Reynoso: I want to make Canelo vs GGG 3 in Mexico

By Hesiquio Balderas

“We would like to face Golovkin for a third time to close that chapter. I think we can make it happen,” said Eddy Reynoso, trainer/manager of undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. “I would like for Golovkin to come to Mexico. We can make that fight happen in Guadalajara or Mexico City.

“We hope to make it happen. He hasn’t mentioned Canelo’s name, he has a fight in December against Murata in Japan. We’ll see what happens in that fight and perhaps we can make Canelo vs. GGG 3 happen.”

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  • I would have to give the edge to Canelo if this third installment would take place. Why? Canelo is the fresher and younger fighter at this point. GGG’s “age” clock is ticking now and time is against him. Would be a good matchup, but I feel it should have happened a while back and not been pushed to later when GGG slowing down some in his career. Back in the heyday, De La Hoya was good at setting up Canelo with some good fighters, but they had issues like long inactivity, advanced aging, etc. so it would give Canelo the edge for a profitable and comfortable victory. I think Canelo’s team is using the same edge this time setting up the third fight with GGG. My 2 cents….

  • GGG is past it, really now. His last couple of fights he has not shown anything of what he used to be. A GGG fan, but he is past it now.

  • GGG is not meant to win. Is he even allowed to win? Also, GGG has passed his peak quite some time ago. Third fight proves nothing.
    If you understand that, it is enough not to take this probable future bid. Doubts already exist in this story. Another fight against Canelo will not result in anything good for GGG. Nothing at all. It will only serve as a cash cow for team Canelo and the manager for the event.

  • I thought they said that ship has already sailed?! Really!!! GGG looks like an old fighter and now this is who they want? So you won’t fight Benavidez because he’s Mexican, Andrade because he’s boring and Charlo because he’s what, black and explosive??!! WTF!! But yeah an old ass GGG makes sense. I GIVE UP!!!!!

  • So let me get this straight. Canelo was 160lb champ but gave up his title because he was afraid of GGG as he claimed he wasn’t true middleweight yet. Then in his very next fight he fights at 168lbs. finally fought GGG after he was past his prime and Got a BS draw in the first fight, won the second fight with GGG. Fast forward to now and Canelo is going to have his next fight at CRUISERWEIGHT, and then you want to fight GGG who will be 40yrs old and still 160ish pounds. Mr Reynoso, you and Canelo are first class douchebags!

    • It’s amazing how Canelo and team always take advantage of “Father Time”. GGG is no competition for Canelo. Please, go after bigger fish in their prime. Not over the hill fighters. This is why even the Mexican press criticizes Canelo for this. What a bunch of crock!! And no, Caleb Plant and B.J. Saunders were not even close to Canelo’s class.

    • If you can recall, I posted over a week ago that GGG will be his next fight. I also explained why. It’s not my fault you don’t listen and explains why you’re running around screaming WHY???

  • I have no interest in the GGG match and while beating a Cruiserweight would be impressive it’s not really what I want to see. Unless he decides to try to unify at Cruiser it’s just one more paper title. I’d prefer the can’t miss action of him an Benevidez and from there he can move up and try to unify at 175.

  • GGG has been one of my favorite fighters, at one time he was the most feared boxer in the sport and the man deserves much more respect than he has been given. Genady worked so hard to win over a Mexican fan following but fell short and was shunned, but one thing is undeniable is that he paved the way for great Eastern European fighters. Like other fighters including Victor postal and Lomachenko, they have all been victimized by greedy and unfair promotional maneuvers, my advise is to retire with dignity and avoid the rubbish.

  • Canelo is an excellent fighter but I just can’t give him full credit for what he has accomplished and is still trying to accomplish. He’s trying to be great but it seems he’s going around the real challenges. Too many question marks. Tricky match making and timing. If he’s so great, let’s see him fight the obvious fighters in the area of his weight class that the public really wants to see. Fighting GGG again is a joke. He is way past his prime and is Canelo going to drop down to 160…I doubt it. The more I think of all the maneuvering the angrier I get. I guess we all have to accept how things work in boxing these days….especially in Canelo’s case. I just can’t give him full credit.

  • for GGG-just find some good judges if it goes distance, and a ref from UK who likes to stop fight after 2-3 solid punches landing (about 1 combo). Then GGG will get a early stoppage or at least a possible fair decision. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad..

  • Never liked him to begin with but now I can say I actually hate Canelo. Dudes an absolute FRAUD!!! Total clown. It’s unfortunate that he fools the masses and the casual fans. Anyone who knows boxing can clearly see what he is doing.

    • I give him full credit for unifying the titles at 168. As much as I’d love to see him and Benevidez it doesn’t change that fact. No champion has done more in the last 18 months. Callum Smith, mandatory (I can’t remember the name, but was necessary to put all the belts together), Saunders and Plant. It might not have been the best Division in Boxing, but many flat avoided Saunders (who was undefeated) and let’s give Plant a touch of credit too (very good amateur pedigree and an undefeated champion), but many including me thought Smith was the best of all the title holders. Bottomline, Canelo deserves his due for unifying.

      As for my choice of opponent at 168 for him…Benevidez: lost his chance on the scale. And while I think it would be a very fun fight while it lasted, I’d still favor Canelo.

      As for jumping to Cruiser in hopes of winning another paper title, he’s probably earned that right in my mind, but even if he wins nobody will consider him that Division’s king. Now if he unifies at Cruiser…come on, even you’d have to give a 5’7″ guy his due at that point!

      • Scott: i agree my dude. I agree 100% i like to see Benavidez as well but lets be honest. What the F$%k is Benavidez still doing at super middle. The dude is clearly a LH. Seeing his last few weighins, it proves it. He shld be fighting a Bivol/Beterbiev. Not sure why he is hanging out in the SM div. What does he have to prove there? He needs to stop chasing hopes n dreams and look out for himself right now

  • GGG may as well just take the purse and give Canelo the official third fight victory if he takes this fight in Mexico. The NABE is relentless in their bias, aren’t they? Nobody wants to go to Mexico and fight.

  • WHY!! This look like a dodge move to me. What is the point in knocking out an old man who weights 160? Fight guys in their prime like Charlo and Benevidez. Canelo opted to fight Benevidez for the WBC title but when he lost it due to weight issues Canelo lobbied to fight for the vacant title. DODGE MOVE!! Nobody wants to see him knockout an aging GGG.

  • GGG just needs to leave Canelo alone and try to unify the 160lb division then retire

  • At 168, do not send in the 39 year old gazelle (GGG) against a hungry lion (Canelo)…”ain’t” a healthy move for GGG.

  • Ggg is to old now. Of course that is why he wants to fight. Look at canelos next fight. Fighting a cruiserweight in the only division that starts at 190 pounds who is also old. Going to make him lose 10 more pounds so he won’t be as strong. So disappointing.

    • If GGG is too old, he sbld retire. If he wants to jeep fighting that is his choice. He doesnt fight for love and pride, the dude now fights for money and money only!! Otherwise he wld already have fought either Charlo or andrade. Sorry guys, GGG is no longer the real deal.

  • wow. a little late.. not really necessary.. GGG past his best at 40+ yrs old. and probably at too heavy a weight for ggg? pass

  • We do not want to see a ggg trilogy at least I don’t ggg will be 40 years old by the time they fight!!! Clear win for canelo like all his other orchestrated fights

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