Lomachenko edges Ortiz

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Unbeaten lightweight Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz (16-1-1, 8 KOs) nearly spoiled the long-awaited ring return of former three-division world champion Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) on Saturday night before a crowd of 4,586 inside the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Ortiz gave 25:1 favorite Loma all kinds of early problems with his speed and mobility. The former champ quickly had noticable bruising under his right eye. After six rounds, Ortiz was up by two points on one card and the other two were even. However, after that two of the judges had Lomachenko sweeping the final six rounds and all three had Loma pulling away to win 115-113, 116-112, 117-111.

“I’m happy. I’m happy to come back in the ring and make this a great show. Thank you to my fans for the support,” commented Lomachenko afterward. “You know what motivated me? Four belts! …look, I’m ready. I’m ready for any option.”

Undisputedlightweight champion Devin Haney was in attendance. “I think it wasn’t the best performance,” said Haney, “but I know if me and Loma were to fight, we’d see a better version on the night. Congratulations, and hopefully we can get it on.”

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum stated, “The fight to make in the lightweight division is Haney versus Lomachenko, and we will do everything we can to make the undisputed championship showdown that all fight fans want to see. They are the world’s premier lightweights, and it would be a fantastic battle.”

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In the co-feature, WBO #3 featherweight Robeisy Ramirez (11-1, 7 KOs), a two-tome Olympic gold medalist), stopped late sub Jose Matias Romero (26-3, 9 KOs) in round nine. Ramirez dropped Romero in round one, then cruised for seven workmanlike rounds before wobbling Romero and getting a referee’s stoppage in round nine. Time was 2:20. Ramirez may now face #1 Isaac Dogboe for the WBO belt when current champion Emanuel Navarrete moves up to 130.

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Unbeaten 2020 Olympian super heavyweight silver medalist Richard Torrez Jr. (4-0, 4 KOs) scored a third round KO against Ahmed Hefny (13-3, 5 KOs). Torrez dropped Hefny in both rounds one and two, then got the stoppage after another knockdown in round three. Time was 2:32.

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Unbeaten 2020 Olympic silver medalist Duke Ragan (8-0, 1 KO) took an eight round unanimous decision against Luis Lebron (18-5-1, 11 KOs) in a jr welterweight bout. Regan survived getting buzzed in round seven to win by scores of 77-75, 78-74, 79-73.

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Unbeaten middleweight Nico Ali Walsh (7-0, 5 KOs), grandson of all-time great Muhammad Ali, had to work harder than expected to take a six round unanimous decision over unheralded Billy Wagner (5-3, 1 KO). Scores were 58-56, 58-56, 59-55.

Unbeaten 2020 Olympian jr welterweight Tiger Johnson (6-0, 4 KOs) went six against Esteban Garcia (15-2, 7 KOs). Scores were 60-54 3x for Tiger.

Unbeaten 2020 Olympian middleweight Troy Isley (8-0, 4 KOs) defeated Quincy Lavallais (14-4-1, 9 KOs) over eight rounds by scores of 79-73, 80-72, 80-72.

Unbeaten lightweight blue-chipper Abdullah Mason (5-0, 4 KOs) stopped previously unbeaten Angel Barrera (4-1, 0 KOs). Mason dropped Barrera twice in round three and got a referee’s stoppage at :21 of round four.

Unbeaten jr lightweight Haven Brady Jr (8-0, 4 KOs) outscored Eric Mondragon (7-1-1, 4 KOs) over eight round by scores of 78-74, 79-73, 79-73.

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Zepeda defeats Diaz in slugfest

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  • Don’t think I’ve EVER seen a referee who was THAT strict when it came to clinches. Hefny tried to hold a few times when he was in trouble, and Mercante gave an immediate warning, then another, the a deduction. Just couldn’t wait to penalize the guy. I thought tying up in that situation was part of the game and that Hefny was doing the right thing. Kinda prefer the ref to just fade into the background once the fight starts. Mercante made himself the star of the damn show.

    • Lima has only had 19 fights this being number 19 and he over the hill already? He’s not over the hill, he’s just fighting better fighters. Teo exposed his weaknesses. Lima is still the same guy, it’s just that he is facing better fighters.

      • Loma was past it when he turned pro. I followed a lot of his amateur career and his best stuff was there. Period.

