Gallen destroys Browne in one

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Rugby legend-turned-heavyweight boxer Paul Gallen (11-0-1, 6 KOs) scored a first round KO against former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne (29-3, 25 KOs) on Wednesday night at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Gallen swarmed Browne and dropped him in round one. Browne beat the count, but Gallen battered him to the canvas again to end it. Time was 1:55. The 42-year-old Browne was a slight favorite going in.

Gallen reportedly earned $450,000 AUD, while Browne made $230,000 (but had to pay $100,000 to a previous promoter).

Unbeaten super featherweight Liam Wilson (9-0, 6 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Francis Chua (8-2-1, 3 KOs). Chua was cut over the right eye from a punch in round two. Wilson injured his right hand midway and was later cut in a head clash. Scores 98-92, 98-92, 97-74.

Welterweight Steve Spark (12-1, 11 KOs) won an entertaining eight round unanimous decision over Jack Brubaker (16-4-2, 8 KOs). Brubaker dropped Spark in round one, but Spark turned the tables to win 80-72, 77-74, 77-74.

Super featherweight Bruno Tarimo (26-2-2, 5 KOs) took a ten round unanimous decision over Kye MacKenzie (21-3, 17 KOs). Non-stop puncher Tarimo won 97-92, 97-92, 96-93.

Welterweight Lenny Zappavigna (38-4, 28 KOs) scored a third round TKO over Danny Kennedy (9-3-1, 1 KO). Zappa dropped Kennedy in round three and got the stoppage with his follow-up barrage. Time was 1:13. It was Zappavigna’s first fight since June 2018.

Gallen: I said I'd knock him out in one
Martin KOs Perez in 7, remains unbeaten

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    • Weak as piss the pair of you’s didn’t show any class at all

      What a disappointment

  • Paul Gallen is getting better with each fight. As expected by most Australian boxing fans, he was too good for Lucas Browne.

    Paul should earn quite a few million dollars over the next few years. A good result.

  • Good boxing card and well done to the promoters.

    Big Dud Brown Stain went down like a sack of spuds, looks like ‘the footballer’ did his work. Funny thing is rugby league is probably a harder game – 2 or 3 guys that weigh 100kg+ can hit you full tilt… head/shoulders – Quite often much harder than one guy with fists…..yeah NRL

  • Unfortunately, with the sad state of boxing and the uneducated public who will pay for celebrity rather than talent, this makes Gallen one of the more noteworthy fighters in the pathetic HW division. It also provides a potential big pay day for one of the “top” guys to fight rather than someone who could actually challenge them.

    • Sorryt mate miss the point here, an ex world. champ was. beatent by a celebrity

      • “…sad state of boxing…”
        “…pathetic HW division.”

        That is the point.

  • Sheez, Browne is really a washed up fighter. Thought the fight would be a bit competitive at least. Did not think Browne would get stopped so easily like this.

  • Browne was only in there for the money and didnt want to take any punishment so he stayed down and grabbed his pay check. The end.

  • Wow! First-round! Unreal! I watched the freebie of the fight and looks like Browne may need to swallow his pride, take the defeat like a man, and drop the trash talk! Speed kills in this fight and Gallen had the speed to make Browne a human punching bag! Browne’s balance as a fighter is terrible. His knocky knees and pawing jabs have been terrible habits that I have yet to see a trainer fix in him. As mentioned before, Browne needs to walk away while he can and enjoy life!

  • Gallen should call out David Tua …………….good luck if he does !!!!!!

    • Oh yeah then he might realise that a boxer wipes the floor with a second rate washed up league player.

  • You have a damaged inner ear Lucas…sam retiree punch got you when you fought Allen from England. Time to retire.And the medical fraternity who let you box should be banned!

  • To me this fight proved not much more than being somewhat lucrative.
    This is the new boxing. Fights with personalities and celebrities, sometimes against a once-upon-a-time-I-was-a-name in boxing.
    You have some kind of platform, you challenge someone, heat it up, doing your thing and people pay money for it.
    It’s business more than sport.
    I have no interest in it, but I’m aware that from now and onward it will be a phenomenon I have to relate to.

  • Ever since Browne attempted to be the big tough guy heal against Whyte, his career went down the tubes. Too bad

  • It seems Boxing is becoming like WWE a lot of fake fights, Brown lost to Dave Allen and looked as he took a dive as Allen could not even be his sparring partner

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