Rosado aims to make Munguia pay for mistakes

Photo: Kevin Estrada/Golden Boy

Middleweight “King” Gabriel Rosado (26-13-1, 15 KOs), now  training alongside Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, hosted a media workout ahead of his showdown against Jaime Munguia (37-0, 30 KOs) on November 13th at Anaheim’s Honda Center.

Gabriel Rosado: “This fight means everything, this is the reason why I got with Freddie. It was to take it to the next level. I have always had the skill, have always had the ability, but I knew that for me to take it to that world class level I had to get with a trainer that knows what it takes to get there, guide me there, lead me there. Getting with Freddie is just bringing out the best of me.

“I feel like I am still 25, I feel great, I am blessed, I am healthy. In this fight he is the younger guy and I understand what it means to be the younger fighter. But I need to use my experience and my boxing ability to make him pay for his mistakes.

“You can teach a lot, but you can’t teach experience. I feel like I have fought the tougher fighters so I definitely have experience on my side. Like I said, I am healthy, I am strong. I am not fading. I am just getting better.

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  • I met Gabe at one of the fights that I attended. He was nice to me when I told him that I didn’t remember his name 🙂
    He appeared to be a decent person.
    Good luck, Gabe.

  • Rosado will win by KO or TKO. Mark my words.

    Speaketh … FJB.
    Fredrick J. Brandon III.

  • Gabe is a good counterpuncher with good pop. However, he’s facing a younger lion with a non-stop style made to pressure him from the start of the bell. Both fighters have faults in their styles, but I do feel Munguia’s youth and perseverance will push him over the edge for a victory. Gabe also tends to get battered up via face and often times bleeds. Hmmm, that’s not good especially if a punch causes the cuts and they can stop a fight.

    • Sadly, for Gabe, my head has to agree with you, but my heart, I’m rooting for an upset.

      • Jim, I think many folks feel the same as you. Gabe is a legit contender, brings a good fight, and loves to “bang” when push comes to shove. Plus, he’s got a decent personality. Many folks would love to see him upset the apple cart in this fight. Munguia’s style of fighting does not really totally impress everyone and some folks have felt he is protected by managers to make him marketable.

  • Bro it takes more than less than month learn the tricks of new trainer munguia is too skill and smart you big and strong but munguia has the skills of many years of boxing

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