Saunders a no-show at photo op

Canelo Vs Saunders Media Tour
Photo: Michelle Farsi/Matchroom

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez tours AT&T Stadium and addresses the media prior to his WBC, WBA and WBO unification fight against Billy Joe Saunders on Saturday. Saunders was supposed to be there too, but he was a no-show. The Saunders camp is insisting on a huge 24-foot ring and has threatened to go home if they don’t get it. Canelo responded by calling them “pussies.” Stay tuned…

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  • I mean, fair is fair. If you get a smaller ring then the edge goes to Canelo. Obviously Saunders is more of a boxer and should get the bigger ring. I wont have a problem if the fight doesn’t happen. If Canelo IS confident, then get a bigger ring and beat Saunders at his own game.

    • I think 20/22ft would be a fair compromise but why wasn’t this in the contract in the first place?!

    • the thing is though, why they heck are they asking for this now,the week of the fight!!!

      imo hes getting the jitters and isnt ready.

      24 foot ring seems absurd.

    • the week of the fight you ask for this demand??? absurd.

      i bet something else is up, hes getting the jitters or something or mabye playing mind games.

    • I think Canelo is willing to come up to 20 and Saunders is willing to come down to 22. It still leaves them at a stalemate.

    • That is what they’re setting up, a 20-foot ring size… Team Saunders is asking for a 24-foot ring

  • It is not meant to be that Saunders is winning. The Ring size doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t be fun to call it a robbery the day after the fight? You’re upset! Canelo won but Saunders was given the victory due to the widespread corruption. Of course, that will never happen. Relax. Give him the Ring. It will be more fun for us fans.

  • All of this smells like BS to me. Tom Saunders says the two sides agreed to a 22-foot ring but went ahead and signed a contract that did not mention anything about a 22-foot ring?
    Are we supossed to go by what Tom says and just believe it? same thing happened with the judges, they supposedly agreed in a judge of each country but were happy to sign a contract with no mention of that, did they even read the contract? like, is this the first contract they sign? just marketing stuff to sell the fight.
    John Ryder taking a flight to Dallas as a back up worries me tho

  • I am surprised such conditions were not negotiated before finalizing the contract, but money (at times) can blind you like a spitting Cobra.

    Maybe they can work out a ring size that benefits the boxing mover (BJS) and the boxing stalker (Canelo). Otherwise, BJS will need to buckle down and make strategic adjustments.

  • Even heavyweights don’t use a 24 ft ring….. He’s definitely looking for as much real estate as he can get.
    His strategy: take as little punishment as possible, even if the fans are assaulted with his boring running. Again, losing their 0 and their championship weighs less than standing their ground and getting ko’d.

    • The almighty P4P greatest boxer of all time Fraud Mayweather used massive rings, why is it not ok for a boxer such as BJS to use one? Canelo doesn’t want to have to box, he wants to cut off the small ring and try to hammer BJS. He knows he won’t look as impressive trying to chase down a guy who is attempting to box him and maybe even beat him. Who’s the real pussy here??

  • On the big stage supposed agreement points like this should not only be contractual but they should have video of each fighter agreeing on these specifics, as well as severe fines if they do the last second balk. Didn’t a fighter just cry the other week about who got to enter the ring first/last?
    The agreements go both ways so if one fighter/promoter did have it inked that they get a certain size ring, for example then any COMPETENT large promoter should be able to deliver.
    I still wonder why boxing cannot constantly ensure that fighters have the agreed upon ring size and gloves approved. Commentators always making the ring size being small or large as talking points. It should be agreed upon clearly, and delivered so that it’s not a reason or excuse (small or large ring) for someone winning or losing..

  • — 20′ ring became standard for title fights not so long ago, ie nonnegotiable. Saunders has backed out of big fights for lesser reasons, so guaranteed Hearns has a backup on standby…

  • the commision states no smaller than 16, no larger than 20…….so Canelo is allowing him 22. Thats even more than allowed. And Saunders wants more. Its not in the rules.

  • Lmao this is boxing not 100 yards race… where are the brave boxers that use to fight in a telephone cabinet

  • i think they agreed to a 22 foot ring when bjs and team showed up the ring was only 18 ft, i know canelo is the A side but they didn’t agree on a 18 ft ring, stay tuned this is boxing

  • Here’s a thought. Make every ring the same size, if you dont like it, dont box. This is an absolute joke.

    • Exactly. Everything should be standardized. 18 foot and 8 oz gloves for 154 and below. 20ft and 10 oz gloves for middleweight and up. No 3 knockdown rule. Replay on knockdowns that can be challenged by the corner. How ridiculous is it that the ref calls knockdown, the judges see it’s a slip but still give the guy a 10-8 round even if he lost the round because the ref called it a knockdown? Absolutely absurd. Seen it happen too many times. This includes low blows both ways. Patterson vs Gatti is a good example. So many bad rules in boxing that make it too much like pro wrestling.

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  • Ahahaha! God bless Canelo for his candor. He had
    the best one word explanation, ever. Amen, brother.

  • We all know what’s gonna happen.
    (Canelo wins)
    Btw- Joe Blow- that was way extra

  • If they agreed on 22 feet and the Canelo camp paid to build a smaller ring thinking that BJS would have to agree at the last second, that is not right and BJS has every right to back out of the fight. Canelo knows that it would be extremely hard to corner him and unload. It is all about strategy. Getting that tiny edge.

    • Thank you Raf, as simple as that, as a fan we know about boxing, please canelo , stop trying to fool us, since you departed from De La Hoya you became more obvious , that’s disrespectful for the fans and who ever catch you with your tricks,( wish are a lot), you call them hatters, what a shame.

      • Why bother making a ring get the chairs up to the stands and use the stadium as ring ,canelo is going to catch him sooner or later

  • BJS just showing his intent to run like a headless chicken. At least Callum Smith took his beating like a champ.
    But I get that he’s gonna nitpick any detail he can, unfortunately, once he steps in the ring he’s gonna get hit. Hard.

  • I’ve never heard of a 24′ ring being used in prizefighting. What does BJS want, a football field to sprint? Quite honestly, a truly great boxer doesn’t need much space to work because he’s intent on making his opponent miss and making him pay, not running or skirting away. The BJS camp is showing a lack of confidence in their chances against Canelo with this move, in my opinion. Canelo will put a thumping on BJS regardless of ring size, and this bush move by the Saunders camp will only make Canelo more focused come fight night.

  • He’s a brit what do expect 1st the judge and now this what a SCARED LITTLE BRITCH if he can read probably not everything was in the contract what a wanker!!!

  • 24 foot ring! Whatever! Too big. It’s end up being a boring fighT. Everybody will complain about this and that. That size ring leaves too much room for Saunders to run!

  • These pikies are a bunch of drama queens and think this kind of showmanshio is cool. It’s not, and those gypsies have been real s*** people to my people so I don’t like them at all. This is the only time recently that I’ve rooted for Canelo, but I gave him no credit for this win because pikey Joe is not worthy of this shot. With that being said, I’m starting to like Canelo better since I saw a recent interview of him talking about Golden boy promotions. I’ve always been fond of true Mexican people, but Canelo hasn’t shown to be a true Mexican until very recently. I still think Estrada is the number one pound for pound fighter for Mexico. And he’s a real Mexican.

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