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  • I been saying this ever Oscar and Canelo supposedly separated. Oscar is gonna promote a fight between himself and Canelo as one of the biggest fights in history, and everyone will buy it. This whole thing is a scam but when they agree to fight, the hard majority will buy the fight. Canelo Vs De La Hoya will happen within one year…

    • @Arturo That’s a bold prediction. Sounds whacky on the surface, but this is boxing. Canelo-De la Hoya would absolutely be a scam, but I don’t doubt that somebody within the sport is looking at that potential match-up. It’s a joke to those who follow the sport, but wouldn’t be hard to sell to the General Public. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but for a sport that has no shame, it just might….

      • Oscar would be writing his own death warrant if he truly would fight Canelo now! Since Oscar says his fights are not a circus show exhibition, then the PPV buyer would be paying to see which round Canelo KOs Oscar in a brutal fashion. Oscar is a promotor now, not a fighter. He’s older, softer, full of hype on paper, and in it for one thing; money not pride. When Manny made Oscar quit on his stool, Roach said it right! Oscar can’t pull the trigger now! Ever so true. He’s a businessman now.

    • If you say so…I mean, Oscar barely got past Steve Forbes 13 years ago, I’m not sure what makes anybody think he’s improved since then. He’s been looking more and more out of shape and doughey everytime I’ve seen him over the past several years. He may or may not beat Belfort, but I think Canelo would literally kill him if they were to fight. If this fight were in 2003, I’d say Oscar wins…then again, Canelo would only be 12 years old!

  • The man looks great imagine Oscar will once again save boxing. Guarantee he gets more ppv buys that that phony heavyweight championship. Oscar even said this is not an exhibition

  • do people really want to see this?
    is this the equivalent of rubbernecking at an accident scene on the highway??

    • Man Oscar has had some work done to that top lip and a bunch of Botox by the look of it. Hammered in his last fight now at 47 we need to believe he is back to his best SMH

  • Oscar is the king of BS with smoke and mirrors when it comes to promoting. He says this is no circus event like other exhibitions. LOL, yeah, ok. He could sell mops to some sheeple with carpet floors.

    • Possible causes;
      1. advancing age
      2. side effects of script meds
      3. plastic surgery
      4. weight gain
      5. fluid retention secondary to alcohol ingestion
      6. His ego puffing him up? LOL

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