Reynoso: We will beat Makabu for the cruiser title

By Hesiquio Balderas

“We will have a great fight plan,” said Eddy Reynoso. “We have great possibilities to win. Working intelligently, we will work on the fitness part of boxing, training with weight, a different program.

“We know we can win this fight, to take this fight for the cruiserweight championship is a huge step in Saul’s career it will make him a five-division world champion. We take the fight because we like new challenges and we know we can win this fight.

“Saul has always been a very gifted human being. He is very strong. And after this fight we will continue to go up and down in weight. That’s the advantage when you’re a fighter that has discipline like Saul does.

“We have knockouts in all weight divisions we have gone through. 154, 160, 168 and 175 Canelo has carried the power at every single weight class.

“Saul respects the choices I make. We take them as a team and he is confident that we can beat the champion, that’s why we are asking for the fight.”

“Makabu is a strong fighter. He is a good champion, goes forward, punches hard, but we can do it, I have faith in him, we have been sparring with heavyweights and we have been doing good with them. Canelo is very strong.”

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  • And then go to heavyweight to fight Manuel Charr for the WBA “regular” heavyweight title.

  • “we have been sparring with heavyweights and we have been doing good with them”

    It crossed my mind that they may be eyeing Usyk if all goes well with Makabu. I can see Heavyweight being a one shot deal for Canelo, ala Roy Jones-John Ruiz. It would be a no-lose situation for Canelo. Also, the WBC probably loves the idea of Canelo giving credibility to their Bridgerweight experiment. They gave Ryan Rozicki a crack at that belt, so they damn sure would be happy to do the same for Canelo. I’m sure Canelo likes the idea of becoming a 6-division champion. Hard to imagine him at 5’8″ 200+ pounds though.

  • Just fight Benevidez already. That’s the fight fans want. Just another fantasy accomplishment. Why would the WBC sanction this? Total joke fight. Jump up two weights to the front of the line?

    • why wont Benavidez just fight Bivol or Beterbeiv at 175lbs he sure as hell cant make 168 i mean win a big fight against an elite level fighter first give people outside his gym to think he has a chance

  • Makubu vs Canelo is a super interesting fight. Makuba is technically flawed but comes to fight and if he can reach Canelo’s chin…?

  • This belt is meaningless. Fans wanna see Canelo vs. Benavidez, not some sort of Canelo Benefit Night against an unknown. No one even knows who Makabu is! I’m starting to wonder if Canelo’s team is ducking Benavidez?

    • Unkown to you, maybe. Makabu is an established, highly ranked fighter. He’s pretty slow and predictable, but he can bring it. And these days slow and predictable describes most “title” holders.

      Should be entertaining.

  • Reynoso like the cherrie pick for Canelo why he no pick Beterbiev he know Canelo can beat Makabu

  • Not saluted. Cherry picking at its best by fighting the vacant champ that no one has ever heard of before. Furthermore If he’s planning to put on 30+lbs of muscle in less than a year (which is impossible naturally) you know he’s a drug cheat on roids, human growth hormone; god knows what else.

  • Another example of why the eight weight divisions were good-you were not able to move to a division a few pounds away and avoid people in your division.

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