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Ryota Murata rises to WBA super champion

WBA middleweight champion Ryota Murata (16-2, 13 KOs) was elevated to “super champion” status by a resolution of the WBA Championships Committee, issued on January 5. Based on rule C.18, which states that the President and the Championships Committee may recognize a fighter as a super champion under special circumstances, the WBA considers Murata’s career and record as a meritorious circumstance for the appointment.

Murata’s elevation will not generate too many changes in the rankings and it is done to give dynamism and activity to the division. The only relevant change is that Murata’s 9-month mandatory defense period will be extended to 18 months.

The previous WBA middleweight super champion Canelo Alvarez, now holds the WBA super middleweight super designation.

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  • Like to see Murata fight a unified match with Golovkin. If Andrade is moving up to 168 the WBO title should be vacated and the Murata-Golovkin fight can be for three titles. Then Charlo may finally step up.

  • Guy has 2 title defenses. Neither one against a ranked opponent other than the WBA. Just need to ignore these ridiculous organizations.

  • I don’t think Murata has earned Super Champion Status and that this is just a way for the WBA to make more sanctioning fees. Let Murata fight the top fighters in the division like Charlo or Golovkin and then the winner of that fight earns that super champion status

  • At one time Murata had a lot of potential. But he’s inconsistent and rarely fights. He needs to shit or get off the pot.
    Also champions are made in the ring not by ‘resolution’ what a joke. Super champion, regular champion, silver champion, interim champion, who gives a shit. Champions are crowned when the best fight the best.

  • By my count, between super, world and interim, there’re currently 41 different people who can call themselves WBA world champions in 17 weight divisions. The only class which has a single champ is straw weight and the champion there, Niyomtrong, is a super champion, which means that you have one champion in a weight class who only has to make his mandatory defense once every 18 months.

  • It’s time for him to get a big fight. I went to his 1st fight vs Brant in Vegas. He did a good job of avenging that loss in the rematch and also his last performance. Exciting to watch but needs to get more scheduled fights. I think he wants to get max Japan revenue while his co-promoter T.R. wants him in Vegas. (not enough money for him to fight in the Bubble). Eubank just won the “interim” WBA title but I think that’s the best matchup on his level and per boxrec. (they are ranked #4, #6) GGG, and Charlo would easily outclass him and Andrade probably just outbox him. Sounds like a Munguia-GGG fight may be in the cards but if not Munguia would be a good brawl for Murata. It appears Arum is still protecting Murata and there is no point at his age (Murata is 34-time to go for broke)

  • Did you watch the WBA’s rankings ?! Sergio Martinez is ranked n° 5 after 2 comeback fights against poor opposition ! The guy is 45 years old, fights on one leg after several years on layoff and he’s number 5 ?! That’s taking fighters for idiots, i loved Maravilla when he was in his prime but if he gets a title shot against a young lion, he could be totaly destroyed or harmed. Sad news but not a surprise at all with the WBA..

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