Teofimo defeats Ortiz in snoozer

Super Bowl weekend kicked off in Las Vegas with WBO junior welterweight champion Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (19-1, 13 KOs) taking a twelve round unanimous decision against Jamaine Ortiz (17-1-1, 8 KOs) on Thursday night at the Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Lopez stalked Ortiz, who stayed out of range and frustrated Lopez. Ortiz was cut by an accidental headbutt in round seven. Lopez continued to press while Ortiz had little offense in response. In the end, scores were 117-111, 115-113, 115-113. Not a fan-friendly fight.

Teofimo Lopez Vs Jamaine Ortiz Action21
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

U.S. Olympic silver medalist Keyshawn Davis (10-0, 7 KOs) dominated and stopped former two-division world champion Jose “Sniper” Pedraza (29-6-1, 14 KOs). Davis was fast and accurate, hitting Pedraza almost at will. Finally waved off by the ref in round six. Time was 1:09.
Keyshawn Davis Vs Jose Pedraza Action18
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In the most impressive performance of the night, unbeaten lightweight Abdullah Mason (12-0, 10 KOs) crushed Benjamin Gurment (8-1-3, 5 KOs) in round two. Gurment down twice. Another highlight reel KO for Mason.

Lightweight Rene Tellez Giron (19-3, 12 KOs) scored an eight round unanimous decision over George “YuYu” Acosta (17-2, 3 KOs). Scores were 79-72, 78-73, 76-75. This was an upset.

Unbeaten middleweight Javier “Milwaukee Made” Martinez (10-0-1, 3 KOs) scored a hard fought eight round unanimous decision over Raul Salomon (12-3, 10 KOs). Scores were 79-73, 78-74, 78-74.

Unbeaten lightweight Charlie Sheehy (9-0, 5 KOs) shut out Abdel Sauceda (12-4, 8 KOs) over eight rounds 80-72 3x.

Unbeaten lightweight Alan “Kid Kansas” Garcia (11-0, 9 KOs) destroyed Tomas Ornelas (7-4, 5 KOs) in the first round.

Heavyweight Lemir Isom-Riley (4-2, 1 KO) stopped Antonio Zepeda (6-2, 6 KOs) in Round three. Zepeda down twice.

DAZN Weights from London
Sheeraz-Williams Final Press Conference

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  • Mason KO with his left hand in the 2nd round was brutal, lethal, and special.
    It is just a matter of time for Mason to be a champion and possibly and A side

    • I’m here at the fights. How did Mason not win Prospect of the Year? He looks to be the real deal!

      • Mason has been beating up world champions and top contenders in the Vegas gyms since he was 17. He’s about as close to a can’t miss prospect as can be. Stone killer. I make him a favorite over Shakur right now. But no way that fight ever happens.

  • Full credit to Davis on the win. As usual he had some moments of brilliance, but this probably should be the end of the line for Pedraza. Apparently left his jab at home for some reason tonight.

  • Pedraza had absolutely no power on his punches. The fight had way too much holding. I found it difficult to watch.

  • Another premature bullshit stoppage! Davis can’t crack an egg!!!! Pedraza wasn’t hurt!

    • It sure if you caught it, but the referee said “show me something” a couple of times. Pedraza did not, so he stopped it. If the referee tells you to start fighting back and you don’t, that’s on the fighter in my opinion.

  • Just watch the keyshawn Davis fight. Now getting ready for the main event and hoping to see big mouth. Lopez get knocked on his a**

  • Everyone at the Michelob Ultra Arena is booing this garbage. Every round the boring same: Lopez chasing Ortiz all around the ring. Duran would’ve knocked out the Honduran & Puerto Rican on the same night!

    • Didn’t Duran quit against a boxer mover? Yes, he sure did say NO MÁS against Sugar Ray. So you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • You mean the same Duran who was beaten up by Kirkland Laing, who came in at 3 weeks notice? You certainly don’t mean the same Duran who had to hit Ken Buchanan in the nuts to defeat him in the MSG, then run away from the return( Fury Stylie), you definitely don’t mean the same Duran who lost his 0 to the Puerto RIcan cocaine addict, and almost got knocked out in the return in Panama, not the same Duran who was knocked cold, face first by Hearns and finally you not talking about the same fellow who cried ” No Mas”surely.

