Canelo-Ryder Kickoff Press Conference

Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

Undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and challenger John Ryder pose at a press conference held at Estadio Akron in Jalisco, Guadalajara to announce their bout on May 6.

Canelo Alvarez: “I feel very excited after 12 years of not coming home and being able to bring back everything I have achieved during all these years, the truth is that I feel very happy and proud. It is not easy to make an event like this. It is not easy to make a fight of this magnitude. In the end, what I wanted is possible, I wanted to fight here in my land, Jalisco, and am very happy to be here. I had many offers to fight in many places, but I never thought about it. I always wanted to come here, return to my land, return as the best in the world. It is a pride to be here, I do it with my heart, giving people the opportunity to see me fight here motivates me a lot. The first thing I want is for people who can’t buy a ticket or who can’t go to Las Vegas to have the opportunity to see me here in Guadalajara, and to be able to donate a part of the money to a foundation here in Guadalajara. We are going to do this event.”

John Ryder: “This fight comes at just the right time. It is an honor for me to fight in Mexico. I thank everyone for the opportunity they give me. I have come here to win; I have defeated important rivals and I am ready to become the undisputed champion. Thanks to Canelo, we will give them a great fight.”

Interview Referee Danrex Tapdasan
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  • Is this the best fighting the best? Seems closer to Fury vs Chisora.
    Canelo has a lot of options. I would have thought there were better ones than this fight.

    • He needs his confidence back after the absolute ass whooping he received from Bivol.

    • No, this isn’t fighting the best, but you forgot some facts:
      1- Jalisco is not mega city for boxing
      2- Boxing is business — Where the money will come from by putting two prime and marketable fighters?
      3- At some point in their careers all megastars had/will have their fair shares of tomato cans, & taxi cab drivers.
      4- I see this as some sort of appreciation to his hardcore Canelo fans & haters as well.

  • Canelo fighting and easy opponent shows how much he has lost since Bivol schooled him. Canelo say’s he’d fight Bivol in a rematch at 168 but I think Bivol should take the rematch at his natural weight. If Benavidez wins, anyone think Canelo fights Benavidez in the fall? I doubt it.

  • Canelo has to look like he is in another class, on another level in this fight or else there’s going to be a lot of questions, and maybe even the question of retirement in the near future. Time to see if he has grown old overnight or possibly if easy options over the last few years has left what could’ve been his peak learning & experience years into a performance of the leftovers of yesterday hoping on tomorrow’s paydays.

  • This fight will set a new record for lowest PPV numbers. This guy is 32-5? He got beat by Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding and got ko’d by Nick Blackwell? Who the Fook is that?

  • Happy for a fighter like Ryder to get a huge payday and Canelo to get a fight in his home country but this is a total mismatch. Reminds me of the Mayweather vs Baldomir fight, odds will be 100000 to 1

  • Let me get this straight Canelo fans. With a straight face can you honestly say John Ryder has “earned” a match with Canelo but Benavidez hasn’t? Wasn’t he suppose to fight Charlo and turned it down? Has John Ryder done more to earn this than Charlo? Like him or hate him that’s your choice but fights like this are exactly why boxing is in the condition its in. Long are the days when fans were fans but still expected their fighter to fight top guys. When Benavidez or Charlo’s name comes up you make excuses. He’s fighting John Ryder no issues were found. Promoters etc aren’t isn’t killing boxing so called fans are killing boxing. Wasn’t he suppose to run it back with Bivol? What happened to that?

    • Nobody and I mean, NOBODY is putting a gun to your head to watch boy. If you’re not happy with the sport go watch WWF.

  • look, a homecoming with an opponent that no real boxing fan wants to see……… Canelo should be fighting only the best of the elite.

  • Glad he has stopped mentioning rematch with Bivol, I see no way he can win that fight. Stay at super middle, Benavidez is waiting

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