De La Hoya-Belfort Kickoff Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

“The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya (39-6, 30 KOs) 8-time world titles in six weight divisions returns to the ring for the first time since 2008 against MMA legend Vitor Belfort.

Oscar De La Hoya: “These exhibitions that we’re seeing are becoming a circus, I want no part of that. And that’s why this fight is a real, sanctioned fight and not an exhibition. Everybody who knows me, I’ve never been in a boring fight. I go out there and fight. An exhibition isn’t us, Vitor and I have too much at stake. When I see Belfort I can see in his eyes how proud he is of his legacy and I feel the same way too and I respect that.”

“While I respect you brother, (Belfort), I can tell you one thing, we are going to kick the shit out of each other, that’s one thing for sure.”

“This is not a game, I literally said if we’re going to do this, let’s do this for real. Let’s not do a song and dance or these exhibitions that we’re tired of.”

“I’ve been in top challenges all my life, I’ve basically been fighting since I was five years old. I’ve had every challenge in the book and I’ve fought the very best, from Pacquiao to Mayweather to Hopkins to Julio Cesar Chavez. I wanted a different challenge and that’s what Vitor Belfort presents. A challenge that’s going to take my training and my mentality to a whole new level.”

“Prediction: Knockout!”

Vitor Belfort: “When you step in the ring you want the wars. I’m coming into the sport that Oscar has mastered and I’ve learned in training boxing at a different level. My style is to come as a lion and that’s what I’m going to do, no changes now.”

“There’s a lot of mutual respect between the both of us but once the bell rings it’s war. My heart, not my size, will make the difference in this fight. In my mind I can beat any man and that’s how I feel about Oscar. I know he’s left-handed and has a great jab and I have to prepare for that. This is really the Best vs. the Best!”

“I never look at the odds for my fights. I make my own prediction work for me.”

“Prediction: Knockout!”

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  • Only three boxing icons in the last 50+ years Ali Ray Leonard and Oscar. Looks like it will be Mayweather then Canello for the Golden Boy. Oscar dominates both

  • There needs to be a ‘masters or veterans’ league for these kinda fights. They are so far away from competitive with fighters in their division but can still be competitive against similar aged fighters – but stop the BS now, it’s not gonna be some barn burner fight it’s 2 fellas in their late 40’s who can’t put their ego aside……

    • I’m sure the WBC will have a “special” belt made for this one…

  • Oscar promoting the event like it’s a world title fight to end all debate on who is the greatest! Oscar thinking about how to swell the bank account with sales than the actual fight in itself. Think about it. He’s a promoter now, not a prize fighter. His prize fighter days have been over for years. He’s a businessman now!

    • Did you see the article on the announcement of Chavez Jr vs. Anderson Silva? It literally read like the announcement of Ali-Frazier. Yeah, the boxing world was salivating at the idea of those two fistic titans meeting in the ring. It sounded like one of us on this forum screwing around and exaggerating how great a really bad match-up will be. This is exactly what it said:

      “This promises to be an epic battle between two superior fighters with a global fan base. Everyone associated with this pay-per-view promotion, and fight fans from around the globe are super enthusiastic to see these two great fighters meet in the ring,”

      And you’re spot on about De la Hoya BTW.

      • USF, I did not see the announcement regarding Chavez Jr. and Silva. Speaking of that, it’s a hoot that Silva beat Chavez in his own living territory or backyard. Chavez needs to dry up and blow away. LOL… Have a great day today.

  • If Oscar is a quarter of himself he will knock this guy out quick. Oscar is right though. Everyone of his fights he’s ever had he came forward looking for a knockout. I’m still yet to see an mma fighter look impressive as a boxer. Thetr form just don’t look right compared to a real boxer. Hope Oscar makes a fool of this guy.

    • You are correct, Oscar did look for a knockout in one fight and received it; against Manny. TKO.

    • While I thought Oscar should have win the Decision, there’s no way you can say he was looking for a KO against Felix Trinidad. He ran like an Olympic Track star the final 4 rounds.

  • Oscar better get a huge ring for this fight otherwise I honestly believe he will get knocked out cold

  • Oscar still competing with, envious, and jealous of Floyd Mayweather. He’s obsessed!
    Oscar’s net worth is $200M.
    Oscar’s boy Canelo’s net worth is $140M.
    Floyd’s net worth is $450M.
    $200M + $140M < $400M <———- this is what's bugging Oscar, aside from the fact that Floyd is worth twice what Oscar is worth!

    Unrelated, it is astounding that George Foreman's net worth is $300M.

  • Oscars left handed?
    I hope Vitor meant his other left. Would suck if Vitors camp had southpaws in camp the entire time

  • Looking forward to Vitor doing Manny P. On that pendejo.If Oscars as tough as he thinks he is fight Manny again.

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