      • Yep Roots…that Duran…and Duran is still one of the baddest mfers to ever …ever…grace the ring….when you are as great as Duran is….you don’t have to boast or brag…and guess what Roots…when you great…your haters will know and point out your shortcoming..All the great ones had them….Ali…Ray Robinson…Ray Leonard….Foreman….

      • That same duran would have smoked any of your favorite fighters between 130 and 140 when he was at his peak.

    • Lopez should take lessons from Duran on cutting the ring.,so should a lot of other fighters

      • Agree ED….watch Chavez…also…and old George Foreman…yes Old George Foreman…timing is everything…Lopez should thank Ortiz for giving him real time experience with this style…both Haney and Shakur use this style…except they generate offense… Lopez stop complaining and get in the gym…your competition is watching….they will exploit this…

  • what a boring fight this is. lopez vs ortiz. i feel like im watching shakur stevensons fight. yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn

  • I don’t think Davis proved anything tonight. Pedraza walked right in the whole fight. He practically begged Davis to knock him out. Still not convinced.

  • Ortiz lost it more than Lopez won it. He will have nightmares over the one he let slip away.

  • Lopez definitely lost that fight!!! Very boring and he has no chance against Haney and I’m leaning towards Ryan over him too.

  • Horrible style of boxing. But Teo win and let’s see who he fights next? Ryan Garcia?

  • Hard to complain about Lopez getting the decision as he was the only one throwing punches, but he cannot cut off the ring. He did nothing to suggest that he should get matched with Bud as was suggested in the build up.

    Haney to me looks like the best 140 lbs belt holder at the moment on the strength of his master class against Prograis where he actually landed shots.

  • If you ever wonder why boxing has virtually a non-existent fan base, watch a replay of Lopez-Ortiz. Boxing had an opportunity to win new fans over a Super Bowl weekend and instead, the arena will have to be fumigated.

    • Great observation, Bruce! Why on earth did Top Rank put on this lousy matchup for such a large crowd and a worldwide TV audience. This was the worst main event I’ve ever attended! Can’t wait to be back in LA this Saturday for some good ol’ Mexican slugfests!!!

  • Im super disappointed on Ortiz
    He should fight against Usain Bolt or retire like shakur sleeperson

    Teófimo had no obligation of chasing him all night but as a warrior he did his job

    I’m glad Teófimo won because when he fights a real boxer it will be a great fight

    Congratulations Teófimo
    You cocky but you great

    • Ortiz was under no obligation to Stand toe to toe and slug it out with Lopez. It’s funny when pernell Whitaker fought like that for years he was a “slick” boxer. Ortiz does it and he’s a runner. The bottom line is Lopez didn’t know how to cut off the ring. He didn’t land anything of substance, he was countered alot and acted like the usual clown that he is. Buuut he’s bought and paid for by espn so their cheerleaders, ummm I mean commentators will hype him and he’ll get the gift decision. 117-111 is a terrible score card.

  • Remember Ortiz is called the technician not the Killa. He boxed his way to a win, in my opinion. Can’t compare Haney or Garcia to Ortiz. I think they engage than Ortiz. 117-111, hmmm.

    • Technician runnichian whatever his nickname is , it does not mean Teófimo had to chase him all night
      He can get any boxing style as long as he fights not run

  • Terrible fight, BUT Ortiz won. It’s called boxing not slugging.

    Bradley is a JOKE as a commentator. He was on Lopez’ nuts until the 1st unofficial scorecard was posted then his whole commentary changed up.