      • Lomachenko started his career late because of his close to 400 fights as an amateur. All those training sessions and sparring throughout your career will take a toll on you no matter how talented. He’s 34 years old, which under natural circumstances, is the beginning of the end for most fighters. Plus he has not fought in well over a year and is going at it in at a higher weight.

      • Wow you know your boxing lol ! Loma is one of the best amateur/pro boxer ever and you are a fool to make such a statement.

      • He’s almost 35 and fighting guys bigger than him. The fact he has only 19 fights is irrelevant. He had basically 2 amateur careers. Age has gotten to him since he can’t go 12 rounds anymore. He rests and covers for a few rounds then comes on. A lot of guys he can get away with that. Not Haney

        • I totally agree with you about Loma’s size. He was an assassin at 130 and he surely could still make that weight. I thought Ortiz looked like a JR Welterweight . It’s amazing the difference that extra 5 pounds makes.

          I think if Loma fought in his more size appropriate Division, then you’d see he’s not nearly as aged as some on here think. And, he always was a fighter who started slow and came on strong.

  • So every fight so far has ended exactly the way it was set up to do so. Its not only pro wrestling that the results of a match is determined BEFORE its happened.

    • The Ragan / Lebron fight was a joke. The scores were a joke. The officiating was a joke. Every time Ragan got popped, he spit his mouthpiece. That was the refs due to give him a minute to recover. Lebron needed to knock him out 3 times to get a draw. Shameful.

  • Loma no longer a top 10 P4P fighter. Gets hit way too much. Don’t think he can beat any of the better fighters at 135. Just my opinion.

    • Was thinking the same. Don’t think he has it in him anymore to get by Haney, which is probably next for him. Age is catching up with him…

      • @Dee Yes he did, especially next to Haney post fight. I thought Loma just squeaked by Ortiz…..the 115-113 card sounded about right to me. Haney’s probably peaking right about now, and Loma’s not getting any younger. Haney 8-4 or 9-3 wouldn’t surprise me.

        • If Loma looked to be his old self, Haney would have moved up to 140 before this thread even opened. If Haney does not extend his contract with Arum and I have no idea what’s going on with that situation, we might get Stevenson vs Haney, which will end with the same result: Haney moving up to 140. I say this because we get screwed out big fights with boxers avoiding big fights and promoters who try to keep the belts in-house.

      • Absolutely looked very small. Idk if he could take Tank’s power. He really got hit a lot tonight. I would pick Tank over him now for sure. I also see Haney using his size and length to win. His best option is probably a big money fight against Ryan Garcia. That to me is a more winnable fight for Loma but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost.

    • Forget about his P4P ranking but I agree he will struggle with e.g. Haney and probably lose.

    • Yes he is. How about the clear fact that Ortiz is good, and despite being great, Loma is human.

  • Loma ain’t over the hill yet, but he’s over the top of it, so it’s only downhill from there. This boy he fought tonight was OK, but not a puncher. Looked a lot bigger than Loma, but not as big as Haney looked. Haney will KO Loma, I believe. Loma’s just too small for these bigger framed guys. He won this fight rather easily though, I thought.

  • Loma was done at top level several years ago and tonight just proved that he’s not close to what he once was. Haney would have not only had a smaller Lomachenko in his prime, he’ll now have a small and shot version.

      • @Ajay He had a ton of mileage on him coming into tonight, and just went through another tough 12 rounder. He had 397 amateur fights, and he’ll be 35 by his next fight. He’s certainly past his best, and is very small at 135. Haney will be getting a very shop worn version of Loma.

        • Thank you for explaining it to him. I don’t have the patience for low IQ people anymore. I’m spent

          • He’s not as far gone as Sugar Ray Leonard was against Terry Norris, but he’s slipped noticeably IMO

  • Lomachenko might as well step up and take the L from Haney. I KNOW that fight won’t happen now. People will say he was old but keep in mind Loma dodged a 20 year old Haney.

    • Dodged? Where are you getting that from? Let’s see if the fight happens. I believe it will.

      • Yes he dodged Haney, Haney was his mandatory and he petitioned to the WBC to be super champion which allowed him to not have to fight his mandatory.

        • Nope, no fighters have petitioned the WBC to come up with another belt. Stop making things up and spreading misinformation.

