Spence defeats Garcia by unanimous decision

Errol Spence Jr. Vs Danny Garcia December 5 2020 12 05 2020 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions
Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

By Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. (27-0, 21 KOs) retained his titles with a twelve round unanimous decision over Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-3, 21 KOs) on Saturday night at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. Returning after a brush with death in a high-speed car crash more than a year ago, Spence pretty much controlled the fight, winning by scores of 116-112, 116-112, 117-111.

Spence outlanded Garcia 187-117, each landed 103 power shots, but Spence outjabbed Garcia 84-14.

Errol Spence Jr: “The moment is surreal. Coming back from the accident, I feel like I looked pretty good tonight. All training camp I felt good. I told people I didn’t want a tuneup fight. I proved to everyone that I’m the best 147-pound fighter in the world. Danny Garcia pushed me to the limit, especially in training camp. I’ve watched him fight since he was an amateur. I knew he was a great champion and I had to be 100% ready.”

Danny Garcia: “He was the better man tonight. No excuses. I fought a hard and tough fight. He had a good jab and that was the key to the fight. He was also a bit busier than me…I just have to rebuild and see what we do next.”

Spence: I give my performance a B
Fundora, Josesito, Ramirez stop foes

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  • Kind of boring fight that started promising, but minute by minute went fading to the point to be monotonous. Good win for Spence though. I dont think Garcia deserves a good mrquee fight any more.

    • Agreed. Garcia has been given plenty of opportunities to fight for titles and top ranked fighters. Time to give others those same chances.

      • His first two losses in my opinion were very close and could’ve gone either way split decisions. He’s very durable and has serious power.

      • Crawford will destroy Spence for sure. His handlers know that. With Crawford they both would be taken out.

        • Lets see if Crawford has enough [email protected] to take on Porter. Porter jus mentioned he wanted that fight. Porter is one tough mofo that keep take one hell of a punch! If Crawford can rip thru Porter the way Spence cldnt, than i wld say ur prob right

        • how Spence is a current champion who fights top ranked fighters Crawfish fights ONLY past their prime or unranked fighters…….

    • That’s a lot of confidence in a guy who has been rocked and on dream street from a lot lesser competition !!!Hopefully we will see but personally I got the bigger Spence to stop him

    • Bold comment on a guy that’s been hurt and rocked by lesser competition!!! Hopefully we get see what will happen but Personally I think the bigger Spence stops Crawford on a TKO

  • Big deal. Not a big win. It is off his accident but Thurman, Paqman, and Crawford or even a rematch with Porter would be better. He will probably get better ratings P4P but he shouldn’t even be top 10. Can’t KO any too fighter. Won’t take on the best. Thurman and Crawford or go up to 154. Not impressed. Danny isvavsmalkervguy once again.

    • You sound like a hater and an idiot; he just won a wide decision over Garcia after 14 months off and a car accident; beat Porter and Crawford doesn’t have a single signature win on his resume. Go back to sleep

      • Big deal. He’s allegedly a P4P top 5-7 guy and his best fight was a split against Porter. Garcia had a layoff too and is a smaller guy. He couldn’t KO his last 3. 2 of which were smaller, one of which was way smaller. I said it’s good from his accident but this fight was happening before the accident anyways. So he was targeting a guy who got beat by the guy he last beat and Thurman. Big deal. Didn’t even read the post fight but he won’t go for Crawford. His p4p status should go down big time. You can’t argue that legit.

    • as far as welterweight champins go Spence is the ONLY champion fighting live dogs

      • How so? Lol. Thurman was the kingpin an lost to Paqman. Porter and Garcia both have losses to Thurman. These guys have been defeated. Crawford, Thurman, Paqman or move up. Crawford moved up and is waiting. Everyone is avoiding him.

        • lol you make me chuckle…. lets look at the last 5 opponents of Crawfish…Brook washed up shell of his former self and unranked at welterweight by all 4 major organizations Kalivaskas only ranked 5th by the WBO and nobody even knew who he was before Amir Khan lmao ok next but he is another currently unranked welterweight jose benevidez another unranked current fighter at welterweight Jeff Horn add another unranked fighter to his resume *yawn*

          Errol Spence last 5 opponents
          Danny Garcia currently ranked#2 WBC
          Shawn Porter #1WBC & WBO #2 IBF
          Mikey Garcia #2 WBA#3WBC & WBO
          Carlos Ocampo #11 WBO(super welter)
          Lamont petersen now unranked

          dont blame me this is just the current facts

          • You make me chuckle. Just because people won’t step into the ring with Crawford doesn’t make him suck. He beat 135, did something none of these Welters did at 140 by becoming the legit unified Champ. Very rare. And is knocking out bigger guys. Spence is not even knocking out smaller guys. Yawn. Yawn. That doesn’t prove anything. Andre Ward who is more educated than you in boxing has said Crawford is the best P4P. Spence is good but shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Porter and Garcia are both losers in recent fights. I’m not even trashing Spence. But he doesn’t belong in P4P conversation. That’s reserved for guys who move up in class and bring their power up. Or have devastating one punch power. Spence is neither. He’s a technical break a guy down fighter who is only fought on the world level at 147. It’s undeniable!

