Ruiz-Joshua 2 Saudi Arabia Press Conference

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua came face-to-face today in Saudi Arabia for the first time since their memorable showdown at a sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1.

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Anthony Joshua: “Andy is Champion right now. That will last until December 7 when he has to put his titles in the air and two warriors will go to war and the best man will walk out victorious.”

Andy Ruiz Jr: “I’m gonna keep these belts. I’m gonna have them back in Mexico. I’m really excited man. On December 7, I’m going to make another history. I’m gonna win here in the same fashion, the same way I won June 1, and I’m gonna prove everybody wrong…the hunger still remains. I don’t want just 15 minutes of fame, I want it to last. I want it to be a generation. I wanna be a champion for more years.”

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  • The clear mistake Joshua made last fight was rushing in after he dropped Ruiz. I think he should be able to correct it pretty easily this fight. May the best man win and hopefully we get an entertaining fight.

    • I agree. He rushed in thinking he had a easy finish against a kid that won’t go quietly. AJ should be able to correct mistakes and break him down to get the clear decision or late round stoppage.

    • Joshua’s mistake was rushing in against a counter puncher with a good chin. Ruiz took a lot of hard shots, including some strong rights but seemed unaffected.

    • To white people he is a mexican. Even if he is from the u.s. they see him as a mexican. Dont hate. This is what we see in america.

  • Isn’t Andy claiming Mexico the same as AJ claiming Nigeria??? Just saying neither man claims his birth home in the media, it’s always I’m a Mexican/Nigerian warrior, blah blah blah. Facts: it’s a US fighter vs a UK fighter.

    • to be fair to AJ, he talks about his Nigerian heritage a lot but where it matters he talks about being British representing Britain. The way Ruiz talks, you would think he had never even been to the USA.

    • Check a map, Andy lives within spitting distance of Mexico, it is the literally the same environment, same desert, split by a political line on a map. People in that region traveled back and forth through that area for centuries. He is American but he has more than enough right to lay claim to Mexican heritage (in the SW we refer to people of Mexican descent as Mexicans, not a pejorative, just a social indicator).

  • I see it ending in the same fashion as the first fight, probably earlier.
    AJ was being outboxed by a smaller man before he got lucky and connected on Ruiz. Ruiz got up and continued his assault until it was over. The problem is that AJ doesn’t fight tall and is slower in the inside than Ruiz. Ruiz by fifth round KO.

  • this fight is going to be a repeat,because i know jashau have not improved. his biggest flaw is his glass jaw. very weak.

  • This a complete different scenario now. On June 01 Joshua fought a wrong fight in some different ways. First, trying to impress in his USA debut, he, underestimating a good opponent in Ruiz, went carelessly greedy after knocking him down. Then, he forgot he was the bigger man and went toe to toe, pleasing Ruiz style and his game plan.
    This time we might see a more carefully Joshua trying to keep Ruiz at bay with long shots. Following with respect a well designed game plan. The problem though, is his stamina and the fact that he knows Ruiz can hurt him. Not a secret since his amateur days, how weak Joshua’s chin is, I believe if Ruiz can staggers him, in any round, the fight is over.
    I have the feeling Ruiz will prevail again. The only way I see Joshua winning is by a KO before the 5th, but I see Ruiz with more probability to achieve this

  • You can basically put Ruiz at number 12 on the one hit wonder list.
    1. Yuri Foreman
    2. Randi Turpin
    3. Sonny Boy Jaro
    4. Billy Backus
    5. Michael Bentt
    6. John Tate
    7. Montel Griffin
    8.Thomas Molinares
    9.Leon Spinks
    10.James Buster Douglas
    11. Haseem Rachman
    12. Andy Ruiz Jr.
    Granted he can fight, and with only one loss hes a proven fighter, but mainly against less than stellar opposition. Nice enough guy. Very respectable. But…………………its kinda like yeah Grampa was once heavyweight champ type things. That is for 6 months. Rocking his grandkid on his knee by the fireplace on Christmas eve type things.

    • Hahah You clearly don’t watch much boxing. Within the first 30 seconds it was easy to see Ruiz was the far more skilled fighter. I’ve been watching the guy fight for years and when it came time for the bell to ring I bet everyone in the room $100 Ruiz was going to win by KO. No one bet me unfortunately. Ruiz is a better boxer than all 11 of the other guys you listed. He will beat Joshua again and it will be by KO again. His head movement, speed, counters, constant pressure, defense are all too much for Joshua. He was coming forward while parrying Joshua’s punches with ease. Ruiz isn’t going anywhere and his only loss is a robbery to Joseph Parker who is also considered a good HW. I guarantee Ruiz wins the rematch, ESPECIALLY if the fight goes more than 6 rounds. Joshua will fade due to the constant pressure from Ruiz and he will be gasping for air all over again.

  • This press conference and fight is happening way too soon. I still feel the ripple effect of the ruiz ko in june. Joshua is not yet healed and will start to crumple at the first nanosecond of resistance from Ruiz. I’m not hating on aj ,he has the skills to best Ruiz, but the lad is rushing to quickly into this one.

  • Theoretically, Joshua could win from the outside. Inside or coming forward, he is asking for serious trouble. The problem is that fighting from the outside also requires being fully able to go the distance. On the other hand, Ruiz needs to be properly prepared and whether or not he will be remains to be seen. This makes the fight interesting although the boxers involved are not as far as I am concerned. Frankly, I hope Usyk eventually cleans out the division after adjusting to the new weight.

  • Ruiz can fight, he is not just fat guy with no punch and no stamina. Every fight i’ve seen him in, he always seems to have an answer for everyone.And I.M.O he edged Parker who is a tough fighter to beat. Joshua unless he is in the same form when he fought WLAD Klischko will lose this fight.

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