Danny. We always believe we’re going to win. If it’s the Dallas vs. Philadelphia rivalry inspires them, then that’s fine. We have our own motivations that inspire.

“The key to Errol’s power is his body. He’s punching with his whole body. He’s really focused on his technique and putting all 147 pounds of pressure into a shot. It could lead to a knockout at any point in the fight.”

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  • I would love to pick Spence, but I am unable to pull the decision trigger for Spence.

    Spence clearly expressed great confidence about his physical conditioning, but he scarcely expressed his level of confidence regarding his mental conditioning.

    I shall maintain my selection of Garcia by SD.

      • Yes he does have defence….his best strategy for defence is Attack, Attack, Attack !!!

    • Spence not only going to dominate garcia but if it goes into to the championship rounds Spence stamina is the key factor the kid doesn’t get tired

    • Spence only competition is Crawford! Danny is good; “but”! He can be great; “but”!
      Spence is in the ring master level now. Only Crawford can beat Spence on any given night. And I am not sure Crawford would beat Spence! For the fact; Spence is truly a “Ring Master”!

      • Jaron Ennis has the potential to eventually dethrone Errol Spence Jr and Terrance Crawford … when it comes to boxing im almost 100% always right … in all my predictions from Mayweather to Andre Ward to Canelo Alvarez to Lomachenko to Golovkin to Pacman to Spence and to Crawford and etc long list continues… Jaron Enis has the most potential of any boxer i ever seen …he truly has that it factor to become the GOAT … we can all see skills with our eyes ..atm Jaron Ennis is not there yet but eventually he likely will …he reminds me of a prime Roy Jones Jr when Jones was at his best …thats what I see Jaron Ennis reaching in time …

        I been right with every boxer even with Amir Khan and Erislandy Lara and Rigodeaux failing ..I been right about Spence and Crawford reaching this point and most top boxers atm being where they are atm …like I said when it boxing I’m usually always right …

        Jaron Ennis is the future

  • Just try not to get drunk and drive your car off the road on the way to the fight and that will improve your chances of winning

    • After reading your suggestion in your please read box. It clearly red, Keep it clean. Be respectful. Maybe Tom can not read and needs Reading added to to the subjects to obtain his Highschool (Certificate ) or, Maybe he needs assistance in understanding words like. Respectful, Polite, Clean and No Personal Attacks. Help Tom someone!

          • Boxing Historian, I agree to keep it about boxing but a joke here and there doesn’t hurt. I just think that the joke was, although funny, a bit low.

      • Boxing is not a clean sport its, were respect, is a frame of mind and hype is part of the game played outside the ring .

    • Don’t worry Tom, I thought it was hilarious. Some of us still have a backbone, thankfully.

  • Wide UD Spence. Garcia might even looks letargic before Spence’s hand speed. The only man that could defeat Spence is under Top Rank.

  • Spence, make the crawford fight happen, want it, and make it happen, i think he beats you.

  • In his darkest hour, Spense made a deal with st Lucy to Box again and come back stronger. Spense will mow Garcia over.

  • Why’re you avoiding a royal rumble with the Champ T. Crawford, you scared, huh Errol? What’re you waiting for?

  • So when Garcia (who I can’t stand) beats Spence in a few weeks will everyone still be calling for Spence Vs Crawford?

  • Spence the best in this division period and one of the best ever to grace the ring,y’all know nothing about boxing from them comments

  • Definitely a tune up fight. The real fight is with the OTHER UNDEFEATED POUND FOR POUND KING BUD CRAWFORD, that you keep DUCKING!!!

  • This is no fight!! These skill levels are way off!! Garcia is overrated and is just not that good. He has heart tho!

    • Garcia has a one-dimensional fight but he has to change it in order to beat Spence and I believe he’ll change his way of fighting in order to beat meds going to be one hell of a fight but Spence and Crawford are the ones that should be fighting their to Dynamic Fighters undefeated they should fight

      • They will they have to make us DEMAND it for the $ they will probably twice it’s a money fight forget the drs.is Spence body ready for a fight like that (hmmmm).

    • Bud, I think Garcia is too small for that weight. like Arturo gatti. He should go back to 140.

      • You got a point, if Garcia does lose I’m sure that may be an option, but at 140 he was bone dry.

  • One step at a time. If Spence convincingly wins, then he can beat Bud Crawford in my opinion. Crawford is very very good technically but I would have liked to have seen him first tested against tough people like Porter or Ugas. Anyway we’ll see

  • I like to see Charlo and Crawford fight it would be C AND C. Two of the hard hitting.

  • Spence vs Garcia will be a great fight! I just hope that Earl is fully recovered from his accident!

  • This is such a good match. Both are in their prime and both fight hard always. Right now I am giving Garcia the edge and if Garcia does win, it wouldn’t be much of an upset because these two have proven their worth.

    • Spence will test his body, liver, kidney and the right hook behind the left EAR (look for it)

  • Rooting for Spence… Probably because so far he’s unbeaten and has been very impressive… Guess we’ll see if the car crash has ‘damaged’ him as a fighter.

