Proposal: To Unify Overweight Punishment Rule

By Joe Koizumi

Just nine days after Luis Nery failed to make the stipulated class limit, Scott Quigg also committed the same failure to make the weight. Why, in world title bouts, do they disgracefully repeat and repeat overweight scandals? How can we avoid such notorious challenges against our weight category system?

This is a proposal to prevent world title participants from committing overweight incidents, as follows:

1. Have a special summit meeting among all world governing organizations to unify/standardize the overweight punishment rule

2. Suspend the overweight boxer in a world title bout for one year to deprive him of an opportunity to professionally fight even in a non-title bout in any country

3. Forbid him from fighting in quest of a world championship of any world organization for one year

4. Eliminate him in any world ratings for one year

5. Should he AGAIN commit an overweight incident, the punishment should be “double” as for the above-written—for him to be suspended for a couple of years.

The governing bodies’ serious consideration would be greatly appreciated and anticipated.

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