Madrimov-Soro ends in technical draw

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

A rematch and WBA super welterweight eliminator between Israil Madrimov (8-0-1, 6 KOs) and Michel Soro (35-3-2, 24 KOs) ended in a technical draw after Soro was cut by an unintentional headbutt at :5 of round three on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London. Madrimov rattled Soro in round two, but the premature end prevented a clear conclusion. The cut didn’t seem that bad. This rematch was ordered after Madrimov got a controversial referee’s stoppage in their first fight.

Unbeaten heavyweight Fabio Wardley (14-0, 13 KOs) steamrolled late sub Chris Healey (9-10, 2 KOs) in less than two rounds. Wardley dropped Healy in round one and blasted him to the canvas again 40 seconds into round two to end it.

Unbeaten super welterweight Caoimhin Agyarko (12-0, 7 KOs) outpointed Lukasz Maciec (28-5-1, 5 KOs) over ten workmanlike rounds to claim the vacant WBA international title. Scores were 100-90, 100-90, 99-93.

Unbeaten female super bantamweight Ramla Ali (6-0, 1 KO) outpointed Agustina Rojas (6-2, 0 KOs) over eight rounds. Score was 80-72.

Heavyweight Solomon Dacres (3-0, 1 KO) outpointed Kevin Nicolas Espindola (7-4, 2 KOs) over eight rounds by a score of 80-72.

Super bantamweight Yousuf Ibrahim (2-0, 0 KOs) outpointed Francisco Rodriguez (1-7, 1 KO) over four rounds 40-36.

A clash between unbeaten middleweight Felix Cash (15-0, 10 KOs) and Vaughn Alexander (17-6-1, 10 KOs) was scrapped when Cash fell ill on fight day.

Chisora defeats Pulev by split decision
Malindi retains SA title on a split decision

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  • Wow. Watching this ladies fight, Rojas Vs Ali, and I’ll tell you. I’ve seen better 7 year olds. No kidding. Embarrassed for them.

  • Madrimov – Soro is just cursed! It just is. They’re going to end up having the strangest trilogy in the history of the sport.

  • If they fight again it would be a strange trilogy. But I believe the Terry Norris-Luis Santana one was the strangest with the two DQs.

    • Yes Ed. I think you’re right. I remember that trilogy. I was disappointed with Terry at the first DQ and then outraged at the second.

    • Good one Ed! A journeyman defeats a hall of famer twice by DQ. If Madrimov & Soto do it again without a conclusive result then I think it’ll be stranger, but after the first two, I think you have the strangest there.

      • Terry was also DQ’d early in his career for blasting Joe Walker when he was down. Also nailed both Sugar Ray Leonard & Donald Curry when they were down, but got away with it. I think it’s safe to say his impulse control wasn’t what it should have been.

        • Oh yeah Terry had issues USF. One of the greatest offensive fighters that ever existed, but he didn’t have the greatest chin and he had….. impulse control issues, let’s say. I remember the second Santana fight and I think the ref was Kenny Bayless. He broke them up at the end of the round and Terry reached around Bayless, after the bell, and flattened Santana.

          • Santana actually got the W twice against Norris, and went out on a stretcher on both occasions. That’s got to be the first and only time such a situation has ever happened.

            @Lucie Getting way off topic here, and I seriously doubt anybody gives a shyt, but I visited family in Ann Arbor, Michigan a few weeks ago. Went to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market there, and I saw a familiar face selling miniature pies. Took a minute to hit me, but I remembered her face from seeing her on TV back in the day. Told the three people I was with, “That’s James Toney’s Mother”. They had no idea who Toney was, but we stopped and chatted for a minute. Just throwing it out there since I know JT is one of your favorites. Super lady btw….

          • Damn! I remember hearing she had a bakery or something like that. I remember watching an old fight and Jim Lampley said Toney came to the pre fight interview and his mom came with him and brought them all pastries.
            Toney’s my favorite ever USF. Great story!

          • I saw that too. It was one of the pre-fight stories they did of the fighters on HBO back then. She was kind of featured along with James in one of them, and that, along with the pies helped me to realize who she was. My Brother and his wife go to that market most weekends and said he sees her there often, but had no idea who she (or James) was. Meant to say ” Super NICE lady” in the previous post”.

          • Sad that the organizations running boxing with their never ending divisions and champions have made the sport irrelevant to most.

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