    Be good to see him win, then take on Crawford so we know who THE champ is.

    There can be only one #1.

  • Spence wins in eight by nockout.
    Spence dominated Lamar Peterson and nock him out, but Garcia was dominated by Lamar Peterson, but end up wining the fight.

  • I am fans of both these men and have followed them for years.
    They are both smart technical fighters and the match might not appeal to a casual fan. They don’t have the contrasting styles that result in dynamic knock outs.
    It will be interesting to watch master craftsmen look for an edge. I would give a slite edge to Spence because I think he has more to prove to himself. But it could go the other way.

  • Crawford would knock mouthy Spence out cold! Wish Spence would quit running and go get his ass whopping!

  • Are boxing fans really this saying Spence is ducking Crawford ? You do know the fighters don’t book the fights right casual ? N it’s only in block buster cases that two promoters will come together from two different promotions to put the fight together because the financial gain is just to robust to not make the fight come to fruition. Did anyone see how tiny Crawford looked againsts brook ? Go rewatch how tiny brook looked against Spence . Crawford will get absolutely ragdolled by Spence. Crawford is easily the most overrated boxer I have ever seen pushes as a pound for pound maybe ever , Errol would not be worried about his power in the slightest and would straight up walk him down and bully him. You can switch Stance as much as you want ? Do people actually think that makes you high level? I know kids that’s can throw heavy in both stances that are just hitting the bag for a workout and have no training

  • I’ve been watching Mr Spence for some time now and I feel he has the professionalism and lived experience to be a world class champion.

  • Everyone talking about Spence not fighting Crawford. But you don’t see Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Thurman too quick to fight Bud either.

    • That’s boxing politics though. Bob Arum is the wall that prevents those fights. But Arum will soon be out of the way to allow Crawford to show the world what he’s really made of.
      Then we’ll see who’s really the best.

  • In my earlier comment I mentioned that Mr Spencer had lived experience, meaning he hit a bottom that gave him the chance to rethink his life from a knew perspective taking nothing for granted and giving his all 110 %

  • Danny is really a great featherweight, or, very good light lightweight, welterweight is too heavy to retain ENUF of his power, to fight a full blown welterweight champion & hard hitter like Spencer! IMHO Especially

    • Spence will win, but he really don’t hit so hard. Look at the Mikey Garcia fight. Mikey was 2 divisions smaller than him, oved up for the fight, took a beating from Spence, and didn’t go down once. No knock out, no knock down, and no blood. Come on, Spence don’t hit so hard!

  • Thats gonna be a tough one both fighters are good i think Errol gonna have to bring it hard and fast Dannys not know push over by far so may the best man win.

    • Errol will have this fight. He knows when to turn up the heat whereas Danny fails to turn up at all when it gets hot. See his performance in the Thurman and Porter fights. It got hot and Danny got cold feet. Errol will put on the same kind of pressure these two did and Danny’s dad will baby him instead of motivate him to win.


  • It’s gonna be a great fight. But Spence will win. Garcia is a gifted fighter with all the tools. However, when he’s faced with an opponent of like caliber, he fails to turn on the gas. Look at his performance in his two toughest fights;
    1) Thurman: great fight but Garcia allowed One-time to steal the fight, and
    2) Porter: another great fight but Garcia
    Allowed Showtime to take the victory. The problen is Garcia’s trainer. At this level of competition, he needs a professional who can bring out his attributes, not a daddy who lives vicariously through him. Spence will win by decision.


  • One of The Most Skilled Fighters I have had Great Pleasure Watching Also To Listen To His Reactions To Other Great Fighters Comments . During Interviews. So Calm with a Convinced Confidence in His Abilities. I Give The Man Errol Spence He. A Five Star ⭐ at a Ten Star rating


  • Maybe one day boxing will remove its own corruption, with these dubious results, also the holding onto the belts with maybe 3 meetings stopping others from their chance, boxing has become un interesting , all these belts make nonsense, the worst is WBC and WBA, your either a champ or not.
    Dylian Whyte is an obvious, he’s fought all comers but people with only their own interests money stop him from achieving, so now I’m not watching anymore until there is a positive change, well not in my lifetime, so in a word not a chance.

  • Spence should win this fight. But the real competitive fight would be with Crawford that I would pay to watch…

    • Next year ,both needs to keep winning or stock goes down and it will be at 60/40 because one will need the other one

  • Glad to see you back CHAMP, please SHUT the Non believer’s mouths, 1 by 1……let them all know it is only 1 star on the Texas flag…..and that’s the TRUTH

  • does anyone reading this belive there is a boxer in Crawford’s weight class that could possibly defeat him?

  • It maybe just me, but i sort of see a sad look in Errol`s eyes, and he talks in a funny way, he seems to be lacking that happy go-lucky spark in his whole being, add that to the fact that he seems so skinny. I think that he is staying around this weight class too long.

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