  • Styles make fights and these two did not mesh well in the entertainment category
    117-11 is absurd
    We gotta keep in mind that judges are unpredictable and only they know why they scored a point for one guy or another
    115-113 is more acceptable
    Teo was aggressive and tried to make it a fight and entertain but Ortiz had a great game plan but I believe his lack of power did not help
    Had Teo been bruised, swollen or cut up due to Ortiz punches then yes Ortiz would have won
    But although Teo could not catch up and properly connect on Ortiz he did not stop being the aggressor and when he did land he had the more impactful result

  • Styles make fights and these two did not mesh well in the entertainment category
    117-11 is absurd
    We gotta keep in mind that judges are unpredictable and only they know why they scored a point for one guy or another
    115-113 is more acceptable
    Teo was aggressive and tried to make it a fight and entertain but Ortiz had a great game plan but I believe his lack of power did not help
    Had Teo been bruised, swollen or cut up due to Ortiz punches then yes Ortiz would have won
    But although Teo could not catch up and properly connect on Ortiz he did not stop being the aggressor and when he did land he had the more impactful result
    Now watch how quickly everybody is going to call out Teo after this performance, could be click bait who knows

  • Another clear robbery. I had it 7-3-2 for Ortiz. Like Bradley asked, how could anyone possibly find seven rounds to give to Lopez??? Ridiculous. Jamaine Ortiz is the uncrowned champion.

  • Ortiz did not even win a round he barely landed and when he did it he just threw slaps

    It was a bog dominion by Teófimo

    • Tell us you don’t know anything about boxing without telling us. Dude just go back go the mma

  • I doubt if I watch another Vegas fight. I don’t like robberies, and this was one. Not a big robbery, but a robbery, nontheless. I’d say Teo didn’t win over 4 or maybe 5 rounds. It was a real snoozer, but it’s refreshing seeing a real boxer ply his trade occasionally. 117-111, what was that guy watching, a street fight outside? Teo didn’t hit the guy a half dozen times. The other guy, not a whole helluva lot more though. I don’t watch UFC, I wonder how their decisions go. Most don’t go to decisions, I guess. But if they do, they’d probably be legit decisions, I bet they don’t get many of the bad ones like boxing.

  • I thought Two won the fight. The other guy thought he was gonna con his way to a victory, but the first 6 rounds were close, but he literally was on his bike for the last 4 rounds. I think he could have done a lot more, but way too scared of getting caught. Lopez showed his limitations as usual and needs to get a better strategy and adapt, but Ortiz can only be mad at himself. Good boxing but not enough offense to complain about the decision. A draw seemed fair, but honestly in these situations you got to go with the aggressor.

    • Understand Kp and agree….Ortiz did not want to engage…watch the Hagler v Leonard fight…yes Leonard was on that bicycle but there were numerous exchanges where you can say Leonard won….Leonard was trapped in the corner and flurried to get out then Leonard got back on that bicycle…point clarity….can establish in that fight where Leonard actually scored more points…Here in this fight
      ..the offense was just difficult to find for both….draw at best..can see Lopez with the nod though….Lopez get better Haney and Shakur fight like this but with offensive pop from angles…just get better…ignore the haters

  • Far from a good fight, but Ortiz WON it! He was also facing Top Ranks, paid off judges, and Top Ranks investment in Lopez for the more lucrative fights…and the cruel irony is, Lopez thinks he’s a superstar! Sad!

  • Wow what a disappointment considering they had a good tv time slot and everything. What a waste of an opportunity and I put it mostly on Ortiz and his team. Huge opportunity wasted here fellows , nobody will want to see you again.

  • Lopez is a loudmouth ignoramus and fights like it too. What a dud he is. He’s got a huge noggin with nothing in it. Just a complete embarrassment to the sport and overhyped. He needs to disappear.

  • It wouldn’t have made a difference if Lopez had cut the ring, Ortiz was not there to fight . Glad to see the judges disapprove of that style of fighting. Lately too much of that going around, no wonder the fight was on a Thursday.

  • what a poor “fight” . i feel bad for the fans who paid for this . neither fighter deserved to win. they need to learn how to fight instead of just talking or tweeting . teo “wants crawfford” ? Just more B.S. from teo.

  • There is a lot of fanaticism here
    Ortiz is horrible fighter and some still defending him
    He ran the whole because he could not handle Teófimo
    He was submitted
    He did not even touched Teófimo
    He did not throw power punches
    He never hurtes Teófimo
    Teófimo make him run
    Teófimo looked for the fight
    Teófimo dominated the 12 rounds

    And people still says ortiz won

    Wtf ????