          • Also Mikey 2weight classes under. and for Crawford Benevidez want unranked at the time. Neither was Jeff Horn. Nobody will face Crawford. He’ll have to move up.

  • Garcia is good enough to lose close fights against top competition. Just not aggressive enough to ever snatch the pot. Good fight. Weve never seen anybody be able to press Garcia the way Spence just did. What an amazing story for Spence!!!

  • Spence was in total control. Surprised that DG didn’t do more or engage in a dog fight. Anyone know who can beat Spence or make it exciting at best?Crawford Maybe? Pacquiao? Where does Danny go from here?

    • Garcia’s defense was more than enough to beat spence, but he lacks fire power. He fights like shop worn past prime fighter. He is disappointing and needs a new trainer.

    • Garcia is flat footed, pedestrian, fights like he is shop worn and lacks fire power. Put Josesito Lopez and you will see if Spence is recovered. Don’t want to see Garcia again.

  • Garcia will always be the also-ran in the “big” fights. That said, I’m having a hard time believing or accepting that Spence is the best welterweight in the world. I’m not all that sold on Crawford, either. Let’s hope Vergil Ortiz, or some emerging welterweights can steal their thunder soon. I’m bored with these guys!

    • Boxing is dead. Today welterweight’s i.e. Spence, Crawford and the rest would have been B fighters when Trinidad was the champion. Ike Quartey, Trinidad or Oscar de la Hoya would have iced any of them.

      • People said the same thing about trinidad,dlh, etc vs hearns, Leonard, etc.

        this is an exciting division again . respect it

  • These guys need a bit more drama. Interesting fight. But interesting only goes so far. I’m not convinced Garcia should be fighting at welterweight. Good to see fans on sight.

  • Well Danny is good but beat that Manny guy I’ll call u a somebody til then u a paper champ

  • All you boneheads that are screaming that Crawford beats Spence easy are dip shits. Styles make fights. I bet Spence grinds down the over rated Crawford and wins another 12 round decision.

    You Crawford groupies are just arm chair warriors that base all of this on Crawford beating a one legged benavidez and a club fighter in Horn and another blowout of the very fragile Brook. Crawford has never beaten a top welterweight. Give me a break. Spence wins the fight if Crawford ever had the guts to fight him but judging by Crawford’s constant bickering that he don’t need Spence says it all.

    • Dipshits? Really? Dude I get that Crawford won’t be able to do it easy. Could be a close fight. But let’s not forget he’s the smaller guy and has achieved more by being a legit champ in 3 weight classes, legit undisputed 140 champ and is knocking out guys at 147. Don’t knock the guy.

  • Under normal circumstances, I would have picked Spence. I picked Garcia by SD because there were too many unknowns about Spence’s car crash. When I saw Spence handle a few solid headshots, I informed my lady, “Oh sh*t, Garcia is in trouble tonight.”

    Spence snapped off great jabs and provided sustained heat, physical strength and body punching. Spence snatched the spirits out of Garcia. Nice job and an outstanding win for Spence.

    As for Garcia, he really needed a better jab and a mean streak to ease the heat brought by Spence. Unfortunately, it is not Garcia’s nature to attack with a mean streak. In addition, Garcia’s spirits and eyes finally realized what it is like to fight a full blown 147 pounder. I am not sure if Garcia’s father could have provided any more corner work because Spence was on fire, even at less than 100 percent. Too bad Garcia was unable to perform an effort similar to the last moments of the 12th round. I am not sure what is next for Garcia other than avoiding Spence for the rest of his boxing career.

    What’s next for Spence?: The world prefers BUUUD!! I can’t wait for Spence vs. Bud, but I have a curious craving for a Bud vs. Porter fight first. Let’s see Bud get a true test against Porter before he fights Spence. However, I believe Spence is looking for a cash cow, great fighter named Manny P. ($$$$).

  • Garcia is a better version of Broner who needs to let his hands go more to win the fights. He has heavy enough hands to make other fighters respect him, but only relying on counter punching or throwing one punch at a time won’t get him anywhere against the elite fighters. I still think he can fight at the top, but he needs to rethink his game plan if he ever wants to be a champion again. He should also fight at 140. He’s just a bit undersized.

  • With Covid-19 still raging on and getting worse, I’m surprised these fights are still happening. No doubt, training is impacted, so I didn’t expect either fighter to be at their absolute best. Nevertheless, this was a good fight for both fighters to gauge where they are, considering the circumstances.

