Charlo decisions Montiel, retains WBC title

Jermall Charlo Vs Juan Macias Montiel
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Undefeated WBC middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) retained his title by twelve round unanimous decision over unheralded Juan Macías Montiel (22-5-2, 22 KOs) on Saturday night at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Charlo landed more than twice the amount of punches as Montiel (258-127), including a career-high 201 power punches, but Montiel walked through fire all night and refused to go down. Scores were 118-109, 119-109, 120-108.

“One-hundred sixty is my weight division,” Charlo said afterward. “I want to unify. I want to get (Gennadiy) Golovkin in the ring. I want to bring him to Houston. I want to get Canelo to come to Houston if he’ll come down to 160. This is my weight division. I’m going to stay here and reign here. This is my fourth title defense and I have many more to come. I’m young. I’m hungry.”

IBF #2, WBA #3, WBO #13 lightweight contender Isaac Cruz (22-1-1, 15 KOs) hammered out a ten round unanimous decision over former world champion and WBC #7 rated Francisco “Bandido” Vargas (27-3-2, 19 KOs). Vargas suffered a bad cut from a head butt in the final 30 seconds and suffered a questionable knockdown right before the final bell. Scores were 97-92, 99-90, 100-89.

Former world champion and WBO #6, WBC #9 super bantamweight Angelo Leo (21-1, 9 KOs) edged Aaron Alameda (25-2, 13 KOs) by unpopular majority decision. After a close fight, scores were 95-95, 96-94, an outrageous 98-92 for Leo.

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  • Haven’t seen the fight yet, but based on the couple times I saw Montiel fight, I thought Charlo would have blasted him out early. Was surprised Charlo couldn’t take him out after seeing Munguia take him out so easily. Look forward to seeing the replay of this on YouTube.

    • Munguia ok’d him at 147, he’s definitely a better fighter with good stamina and a solid chin

    • I predicted the fight wrong as well. I thought Charlo would get the TKO.

    • Charlo won’t go up to fight Canelo and if Canelo broke 168 pounder’s eye socket lol. I’m convinced now he will hurt the Charlo bros.

      • Canelo is to slow , you see how Mayweather beat him . Quick hands and feet

        • First of all that Mayweather comment is b.s. that fight was too early in calelos career!. Canelo has grown as a fighter all around big time! He would smash running Mayweather now!!…canelo is a beast!!. Mayweather wouldn’t want a piece of canelo now. Not any more!. Different beast now!!!

          • Canelo best vs Mayweather’s best equals Canelo still loses. Canelo is too slow to catch Floyd at his peak. Charlo, on the other hand is not Mayweather. Canelo needs to get him in the ring, and shut everyone who keeps saying Canelo is running from Charlo.

  • Montiel was effectively awkward, and may have been on something the way he walked through punches with that skinny non-muscular frame. He got rocked at least 4 times from my count and came right back. He hurt Charlo a couple of times to the body and snapped his head back a few times with punches from odd angles, and made Charlo dig deep in the championship rounds.. Charlo has a strong chin and will need it if he gets his wish in facing Canelo or GGG at 160.

    • Great statement. These fighters need to fight each other. Let’s throw David in the mix too.

  • Its this the same man (Jermal Charlo) some people said Canelo is scare to fight him!!! hahahahahahaha what a joke !!!!!

    • He (Charlo) not even beat s Jaime Munguia …Munguia he throw a lot more punches than Montiel!!!! now Charlo said he stay at 160 he wants Canelo at 160 what a joke he is !!!

      • Canelo is never going back to 160. The GGG trilogy will probably be at 165 or 168 but doubt he can make 160 or even needs to. Probably even a rematch with Floyd at 160 would be the only way he would agree to drain himself again.

  • The size difference was staggering, i was actually worried about Montiel’s health… with all that said i can’t believe he couldn’t finish him in the 6th round, and the fact that he looked like a kid and wobbled Charlo for a split (literally) second in the round 8 was even more surprising, Montiel has heart but that’s all he has. A whole lotta heart tho

  • When seeing fighters like Montiel, I stop and wonder if he like many boxers are diamonds in the rubble that never got polished by a good trainer. No one gave him a shot to make it to the end of the fight but he did. Great physical ability but lacking technique. Hard earn win for Charlo. Congrats!

