Rozicki edges Peralta in Nova Scotia

Former world title challenger Ryan Rozicki (15-1, 14 KOs) of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, decisioned previously unbeaten Yamil Alberto Peralta (13-1, 6 KOs) of Buenos Aires, Argentina, over ten rounds in Rozicki´s native Nova Scotia, Canada at the Centre 200 on Saturday night. Peralta boxed well early but Rozicki pressed hard down the stretch. The referee deducted a point from Peralta in round 10 for holding. There were no knockdowns. The offical scores read 97-93 and 95-94 for Rozicki and the other card had it 95-94 for Peralta. Rozicki won the WBC international cruiserweight title.

“After this win Rozicki should crack the WBC top 5. We are looking to take on another top-ranked boxer in the WBC. A shot at the title would be ideal. If that has to wait, our main target will be Chris Billiam Smith. I think it will make a great fight and let’s hope we can see that this year!!” said Rozicki’s promoter Dan Otter of Three Lions Promotions

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  • Lmao half the crowd left before the decision was announced and the other half who stayed were flabbergasted at the decision.

    I’ve seen robberies but that was flat out embarrassing, Ryan got pieced up and it wasn’t even competitive for the most part.

    This is why nobody takes boxing seriously anymore

  • my God… boxing will never change…. Peralta won by far…. just looking at the faces of the boxers… and Rozicky rasing the hand of Peralta…. the two jugdes that have seen winner Rosicky should be imprissioned….

  • Rozicki should have lost, and the fight was mightily underwhelming. Basically one guy running away, jabbing and holding on for dear life for all 10 rounds, while the other guy chased him around and was throwing bombs that hit nothing most of the time.
    Ps: the one judges scored the fight 97-93 which doesn’t even add up after points were deducted. Shame on the Judges, I know both men would like to run it back, Ryan Acknowledged that he should have lost and Peralta should deserve another shot.

  • well its a real shame that the fight went like that,no fault of rozicki.he is doing his best to get boxing up and running around here which is will not show up to see fights judged like that that.get back on the horse ryan,start training harder come back better,like you always do.we love you here in the cape brother.

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