          • That’s not the point. Haney was Lomachenko’s mandatory and he dodged Haney. Why didn’t the fight occur if it wasn’t a dodge move?

          • To Chris the natural!!!! WOW) WBC PREZ ADMITS CANELO & LOMA REQUESTED FRANCHISE AND THEY’RE NO LONGER CHAMPIONS….. type that in on YouTube and you’ll here the WBC president Mauricio Sauliman explains they asked to be franchise Which allows them to not have to fight their mandatory

      • Devin Haney was his mandatory 3 years ago. Lomachenko wanted no parts of Haney. He dodged him. Do your research then talk to me.

    • So fighters that have not earned a title shot are dodged if not given one? I thought it was more along the lines of moving up in ranks and then earning the right to fight for the title.

      • How did he not earn a title fight if he was his mandatory? Doesn’t that mean he beat everyone necessary to be Loma mandatory?

        • The people mentioning Haney being dodged was a proposed fight 3 years ago. What had Haney accomplished 3 years ago besides daddy lobbying for him big time in the background? Nothing. The fight was pointless back then. In retrospect, sure, but retrospect is a mofo.

          • Its always “pointless” when your man is doing the dodging. It means the governing bodies have decided Haney is up next for a title shot. Lomachenko has never stepped aside from a mandatory and suddenly he decided to side step. Its not like he was moving up in weight. Post fight he was making excuses about Haney’s size when he was MUCH LARGER against Rigo and Axe-Man. Your man Lomachenko isn’t what you thought he was. He’s dodger until he steps up and faces Haney like he should have 3 years ago.

    • No, he did not. Haney tried to make that fight when Lomachenko already had the Luke Campbell fight lined up. But you’re going to have your racist narrative.

      • Stop playing the RACE CARD and making excuses. You’re literally the one who brought up “race.” Ok, what happened after the Luke Campbell fight that Lomachenko didn’t follow up with Haney? I’m sick of you people bringing up race whenever something doesn’t go your way. Lomachenko is a dodger. You can tell by his post fight interview he wanted nothing to do with Haney. He makes an excuses about “heavyweight” but had no problem fighting a much smaller Guillermo Rigondeaux. He dodged Haney 3 years ago because he knew he couldn’t win and he still knows he can’t win. What excuses are there now that Haney beat Kam and Loma won this fight? When was the last time you seen a champ chasing down opponents? Haney wants the fight CLEARLY.

        • Actually Loma is on video prior to the rigo fight saying he that he himself was too big for rigo and that rigo was not a challenge. Loma has done nothing except take on the biggest challenges since he turned pro including moving up in weight for harder challenges. You remind of the floyd haters!!

          Talent is talent. Don’t hate appreciate. Loma is an all time great.

  • Loma now will not beat any of the top Lightweights nor would he had beat them a couple of years ago, just ask Orlando Salido and Teo Lopez.

    • Lopez has a legitimate victory but salido? Are you still banging that same racist drum you were many years ago? I guess you still haven’t gotten over the beating Loma gave your homeboy Gary Russell Jr, huh?

      • Not sure what your talking about, Chris, but apparently you don’t know what racism is, nor do you know boxing. Using your logic and others that share a similar mindset to you, Russell was too small for Loma.

  • This fight was telling.

    Always felt questionable about Loma in this weight class. His weight gain came far too quickly. The suit is too big. Also with the weight gain he has lost a lot of his speed and mobility.

    If Loma is going to challenge the top in this weight class, he needs to be matched harder and have the absolute best quality of his sparring.

    Loma is not ready for Haney, Tanks nor Garcia.

    In addition, age, motivation and what is happening in his country may mean that he will never be.

    • this Russian hate is stupid. Nazis suck. He fucked up. His career is over.

      • kurtis B gaskin: Yep how dare the ‘Nazis’ live and defend themselves in their own country against the invading Russians.
        You are an idiot.

      • I have Russian roots. I was 11 years old when I finally got another citizenship.

        No I don’t hate Russia, nor the Russian culture, nor the Russian brave people but I strongly question the Russian leadership.

        And why don’t you address the Nazi problems within parts of the Russian forces?

        I think the invasion of Ukraine is wrong, not only wrong but illegal, I think the killing and all the rapes are wrong, as well as the constant threats to use nuclear weapons, as well as the use of military weapons which are illegal, I also think the constant threats to countries bordering Russia is wrong, as is the fact that Russian state television openly talks about invading other countries, or parts of other countries’ territory.

