Smith a 3:1 favorite over Vlasov

Joe “The Beast” Smith Jr. (26-3, 21 KOs) is currently a -333 favorite to win the vacant WBO light heavyweight world title against Maxim Vlasov (45-3, 26 KOs) on Saturday at Osage Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They were originally scheduled to fight February 13, but Vlasov tested positive for COVID-19 prior to the weigh-in, forcing a postponement. Vlasov downplayed the delay, stating, “The postponement was a minor setback, but it will be worth the wait when I have that belt around my waist!”

ESPN will televise.

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  • Did I get this right? Maxim Vlasov tested positive for corona-19 less than two months ago and is now up against the small matter Joe Smith Jr. I mean, what could go wrong?

    • Good point. The Cleveland Browns pro bowl DE Myles Garrett was only out for two games with covid last year, but after his return he was vocal about the fact that his energy level and stamina was affected for the rest of the year. He also couldn’t play full games, needed frequent oxygen on the sidelines and clearly seemed affected during games.

      Povetkin certainly looked like he was compromised against Whyte, and it’s hard to imagine that his terrible balance and limited stamina wasn’t due to his recent covid bout.

      • Oddly, viruses have a unique way of attacking everyone’s body and the consequences vary. I have seen in a clinical setting where patients develop cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle) from a flu virus strand. On the other hand, the Epstein Barr virus that causes mononucleosis can affect the lymphatic system and lead to lymphoma later in life.

        The COVID-19 virus can cause lingering effects that may last weeks and months. The research is developing and is still in the making. The long-haulers that suffer from the COVID-19 virus usually report fatigue, joint aches, and even headaches. One odd thing I have noticed is a patient-reported low lab value in platelets that took weeks of monitoring before the levels came back to normal.

  • Never know with Covid-19. He could be totally unaffected or look like povetkin. You wound to be 100% against a puncher like Smith

  • Smith is a great boxer/puncher. If he is motivated, he will will by KO/TKI within 10.

  • Smith still gets one of the top KOs in boxing with the KO of Hopkins. Loved that KO!

  • These adults can decide if covid requires a scheduling delay. Vlasov believes he’s in great shape. If he losses clutch the pearls and get the vapors.

  • If Vlasov isn’t feeling his best, would he say so before the fight or only after the fight if he loses?

  • Smith gets KO win here, even before the COVID delay he wasn’t going to lose to someone like Vlasov who tops out at regional level ability imo. Smith is a half- tier above him.

  • Should be an entertaining fight. Ever since Joe knocked out the great Bernard Hopkins I thought he’d be champion by now. Hopefully he gets this title this weekend.

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