    Garcia is a tough opponent for any fighter. He’s only 32 and may still contend for a title. Spence is lucky to be alive after that gruesome car accident. He hasn’t fought in over a years, so he’s rusty. Good win for him.
    …and so it goes.

    • Getting worse? Stop watching fake news. Cases and tests don’t mean anything when it’s a scam meant to bring on the new world order.

      • EXACTLY!!!
        If you make comments time that on these social media networks…some (like YouTube) will eventually consider it “hate speach” and terminate you! They all hate when someone tries to inform the masses of the FACTS.

        Anyway…styles, game plan, training camps, differences in opponents, their abilities, capabilities, corners (coaches/trainers), will, heart,…and so many more intangibles makes each fight with the same opponents different for each fighter. In regards to crawford… his skill level seems to be on point but the fighters he has been able to look great against has been nothing like Spence, Porter, Dany or even Mikey Garcia. Crawford has fought only C+ fighters at best. Not saying he looses to either of those considered top welterweights but Crawford is untested and unproven.

      • Funny how they only gives us the amount of people who tested positive and the people who died SUPPOSEDLY from Covid. We never hear about the ones who recover from this extremely deadly virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

  • I’m glad I didn’t spend a dime on this snoozer. This payper view should be a thing of the pass. The only fight I may spend $70 dls. Ut would be Jashua-Fury & Crawford- Spence. Anything else would be a robbery.

    • Anyone paying for PPV in 2020 isn’t very bright. So many ways to stream for free.


  • The only thing haters know how to do is lose. Spence won, he got the last laugh, no one cares if you get over it or not.

  • An ok fight but Garcia once behind never rallies in fights at the end to win. Seen it before with Porter and Thurman fights. When your behind I want to see the kind of effort Wayne McCullough did in the 12th round against Daniel Zaragoza or more recently Moloney vs Rodriquez.

  • Spence is the best welterweight in the world and he showed why tonight. He has a great jab, throws a lot of punches, and is a tremendous body puncher. He mixes his head and body shots extremely well.

    Garcia is too sparing in his punch output and his tendency is to counter and not initiate. He was outworked by Spence tonight. He’s good and will give anyone a tough fight but is not good enough to beat the elite fighters.

    As for Crawford, he has not fought an elite true welterweight in his prime. Before anyone starts talking about Crawford destroying Spence, let’s see him against Porter. I suspect he would have his hands full with Porter and just may lose. I’d like to see Crawford fight Porter next year. That would be the logical matchup to determine the next opponent for Spence.

    The best welterweight in waiting is Vergil Ortiz, Jr. He is a versatile boxer, punches in combination, and hits harder than many of the contenders. He will be the top welterweight sooner rather than later.

  • All sports are dead. This boring garbage azz fight was on ppv? Who would buy it? The fake virus has exposed the real world to be non-essential which includes all sports, the fake news media and Hollywood. Thankfully Its never coming back! The good news is that there is a new golden age coming and Trump is still President!

  • Awesome to see two great fighters go toe to toe. I just think Danny swift needs to move back down in weight class. He just isn’t big or strong enough at 147.

  • After this nobody is going to care what Danny Garcia does, he’s just another sellout, taking fights to lose for the money, 3 in a row it’s obvious. Even if he wins in the future a title belt nobody is going to care. Open up some businesses and retire.

  • I’ve been saying for a while ever since Garcia went up to Welterweight, that he needs a new trainer. His father, who has little to no fight experience himself, took him as far as he could. Garcia is now officially a gatekeeper at 147. Crawford should fight Porter next and the winner face Spence in the summer or fall.

  • Are you insane? Who said he didn’t “get hurt”? I guess he was in the hospital looking that way, just to be cute.

  • Thumbs up to Spence for delivering a good fight with Garcia. Spence vs Pacman would be a good match in summer2021, interesting and ppv sellable. Spence or Pacman should make this fight happen, I give Pacman an edge to win this match. Any predictions?

  • I guess I wanted Danny Garcia to be what he just isn’t vs. Spence. Waiting for him to show a sense of agression. To let his hands go with a sense of abandonment. To go for broke…to embrace the violence and win with sheer will. But that doesn’t seem to be in his nature. He’s obviously talented enough to win world titles against lesser talented opponents.

    I was also waiting for his dad/trainer to bring that out of him. To say, “son, you’re losing this fight…now go out there and throw everything you have left or you’re going to look back and regret this.” He didn’t.

    I guess this is one of those cases of “if he would only.” In reality, if he “could,” he would. And that’s just not him.

  • Too much thinking by Danny. Not aggressive with risks when the opportunity presented opportunity during the fight. When he hurt Spence he did not jump on him. He watch Spence fall backward without charging to finish the punch. Not changing the counter response mentality to an opportunity mentality in aggressiveness. He does not have the killer instinct. To cerebral.

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