Ramirez edges Postol, retains WBC/WBO titles

Jose Ramirez Vs Viktor Postol Action10
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

After a pair of fight dates were scuttled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WBC/WBO junior welterweight champion Jose Ramirez (26-0, 17 KOs) retained his titles with a twelve round majority decision over former WBC champ Viktor Postol (31-3, 12 KOs) on Saturday night inside “The Bubble” at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was a tactical fight with Ramirez pressing the action, and Postol trying to keep him at bay with his jab. Ramirez staggered Postol in round seven, but Postol stayed tough to the end. Scores were 114-114, 115-113, 116-112.

Afterward Ramirez commented, “I went in there a little too cold, you know? I impressed myself. I’m much stronger than most guys think. I just gotta not lose confidence in myself and stick to what I do best and box, let my hands go and not hesitate too much. I think there was a little bit of hesitation throughout the fight.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the ring. There have been a lot of things that have happened in my personal life. It’s been such a long training camp. I think {I went} through the routine instead of, ‘Let’s fight.’

“I felt like I was just in a sparring session. I think I could’ve made the fight a lot easier in my favor, but we live and we learn. This was an amazing experience. I’m just happy I got the win.”

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum added, “It was a good fight, but both men were impacted by going through three training camps and the whole situation with COVID 19. That being said, I thought Jose clearly won the fight.”

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  • BULLSHIT decision! Postol won the fight. Also, Tim Bradley is dumber than a box of dog shit!!!

    • It was a close close fight, I thought Postol won but you cant argue too much with the decision as most of the time close decisions go to the undefeated fighter.

        • 115-113 for Postol but several rounds could have gone either way.

          I think if he would have been a little busier and taken more chances in the later rounds he could have pulled it off but it would have opened him up for a knock out.

          • Same score here but for Ramirez. I hate fighters that run away like Postol does! It’s not a good look!

          • a punch beats a jab any day, if can’t tell, then u don’t know shit about Boxing! I think Jose won but could have done better by cutting the ring, he made it harder by chasing the coward Postol.

    • Close decision but Ramirez by a squeak!The only guy hurt was Postol! Plus didn’t see many combinations landed by him! A draw wouldn’t have been out of line.

      • One thing about Postol I must point out is he always comes ready to fight. Postol seems very sincere about his training and puts his time in to come fighting. Win or lose, I give props to his job as a professional fighter.

    • Your score please! Let’s see how big a fan you really are! You’ve certainly have got the berserk part right! LOL I can’t wait to hear Mr. Duenas’ opinion on this fight. Now that guy knows his boxing!

    • Wasn’t it actually Ward who had Ramirez ahead by a big margin after 6. Bradley I thought had Postol winning the fight after 6.

  • One thing I learned from this fight is that Ramirez is NOT as good as advertised.

    • Your not going to look good in every fight especially with Postol’s style, with that said Ramirez was never hurt in the fight and Postol was.

      • Agreed, however Postol has no power, if he did, he’d have busted up Ramirez quite handily and won the fight easily.

    • The only guy that can prove that is Josh Taylor! That should be a good action fight!

      • That would be the fight to make at this weight.

        Both men’s styles compliment each other and will make this match an all action fight.

        50/50 fight.

        • It will probably be in the UK so you have to give the advantage to Taylor. Ramirez better give it his all and leave the judges out of the picture!

    • Finally someone that agrees with me. Another overrated fighter that only fights declining fighters. Cherry picking at its best.

    • That’s for certain. He will lose comprehensively to the real Junior welterweight champion, Josh Taylor.

  • Ramirez just blew any semblance of a chance to pitch a fight against Crawford at 147 because there was no outstanding “victory” by TKO or by KO.

    Besides, Crawford would have “schooled” Ramirez, but Ramirez would have at least earned a pretty penny during Crawford’s boxing class.

  • It was an extremely close fight but I thought Postol did enough to win. A draw would not have been out of line.

    It was a disappointing performance for Ramirez, who just didn’t move his hands enough in some of the rounds. He also seemed to forget about the body most of the time and went headhunting. Postol kept his left jab pumping all night and occasionally threw a solid straight right hand. That left jab made Ramirez’s life miserable.

    Postol was on the move all night, but Ramirez didn’t make him pay on those few occasions when they got close enough. He just settled for clinches and didn’t punch. It was an ugly fight because of the styles, but I suppose the judges liked the aggression by Ramirez despite not landing a lot of clean shots when he got in range. In my opinion, it was not effective aggression.

    Ramirez was buzzed a few times by Postol’s right hand. Postol was rocked badly in the 7th round but Ramirez just didn’t jump on him enough to capitalize on that moment.

    Ramirez can expect a similar fight from Josh Taylor, but Taylor stands his ground a lot more and can punch harder than Postol. Ramirez may lose his undefeated record if he fights like he did

  • He is the champ! To get a decision from judges you got to beat the champ decisively. Dont bike petal thinking you gonna get his belts. Who ever said he’s over rated is rating him himself. He ain’t even rated by all means just another journeyman nobodies really like you.

  • Postol was too defensive and the jab only don’t win fights…Ramirez looked flat but took charge and landed way more power shots than Postol…no doubt two judges had it right!

  • This was why Ramirez avoided the WBSS. He would have had to face at least 2 beasts. I think Baranchuk, Prograis and Taylor all beat Ramirez.

  • I felt the match could have gone either, way, a draw would have been okey, but would have been more of a loss for Ramierz in a way. The 116-112 verdict for Ramirez was the only unfair score I thought. Certainly if Ramierz goes to Scotland or even England to fight Taylor, he better put on a better performance than this. Also his talk about facing Crawford, really, Don’t think he would have much of a chance against many of those top Welters.

  • It was a very good fight & I’m glad Ramirez won,, next one he will give it his all!!!

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