Martin edges Harutyunyan in WBC eliminator

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Photo: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

In a WBC lightweight eliminator, undefeated WBC #6 Frank “The Ghost” Martin (18-0, 12 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over previously undefeated WBC #8 Olympic bronze medalist Artem Harutyunyan (12-1, 7 KOs) on Saturday night from the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Many rounds were close. Martin had a big edge in round six, then closed the bout strong forcing Harutyunyan to take a knee in round twelve. Scores were 114-113, 115-112, 115-112.

IBF #13 super lightweight Elvis Rodriguez (15-1-1, 13 KOs) broke down and stopped former world champion Viktor Postol (31-5, 12 KOs) in round seven. Rodriguez dropped Postal at the end of round six and opened the seventh with a brutal assault that rocked Postol promoting a referee’s stoppage. Time was :23.

6’2 welterweight prospect Freudis Rojas (11-0, 11 KOs) stopped Diego Sanchez (19-3, 16 KOs) in round seven of a scheduled 10-rounder. Rojas was in command all the way before Sanchez’ corner requested a stoppage from referee Tony Weeks. Time was :58.

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  • “brutal assault that rocked Postol”? He literally pushed him off balance and then missed with a few punches to get the stoppage. If Postol had done the same to Elvis there is no way the ref would have stopped it.

  • Very good fight, Artem Harutyunyan won’t the fight for me and a classy fighter

      • Listen he was up by 4 or five going into the last three, but he gave away 10 11, and 12 and took a knee which means the 12th round was an extra bonus point for Frank martin. On all three judges scorecards that 12 mile round mattered, it would have gave him the win. You can’t have given him the fight. That’s four straight points that he lost at the end. He wasn’t that far ahead

  • Thought Harutyunyan won 5 rounds to 6 but no problem with the close decision.

    Regardless, Martin looked beatable.

    • Same… close fight, but Martin was ascending in a big way late in the fight. It appeared Martin was naturally bigger and just didn’t fade. I only passively watched, but I had it 114-113 for Martin. A point or so either way would’ve been reasonable. I saw two very good fighters in the ring, but not sure I’d call either “great.”

  • and the announcers chanted martin , martin. martin the first 7 rounds of the fight as he was getting his ass kicked then at the end they show the punch stat numbers where martin landed more punches the winner is determined by the amount of rounds won. another showtime sham

    • Bob, Steve Farwood has the Martin losing the fight, so I’m not sure what you are talking about. Close bout, but Martin landed the cleaner shots. Many close rounds early, but the rounds Martin won late were clearcut. Too much blocking by Martin, not enough punching. Good learning experience. Martin needs to ramp up his punch out put. Was a little too tentative early on.

      • For every Martin clean eye popping shot, Harutyunyan landed 2-3 scoring shots…period!

        • Exactly, Martin’s trainer kept telling him, you are behind, we need to knock him out, get going.
          Clear round for Martin: 6, 10,11, & 12

        • Juan, some judges will award more for those clear connects rather than pity pat shots. I didn’t see the fight yet, so I do not know if harutyunans shots were like that or not. Some judges will give more those pity pat shots that absolutely do nothing to the other fighter a la Loma vs. Haney.

      • Agree…Kp.. Martin punches just did not come off fast enough..not enough combinations…counters…got better in the latter rounds…good observation Kp…

    • Agreed, showtimes commentators showed their prejudices once again.

      Saw Harutyunyan land 2-4 clean punch combinations without them acknowledging one punch, then Martin counters and lands one good shot and Bernstein and Mauro were tripping over themselves to praise Martin.

      • Mauro and Bernstein run their mouths with abandon. It is a distraction. I put them on mute at each fight.

  • Martin underestimated an opponent who fought well tonight, and Martin almost lost…I hope this scared the sh*t out of Martin.

    • Martin…in my opinion…did not look good early…tooooo tight….expected more…lot to work on…Artem tough…good fight…fun to watch….

    • Funny that Martin had already called out Tank and Stevenson, among others.

  • Showtime are most non biased commentators out there ..ESPN are bought and paid for ..remember hbo during a pacquiao fight ..Lampley a joke ..Bernstein is an honest guy..they even said during telecast Romero should have 2 losses and last fight not been stopped

  • #6 vs #8 ends as a close, “no complaints with the decision outcome”……… one would expect

  • If Andy Cruz develops power, which I believe he will, Martin will get KTFO by Cruz at some junction in the next 20 months. Martin is not all that and a bag of chips. Cruz can easily beat Martin. And with a little power push, knock Martin out.

    • And to think Martin already called out Tank. Now that I’d love to see. I seriously doubt it would go over 4 res or less.

  • Martin is a dime a dozen prospect..guarantee his career won’t surpass a guy like a Russell. It wasn’t an off night..he got found

    • Understand your opinion…alot things should be considered though..Martin’s motivation to improve and be consistent….are amongst the elements included…give Martin a chance before you write Martin off….clearly understand your opinion though…looks as if Martin would have a problem with and athletic …slick…fighter… but time will tell…

  • Artem couldn’t see out of his left eye in the last three, two rounds and he was getting clocked, before that he was clocking Martin with hard shots. It was a draw for me.

  • i think it was a little bit overhyped but really good fighter barely beating a perceived no namer who apparently is a good fighter himself. i think it was a good fight and a fair decision.

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