  • It was not even a close fight and people get mad because the score cards were 115-113
    The 3 cards should be 117–111

    There should be new rule in boxing:

    -You can fight with your style
    As long as you represent boxing and stay in ring-range fight
    – nobody has the obligation to chase nobody so make you sure you wana fight otherwise move on

    – boxing is hit and don’t get hit as long as you represent fight not running like chicken because you did not get hit but you did not hit either so that’s not boxing

    Imagine if this fight would be PPV????

    I’m glad teo won because I would not be interested to watch Ortiz against Ryan Haney etc

    Haney is lack of aggressiveness but at least he represent boxing and he wins the fights with real counter punching not running like chicken

    That’s why lot of people have moved to ufc because Ortiz shakur floyd etc

    • This is a hard one because aggression should be rewarded. I also have a tough time scoring rounds for someone who fights like Ortiz just because it is such a negative way of fighting. The converse is Lopez wasn’t doing anything either. I’d rather boxing judges just call a round even if nothing happens. This was a fight where darn near every round could’ve been even because there was no action… It was just a rancid fight in every way, probably even worse than the Shakur Stevenson fight a couple months back. ESPN deserves a refund from the fighter’s checks and fans who wasted time watching should be reimbursed for their time.

  • What a snorgasm of a fight. And Steve Weisfeld is clearly on the take with that scorecard. 117-111 for Lopez? Outrageous.

  • Lomachenko showed to the world how to boxing against sluggers
    Good waist movement
    Good. Foot work
    Ability to go inside the guard and atttack
    Etc etc etc

    That’s boxing

    If you are not slugger at least fight like lomachenko who is a real technician

    Not a runnichian “””

  • Call me crazy…I had it 118-111 for Ortiz. (had the 12 th even). It was a terrible fight and tough to score. For me I just thought Ortiz was landing more punches in most of the rounds. Lopez might land one harder one but Ortiz from my view was landing a few mediocre punches so I was leaning towards him in almost all of the rounds. One good thing Ortiz was often doing was trying to flurry at the end of a round (the old Leonard trick). Problem is he is not Leonard and was not going to get the benefit of the doubt here. For one Lopez is the name and for two…there was so little action that I get where a judge will favor the boxer who is trying to make the fight. Ineffective aggressiveness can be a deciding factor in a track meet like this. So why my score was way different…I cannot complain. Imagine if Ortiz did win and there was a rematch clause? Making us watch that again would be inhumane. Plus imagine them trying to promote Ortiz as the Ring champ? So while I think Ortiz won….i get it.

  • Nice way to sell a showdown versus CRAWFORD HUH?! The ONLY reason he’s talking Bud is for the payday!! Crawford would bounce this fool in 4!!! Moot point as there is ZERO interest thanks to last night’s performance!!!!

  • teo is not fighting crawford or haney or davis, or even ryan . Its all b.s., as he is an opportunist . He only beat lomancheko because of that injured shoulder in lomancheko and never gave him a rematch. Weight drained josh taylor had already “lost” to caterall but got a gift decision so he could fight teo. Teo knows he cant beat those top fighters unless their is an injury , weight issue , or some “advantage / opportunity ” to win . The rest is all talk and self promotion. Just look at the kambosos, sandor martin , and ortiz fights with teo and that tells you about teo’s skills and mind set . Its not what he is “selling”.

  • It’s not coincidence the whole arena booing the fight and booed Ortiz

    Just the fanatics don’t want to accept that Ortiz lost the whole fight he did NOTHING

    He was acting like:”””if you don’t knock me out I will be the winner”””

    Not even Teófimo ran who was the champ

    Ortiz should look for a clear and convincing victory if he wants to be the champ

    His strategy is not a good way to become a champ of the world

    Teófimo: from now on I’m your fan I saw lot of your tools you a great champ

    Now go fight Ryan vs Haney winner

    Good luck homes !!!!

  • Teofimo look like crap, and Timothy Bradley did another horrible job in his prediction and trying to make his work colleague look bad and like he’s the only one that knows boxing being a former world champion but a terrible broadcaster!

  • Matchmaker Brad Goodman should be fired for putting together this awful matchup. This was the worst main event I’ve ever attended! The co-main event was crap, too.

