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  • I recall when Zab was on top of his game and met Kosta Tszyu in the ring. Zab was doing well in the fight till Kosta landed that one shot that spiraled into ups/downs and ended in a TKO. The sad thing is when Zab when after the ref for doing his job! I hope Zab is much better now and settled down!

    • Unfortunately Zab was a very bad loser. I remember him hitting low on Floyd when the tide was turning agains him.

    • I remember that fight. I was ringside. Zab is my favorite fighter. He got caught with one shot, and he was hurt bad. He should of took a knee for thr eight count, instead of trying to pop back up so quick.

  • So Zab Judah is now promoting female midget boxing?…ok, ok.

  • Unfortunately, Zab’s mental boxing skills never caught his faster physical boxing skills.

    • Very true, Zab was definitely a physically gifted fighter, but his mental game was flawed. The first time I saw Zab box was live at the 1996 Olympic trials in Oakland, Ca. I had no idea who he even was, but I saw this lightning quick southpaw, who skill wise, was head and shoulders above the rest of the field. With amateur boxing scoring as it is, he somehow did not even qualify to make the team. I think Camacho Jr may have beaten him, who didn’t make the team either. Being a 6 time world champion makes for a spectacular career, but had Zab been a more mentally sound fighter, he could have been even better…but he is who he is! The same hyper-spastic, unorthodox traits that made him great as a fighter, also worked against him.

  • Zab was lucky after his last fight, he never should be hit again. I thought him taking the Cotto fight was all wrong for him. When Zab lost to Baldomir, Baldomir hadn’t lost in like 7 years. Didn’t really get the low blow right after the stare down either. And the knock down is the only thing that cost Zab in that fight. But Baldomir had outgrown 147 when he fought Zab and Mayweather. Zab shouldn’t have fought Cotto, and should have just stayed up at 147 after Clottey.

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