  • Was it me or did Charlo show some weakness to his mid section. I saw his facial reactions every time he took a shot to his stomach area. Not so sure anymore if he cld hang with any elite168’s .. his statement of “160 is my weight class” is prob more accurate than we think.

  • I love the Charlo’s but this is why they don’t get big fights or the Canelo fight.

  • Charlo is a Middleweight, not a Super Middleweight. Therefore, he should stay at 160 and take on all comers. Hagler stayed at 160 his whole life, as he should’ve.

    • But when GGG stays at Middleweight he is coward? I bet you one of the main ones talking bout GGG was afraid to fight heavyweight Andre Ward.

  • There is no way Jermall can deal with Canelo at 168. No way!!

    Jermall should stay at 160 and fight Munguia. However, I believe Munguia’s size, heavy volume punching, pressure and determination will give Jermall fits. Jermall vs. Munguia is a war in the making for the world to see.

    It appears Andrade will continue staying in the cold. Maybe GGG will give Andrade a chance, but I doubt it.

  • As for tonight’s fight, I have to agree with commentator Al Bernstein: Why on earth did Montiel fight the majority of the fight southpaw? He got no leverage on his punches & couldn’t land the left hook. Bad, bad corner advice.

    • You were not the only one aggravated by this observation. This is the lack of experience on the corner to not see that and make adjustments. Montiel has the foundation to be a good fighter. The limits in his corner reflects on his boxing technique.

      • Foundations for a good fighter? If you don’t know not to square up the whole fight then you have the foundations for a bad fighter. Montiel had one of the worst performances, technique-wise, I’ve seen in years.

  • lmao ok so this should clear up alot for you fanboys….Charbroil needs to keep Canelos name out of this mouth and maybe he should take a fight with BoobBoob or a dangerous fight against Mungia who KOd this guy or even the more dangerous but old GGG gotta beat those guys if he can……

  • Just finished watching this. MAJOR respect to Montiel tonight. I honestly thought he wouldn’t even be competitive. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Charlo certainly outpointed him, but I can’t recall seeing Jermall look that uncomfortable in a fight or pushed that hard. I agree with Bernstein that Montiel should have stayed righty and ripped that left hook to the body & head more often. There was a point in the 6th round where Charlo looked a bit winded after trying to take Montiel out. Wish Montiel jumped on him a little more at that point and opened up the offense from there on out if he had the stamina to do that. A couple tweaks in Montiel’s strategy, and that could have been a serious scare for Charlo. I didn’t think much of Montiel coming into this based on the little I’d seen of him, but became a fan of his tonight.

    Charlo-Munguia seems a lot more interesting now.

  • Charlo exposed as the hype job real experts know he is. He had a pedestrian opponent who taunted him all night and Charlo couldn’t do shit about it. He’ll retire undefeated against C level opp.

    • GGG going to clean his clock if that fight is ever made. Who remember Dominique Wade talking about what he was going to do to Golovkin?

  • Dominant performance by Charlo, but there was no quit in Montiel. Like always, Charlo looked a division bigger than his opponent. I found myself pulling for a Montiel upset, and he had his moments, but you knew it wasn’t going to happen. I fully agree with Bernstein that he should have fought right handed. Early on, I thought Montiel was just showing the southpaw stance to confuse Charlo, because it was obvious he was more effective as a right handed fighter. He has a pretty unorthodox style; he fights kinda like a skilled, drunken Guadalajaran bar room brawler. I dug his style.

  • Charlos a bum, couldn’t get this cat out of there early and took him 12. Boo Boo in 2!

    • Anyone who calls a boxer a bum, needs to look in the mirror when they say that.

  • Charlo wants Canelo to come down to 160 lbs. Canelo ‘s weight class is 168. Jermall Charlo will get knocked out by Canelo in 3 rounds. Montiel showed he was a ” nothing” and Charlo did too! Canelo sells more tickets than Charlo why would he come down to 160 to suit Charlo? Charlo is afraid of Canelo and that is his way of showing it! He will continue to fight marshmallows like Montiel and make money but he’ll never entertain a knowledgeable boxing fan!

  • I think Canelos stock and ratings went up on Saturday night even though wasn’t fighting . I like Munguia but lacks defense, Charlo is good at what he does and that’s mainly talking smack lacks discipline and defense. Benevidez is also in that category lacking defense as for Plant and Andrade they can give Canelo a bit of trouble with their elusiveness but neither one will hurt him . Canelo you’re still safe at the top.