        The fact that I criticize it and think that it is obvious that Ukraine has its right to defend itself does not make me a Russian hater.

        On the contrary, I love a lot of Russia but am more than happy to criticize its villainous leadership, just as I criticized the leadership during the communist era without being called a Russian hater.

        In conclusion, to be extra clear, I have also criticized the US’s illegal invasion of, for example, Iraq, and I am happy to point out how American foreign policy has destabilized the world.

        This fact does not give the Russian leadership the right to behave as they are now doing in Ukraine.

        • Your post starts off with good enough intentions, but then you go off on this MSNBC style misinformation campaign rant like some scorned tik tok girl. Get a life kid.

          • For the record, I have never watched MSNBC, nor FOX, even though I know what these two channels stand for and represent in the US.

          • Dude you talk about “race” and make stereotypical comments toward other posters when you can’t win a logical argument. You’re a total hypocrite. You’re a racist giving someone a morality speech. The irony…

          • I assume that your comment was not for me, but if it was, please specify and I will try to answer

  • Loma is on the back 9 and should retire. Do something else with his life. He can no longer be taken seriously as a legitimate lightweight. His days are over. We all now know Loma is washed up, and Lopez is not all that and a bag of chips.

  • Loma didn’t perform in his usual fashion this time after being absent for awhile, but will be back in excellent form when he takes on Haney.

  • loma is back for how long who knows he beat down ortiz a bigger stronger young prospect he is just getting ready for haney which will be a good fight ortiz should fight navarrete loma still has speed footwork motivation to beat haney in a close fight

  • Age has catch up with Loma and he’s too small for the division… I don’t wanna see him lose against guy’s he would’ve beat in his prime.. Take the fight against Haney for the paycheck and hang them up for good Loma..

    • I don’t think there’s that big of a paycheck for fighting Haney and at this late stage of his career, it’s not a winnable fight. I would like to see the Ukrainian retire now, but he won’t as he is stubborn.

  • Well since Loma has already achieved what no other fighter before has ever done,i’d say that is an AMAZING task in itself.now consider not even Robinson,Hagler,Leonard,Holyfield,Tyson etc has done what Loma has.Ask yourself who in the history of the game besides Loma has since his 1st pro fight fought and defeated champions and more champions? Now since the answer is ONLY LOMA,we now have to ask ourselves can Loma be a success in a division that is at least 3 divisions higher than when he started out? Haney,and other lightweights will most certainly be bigger, probably stronger than Loma,the real question is this, can Loma bring his incredible timing and boxing I.Q into this division of bigger,probably stronger younger guys? One thing is for sure, Loma will fight anyone, and he wants Haney for certain. Time will tell us what will be, and Loma will no matter what happens, go down as one of all time greats, a man who NEVER back away from fighting anyone.

  • Loma looked better than all these fake ass champs holding his belts. Haney is coming to run away. If he stays in the pocket loma slaps him up.

  • Lomo is slipping into Russian blah blah. The ukrain Nazis are shit. IF Lomo keeps this crap up he is finished. He looked like a regular fighter. Meh…he is done.

  • Always appreciate Lomachenko, and glad he was able to pull out this win against a tough opponent. He hasn’t been active because of what’s happening in Ukraine, but he’s the kind of humble, gifted, tough, smart fighter I appreciate.

  • Loma def won the fight, 115-113 but 117-111, please don’t let him/her judge a fight ever again, Ortiz def won 4 rounds

  • Loma is a natural featherweight. These guys are 2 big for him at 135. Look at the size difference when Haney was in the ring. He needs to drop down in weight. He cannot beat Haney or Stevens at 135. He can only go so far on technique and experience. He is also getting a little long in the tooth.


  • I have to imagine Haney will be a little more inclined to fight Loma now. I’d like to see that fight happen. I think it would be competitive and it would be a good measuring stick to tell where Haney and Loma are really at as well.

  • I agree with Chalf. Loma is just too small, not big enough frame to put on enough weight to compete with Haney and other top lightweights. His power is just not there to compete with these bigger guys, imo. I think he needs to drop back down in weight. Less money, but winnable fights.

  • >