Roy Jones Jr. targets Oscar de la Hoya

Coming off his draw with Mike Tyson, former world champion Roy Jones Jr. (66-9, 47 KOs) has let it be known that he is willing to battle Oscar De La Hoya (39-6, 30 KOs) in his return to the ring fight this summer on Triller.

“I spoke to Roy today and he is feeling great and is willing to fight Oscar De La Hoya,” said Alfy Smith, Roy Jones Jr.’s trainer. “I know that they never got to fight based off weight classes before, but now would be the perfect time to give the fans a great fight that they’d thought they would get to see. De La Hoya has one of the greatest left hooks in boxing history, Roy has a devastating hook as well, we shall see who will be the real “Captain Hook.

“The fans all over the world love Roy Jones Jr and Oscar De La Hoya. This is a great fight, an exciting matchup where you would only dream it up in a video game, now we have a chance to make it a reality. Roy is still active and training every day, he’s in tremendous shape and his speed is still crisp.”

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  • If people shelled out good money for Mayweather-McGregor and Tyson-Jones, these types of things were sure to follow. Understandable that guys like Barrera, De La Hoya, Jones, etc would want the spotlight, and maybe a good payday one last time. I personally have zero interest in seeing an eroded version of what these fighters once were, but the prospect of getting in the ring again has got to be exciting for them. There seems to be a market for this. If they can pass a physical, and all parties can make a buck off of it, this probably isn’t going away anytime soon….

    • Yes, we are hard core Boxing fans and we should boycott all these, so called exhibitions. It’s a disgrace to the profession. We need to stay on the traditional way we do things. It’s all about putting money in these X-fighters Pockets and we the fans suffer. It’s B.s…! Simple as that..! We don’t want to see fighters we put on the shelf..!
      It’s not right..! I want real up coming fighters..! You retired..! You made history..! Move on..!
      WHO CARES…! If you’re didn’t manage your money right, that’s o you..!
      Fans…! Boycott this BS…!

  • Geeze … Jones should fight Fres Oquendo for the heavyweight “title”. He’s probably still keen for a shot. I’m sure the WBA could come up with a new belt to pull in a few sanctioning fees.

    • As sure as the sun rises tomorrow, a new belt would be created, exactly as you stated. How they still exist is beyond reason.

  • Thing is that these events sell ! I don’t understand it myself. I mean even if Oscar had the best left hook ever he probably wouldn’t be able to use it due to the probable non KO clause.

  • Rafael Ruelas also announced this week his come back at 49 and would love a rematch with Oscar smh

    • Boy, I think the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many folks to do odd things. This whole “coming out of retirement” boxing thing is one of them.

  • So long as they continuously fight other old guys, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m not going to watch but I wish them the best. My concern is that one of them might beat 1 or 2 other old guys and then get the thought that they may want to actually try to compete at a world class level again. I think Sergio Martinez is about to try to do that – that’s a problem.

  • Instead of weight categories we now have age classes: Dela Hoya v Jones Jr for the catch-age title 43-53

  • Why? There´s no need for this. Narcissism is a medical condition that can´t be healed with dollars. DLH an Jones need to consult psychiatrists to be treated for their madness.

    • Slippy you know absolutely nothing about boxing. Roy Jones was a natural middleweight-light heavyweight. Oscar was a natural Lightweight-welterweight.

      Why doesn’t Jones go calling out light heavyweights-Cruiserweights? Since Tyson kicked Jones ass and got awarded with a dubious shady draw I think Jones is back to trying to pick fights with naturally smaller guys than himself. I remember his fight with the much smaller Felix Trinidad. Anyhow “Slippy” you really should stick to men’s figure skating or something that you actually know more about than boxing.

  • Side show ‘sport’ boxing is now. All these exhibition fights and they rarely stage a competitive super fight. Why don’t you just go ahead and be honest about how you think about the fans. And they wonder why nobody watches this sport anymore

    • True-sad that a sport comparable to two guys fighting in a bar is now more popular than boxing.

  • Fun facts. Pacquiao retired Oscar the very same day Tyson Fury went up in his first fight in a professional ring. A long time ago.

    If you’re old enough to remember that year you might recall how an Iraqi journalist throwed his shoe that missed President Bush, someone called Medvedev was elected President of Russia, Josef Fritzls crimes was revealed, Martti Ahtisaari received Nobel’s Peace Prize, Joe Biden was only 66 years old and Roy Jones Jr lost to Joe Calzaghe.

    All this is history. An exciting matchup? More a freak-show that smells of liniment

    • Figure in that Jones was considered over the hill at that point against the Welshman and had been brutalized by Tarver and Johnson. It’s crazy how long ago that was. He shouldn’t be near a ring really except announcing.

    • And Roy Jones was over 40 then! And still knocked down Zaggy. It’s truly over now though

      • I was thinking about Hopkins! Roy was 39 but both were way past it when they fought zaggy

  • They have got to stop saying Roy is coming off a draw with Tyson. If that were a real fight it could have ended whenever Tyson wanted to. He carried Jones and it wasnt a real fight or real judges.

  • Did Roys trainer say Roy was in tremdous shape. Yea, Round is a shape so i guess he wasnt lying lmao Roy was so out of shape in the Tyson fight.

  • We should use these fights as scientific proof how the human body breaks down after a certain age. What you will see in this fight, is two once phenomenally gifted athletes looking very ordinary, both in their performance and physical appearance. You hear all these guys in their late 40’s and 50’s on some new workout regimen and diet talking about how they look and feel better than they did in their 20 and 30’s. which is total bullshit- time waits for no man. But if they can make millions, they’d be crazy not to fight!


  • Roy is the wrong kind of fighter to be making a comeback. He relied heavily on his natural gifts of speed and reflexes, and was never the same after he aged and slowed down. In contrast, guys like Archie Moore, George Foreman, and B-Hop were able to use their skills and experience to compensate for the loss of speed with age.

  • If they want to do it fine, but these cards have to be supported by real fights too. There are so many fighters that have not fought for ages. They need to get out on the undercards of these matchups.


  • Can these guys just freaking stop it and sit their old posteriors down! They’re all millionaires! Why risk further brain damage?! It’s not like singing or golf. This is the hurt business! What’s next? Sponsored by Depends and Dentugrip?!

  • That’s a joke Roy looked terrible last time out looked like he was swimming on mushrooms lol he should fight Trinidad

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