    • He KO’d James Kirkland in the 1st round in his last fight. Albeit an older, badly faded Kirkland.

  • Montiel said this was the best shape he has ever been in and it’s no doubt cuz he took those shots to come back he definitely has heavy hands too cuz he cracked Charlo back too!Good fight! Let’s see WBSS middleweights Charlo,Andrade,Golovkin,Munguia,Lara,Murata, wild card not sure if he can make 160 still but let’s go King Gabriel! Charlo beats all of them

    • Idk… Charlo real good, maybe the best at 160, currently… But he won’t steamroll thru that entire group.
      He fights them all, he’ll get beat along the way.
      Most of the other top 160 pounders would have KO’d Montiel last night.
      I was pulling for Montiel, but only as a major upset, cuz he’s simply not at that level.

  • Charlo is right, he NEEDS to stay at 160…. Stop calling out P4P king Canelo, asking him to “step down” to your weight so he can make YOU a millionaire.
    Be real brother, how long Charlo and GGG been champions in same weight class????
    Some People here say Canelo waiting for GGG to get older for the trilogy, but it seems Charlo waiting til GGG’s fairwell fight!

  • Scared to get out of Houston Charlo, anywhere else you know that you will lose!

  • I saw the fight last night and I don’t see Charlo beating Canelo Alvarez Montiel managed to last the 12 rounds and left Charlo with a Bloody eye that was cut,considering that Triple G is at the end of his boxing career Charlo may have better luck fighting him instead of Alvarez.

  • Canelo was undefeated young in his prime and a lot bigger than floyd night if fight floyd was 35 past his prime he schooled Canelo he is just a better boxer give credit when do when floyd was young and beating guys that was in their thirties people where saying that he was only winning because he was fighting old guys why is it different with canelo canelo only fights European b and c fighters with no power he won’t fight any undefeated black fighters or undefeated Mexican fighters his age that’s why he doesn’t lose when he did he lost stop making excuses for canelo

  • Isaac Cruz is a tough fighter but guys like him always irk me. Dirty as hell with headbutts, shoulder to the face, wrestling, kidney punches then complains to the ref for every little thing his opponent does and complains in the presser after about holding. Give me a break. Tiny John Ruiz

    • Can you imagine what De La Hoya will do to Charlo. Even at almost 50 he is faster than Charlo stronger and has a much better jab. That doesn’t even count his ring smarts. Charlo brothers better stay far away from Oscar the man

  • If Charlo fought GGG last night he would have been ko’d. That was easy to see.

  • If charlo could not take out Montiel and he wants to fight canelo! I have advise to ronnie shields , dont if you want your boy hurt seriously. Look @ tape of fight and there is your answer!

  • I’d want to see Charlo fight Canelo before Andrade! Charlo isn’t a boring, safety first fighter like boo-boo is. Why not toss him in with Canelo and Golovkin? Those are potentially good scraps!

  • In my opinion, Kelly Pavlik was a better middleweight than Charlo is now. Charlo may have a nicer car collection, but Pavlik had a nicer arsenal.

  • Canelo isn’t stepping down to cater to Charlo. Sorry… Not sorry
    Most of these “elite” fighters need to make their own name and not just become part of Canelo’s ledger.
    Canelo beats him, maybe entertaining, maybe not, but Charlo loses that 0.
    Whether it’s in Houston, Dallas, las Vegas, or Hobbs, New Mexico, Canelo wins.
    Haters will be Haters, no big deal, Canelo simply on another level and Montiel wouldn’t have lasted 4-5 rounds against him.

  • Feels like Charlo waited until GGG/Murata and Canelo/Plant were all making date plans until he would say that he was interested. Convenient. So it’s June and he’s calling out fighters who won’t be available to fight him untill at least next April. So of course we can expect PBC to schedule him for another easy fight around March-May so that even if one of those guys were available PBC will have more time to think of a reason NOT to arrange a fight with them. They probably are waiting for someone to unify first, then try to cash out Charlo while giving him these easy fights in the meantime.

  • calling out Canelo is the lessor intended of the 2 options, just to get a reaction, Charlo will prefer to stay at the 160 weight and take on a good but aging GGG or a large fan based Murata who has shown he is susceptible in areas. PBD just wants to keep providing mediocre opponents for him in the meantime. It really is all about the money while minimizing/managing the risk. I won’t deny Charlo is a good fighter but both things can be true.

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