    The crowd booed both fighters after the “fight.” Teo was scorned and ridiculed when he told the audience how “good-looking” he was. Lol. The pretty young lady sitting in front of me laughed and said Teo was probably the ugliest guy on the card!

  • Lopez proves he’s basically a one dimensional champion. I now believe that if he and Haney ever hook up Haney will easily beat him. To think he was auditioning to face Crawford at 147 now seems laughable.

  • Fight reminded me of Prograis vs Zorrilla. I had Zorrilla wining that one as well but was kind of relieved he did not get the nod. Imagine Ortiz vs Zorrilla for 140 unification! LOL!! That said it looks like Haney could probably handle Teo like he handled Prograis. Teo looks great when he has the right guy in front of him. He can beat good fighters. He fought a stupid fight with Kambosos and I think would beat him if he fought him using his head instead of his emotion. But Martin and now Ortiz…were imo not off nights. He did not fight the wrong fight…he cannot handle those types of styles well. He is not the first big name fighter to have this issue. They just need to be aware of this when matching him.

  • My main man Mason is on the scene. I enjoy all of the Mason men and wish them success. Super talented family.

  • Now talking about teofimo he showed great things
    Power punch
    And he also let us know that he can’t fight just any other guy he is in another level and in order to fight him ccompetitively it should against real good boxer like Haney Ryan tank etc
    No more Canon tomatoe

  • When a pitcher throw the ball to first base he has to lift the leg first

    When soccer player receive the Ballon in the area he has to be aligned with another player from the opposite team

    When basketball player got the Ballon ins8de the perimeter he can’t hold it for more than 3 seconds

    Etc etc etc

    Same thing in boxing : if you run too much,stay out of range and avoid the fight YOU SHOULD LOSE THE ROUND OR GET DESQUALIFIED after 3 rounds of nothing

    If you are the champ defend your title
    If you are a challenger look and win the title with dignity

    If you are afraid to get hit then move to aerobics or zumba

    • Carlos, I understand what you are saying about fighting and running. Truly, I do. I didn’t like this fight like every one else, but when teo claims to be head and shoulders above, a champion finds the way to defeat his opponent regardless of his game plan. Ortiz stuck to the script. He out boxed him no matter which way you put it. When you are a champ, your opponents are going to find anyway to defeat you whether it’s out punching you, power, finesse, or whatever. You are the champ you must prepare for whatever or adapt as the fight goes on. Also, teo’s ringwalk was the corniest one I have ever seen. Different, but corny.

      • Hey killa how are you homes???
        I also understand what you mean
        But what else teofimo could do???
        He caphased him the whole fight
        He even mocked Ortiz for running
        Unless you want teofimo bring a pepper spray otherwise There was nothing else to do
        If you thinking was teo fault for don’t caught him them you are really wrong because there was no clause that said:
        “”””If teo don’t ko Ortiz he will lose the fight “”””

        Cmon amigo teo chase since the first second of the fight ,,,,,,do more is impossible

        Ortiz just I’d not want to fight

        • Teo did not force the fight, he stalked him, yes. I don’t think he engaged him like he should of. He never cut off the ring. He never really changed anything, he didn’t adapt or adjust. Ortiz’s style confused him. He basically allowed Ortiz to dictate the pace. All good, Carlos, you still the homie!

  • Jermaine ortizis gonna quit boxing just like Shakur because nobody will want to give him another fight
    People won’t pay for this garbage fights

  • And people whom talks about teofimo they are just haters
    I root for ortiz but it does not mean I’m gonna get blind and make silly comments
    I mistook with my prediction and I accept the reality I don’t fool myself

  • Typical ESPN card. Keyshawn Davis “stops” a weight drained Jose Pedraza and Teo gets outboxed but wins a dubious decision. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • I think Teo would do well to have a more strategic trainer. In the Kambosos fight and the fight last night, I don’t recall Teo getting any good advice on how to improve his tactics from round to round. He could have used some advice on that front on moving to his left and using his jab to try and limit Ortiz’s movement.

  • Jeez, what’s up with ESPN’s weekday fights? Are the checks not clearing? Stevenson’s junky fight and now this? ESPN must be fuming.

  • Ortiz needs a boxing classes from Rodolfo Casanova, and jose Toluco”” lopez the Mexican kings

  • >