Smith-Vlasov official scoring

Judge Dave Sutherland had the bout 114-114 even, while judges Pat Russell and Gerald Ritter had Smith up 115-113, 115-112 respectively.

The three judges unanimously agreed on nine of the twelve rounds, with Smith ahead five rounds to four.

Round one (Vlasov), round four (Smith), round six (Vlasov), round seven (Smith), and round eight (Smith). All three gave Vlasov the ninth and tenth rounds. All three gave Smith the final two rounds, with Ritter giving Smith a 10-8 in round eleven.


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  • Smith beat Vlasov’s ass, and this would have been a Unam Dec win, had Smith not been robbed of the knockdown. Smith won. Smith beat his ass.

    • Gift decision for Smith. Vlasov had Smith on the back foot all night. Smith is very limited in his boxing skills, will not last long as a champion.

      • My thoughts exactly jgar, he looked spent at the end of fight, his vaulted power wasnt helping him and he will be easy for the other light heavys

    • Decision to give Vlasov rest was too soft, the ref should have also taken point from Smith after warning him fourth time in the row for hitting behind a head

    • Yeah, you know it’s illegal to punch opponents in the back of the head, right?
      Smith was frustrated and resorted to dirty shit because he was throwing at wind and if Vlasov couldn’t have continued then Smith should’ve been disqualified.
      There are rules in boxing.

    • Smith beat Vlasov’s ass?!?! Smith was getting schooled, are you blind?? Also, he wasn’t robbed of any knockdown, it was a punch behind the head, which is illegal. Did you just start watching boxing last night?

  • Was close fight, I had Vlasov ahead 1 or 2 rounds. Punchstat #s seemed off to me.

  • Yeah, Smith punched Vlasov in the back of the head.
    That is called a foul.
    Had Vlasov been unable to continue, it would have been a disqualification for Smith.
    Gary Ritter might not always be the best ref, but he got it right this time (aside from not having Vlasov go to a neutral corner.)
    As far as Smith beating Vlasov’s ass goes, I really don’t know what fight you were watching because he was mostly getting outboxed.

  • Close fight. A couple points either way. Not something to bitch about and scream robbery.

  • I’m a Joe Smith fan, has defeated high quality opposition, but I don’t know about this one.

  • As I said last night, I thought Joe would win, maybe by stoppage, but Maxim won that fight by 2 points at least. Not taking away anything from Joe, but if he fights this way against Artur, he wont survive 3 rounds.

  • Wow we have a lot of Vlasov male groupies here! Guys please get his nut sack out of your mouths and stop crying geeez get your bunched up panties out of your tush already!

    Smith won fair and square get over it already.

  • Nothing impressive about Smith. This fight could’ve gone either way. It will be interesting to see how he fares going forward.

  • Smith was down 113-115 both aren’t championship level. I think Smith should fight Callum Johnson that would be an epic fight.

  • Why did the judge give a 10-8 round in the 11th to Smith? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

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