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Shocker: “Monster” Inoue suffers eye socket fracture

By Joe Koizumi
Photo by Boxing Beat

While this reporter stays in China to attend the 98th WBA convention, there has come a shocking news from Japan that the ultimate WBSS bantamweight winner Naoya Inoue (19-0, 16 KOs), still 26, had suffered a couple of fractures at the eye socket and the nose through his hard-fought battle with Nonito Donaire in Saitama on Thursday.

Inoue Eye Fracture
Naoya “Monster” Inoue and his manager/promoter Hideyuki Ohashi

It was disclosed at the Korakuen Hall today (Saturday) by Naoya himself along with his manager/promoter and ex-WBC/WBA titlist Hideyuki Ohashi. “Monster” Inoue took a solid left hook from Donaire in round two, and he confessed that he had a double vision since. He also suffered a nose bleeding unlike in his previous bouts midway in the slugfest. Naoya yesterday consulted a doctor and was diagnosed that he had sustained fractures on the eye socket and under the nose as well.

Naoya said, “The doctor said there would be no need for surgery, but I’ll have a re-examination after a month. Then I will decide my training schedule thereafter.”

Ohashi, 54, added, “Despite his fracture and pain from the second round on Naoya displayed such a great performance with the Filipino Flash. It must become the new chapter of the Monster legend that proves his heart.”

Although Naoya announced his promotional agreement with Top Rank just after the invaluable victory, his new-year campaign next spring will have to be delayed.”

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    • its the double vision that makes it a shocker,if the double vision doesnt go away it would be a end to his boxing career

    • Zygomatic arch fractures near the eye generally do not require surgery unless they are causing serious issues near the sinus cavity. Time heals the fractures, but they can be unrelenting on a fighter’s boxing career especially if they are prone to getting them.

  • I hope inoue heals from it, If you went into the surgery with double vision, it may last as long as two to four months after surgery. If it doesn’t go away after four to six months, you may need eye muscle surgery or special corrective glasses.

      • If inoue still sees double vision after 1 month unfortunately he would need surgery thats why doctors are giving it a month to heal without surgery.

  • Well, this shows that the monster has all the ingredients needed for a great fighter. We already knew he had everything else before this fight, but now we know he has no quit in him. With that being said, he’s never going to be 100% again and a piece of him is gone forever. He will be at a disadvantage from now on against the best at 118 and 122.

  • I knew three things going into that fight. 1. Inoue would win. 2. Donaire was still a very strong bantamweight. 3. It would be a great fight.

  • Inoue Monster is still very young at 26 and will recover from this injury and give us some great fights to remember!!! A pound for pound fighter without a doubt!

  • I tought there was something wrong and without this injury Donaire wouldn’t have make it till the end.. I’m just more impressed after hearing this news, because it shows how tough Monster really is. Best Japanese fighter ever and for sure a future all time great !

    • Not the best Japanese fighter, that honor goes to Fighting Harada. The only man to defeat the great Eder Jofre twice for his 2 losses!

      • Nope Inoue at 26 has done more than Harada in all his carreer… Inoue is champ till 2014 in a few months it will be 6 years without defeat !! Between super flyweight and super bantamweight he’s simply unstopable !!

  • With Liborio Solis vs Guillermo Rigondeaux coming up, the winner of that, plus the other top 5 contenders in the WBA at bantamweight, Inoue may be running into some trouble in 2020. (minus Gaballo, the other 2 guys have fights coming up they have to win to be considered for Inoue)
    3. Jason Moloney
    4. Reymart Gaballo
    5. Luis Nery

    • That is shocker! What a ridiculous rule by the WBC. Boxers all over the world will now eat beef from Mexico? Mexico agriculture export economy by go up in the next years! xD

  • This guy is more than a fighter. He’s a modern Samurai. He’s Great. And Nonito is still a champ, with or without the belt…

  • if they are about the same age nonito would have knock this guy out. 36 year old punished the 26 y/o with facial fractures

    • Bullshit without that Donaire would’ve not hear the final bell.. And don’t forget Donaire was the much bigger men..

      • Or have you forgotten who gave that eye fracture to inoue? He was perfectly fine before the fight, got that injury from donaires’ power punch. It lasted til 12 coz nonito is just as strong as naoya, one a young lion and the other on father time. Both great warriors, both champs. Respect

  • Get well soon Monster Inoue. Love watching you fight, you are amazing and i;m sure have many fans round the world rooting for you. You are a true fighter and champion I wish you all the best.

  • Another lesson we learned from this fight is that Inoue can’t in my opinion go after guy’s like Loma because he’s too small.. feather is the limit for Inoue..

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