Philippine President Blasts Pacquiao

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called ring legend and political rival Manny Pacquiao “a shit” and claimed that Pacman pulled out of his August 21 showdown with Errol Spence because he is “too old for that and failing in his boxing career.” Duterte also slammed Pacquiao for not remaining on the job instead of training. “I expect him to sit in Congress, do not go anywhere…do your job. You asked for it!”


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  • Pac pulled out of the fight? Where has that been stated. Don’t see that anywhere.

    • Considering that that man is responsible for a war on drugs that has seen literal death squads killing tens of thousands of people and getting paid bonuses to do it, yeah, I wouldn’t want to fuck with him either.

      • Hey, why not legalize a “drug-cleansing” purge, and if you tag in a drug dealer, you get a cash incentive from the government. I bet many folks would go on a “hunt” that evening.

  • One thing for sure…Boxing and politics in some places don’t mix…

  • I looked around for news on the cancelation of the fight , but could not confirm it. Just brief info on a lawsuit initiated by Paradigm for allegedly backing out of a fight with Mikey Garcia.

    Politics is a corrupt and filthy world. Perhaps the president is playing his part in preparation for a possible political showdown with Pacquiao in the future.

    I guess we will find out as more information is released. Back to you Jim.

  • The fight has not been cancelled. Duterte is the type of leader that makes up untrue, ridiculous slanderous statements, and a whole nation of people accept them as truth. What kind of country would elect a guy like that?

    • “Duterte is the type of leader that makes up untrue, ridiculous slanderous statements, and a whole nation of people accept them as truth. What kind of country would elect a guy like that?”

      I try to stay out of political discussions on this forum, but I’ll just say that the Philippines isn’t the first country to elect a guy like that, and won’t be the last….

    • “What kind of country would elect a guy like that?” – America

  • Say whatever you want about Duterte but the Philippines is a much safer place because of him. People can feel more safe when they walk at night. There are less crimes, murders, and rapes because a lot of those crimes were done by drug addicts. What a novel idea. Punish criminals as a deterrent. Seems to work.

    • This is a true statement. I have my issues with Duterte but the statement is true.

    • Duterte is a corrupt SOB. He doesn’t give a damn about the filipino people.There is more suffering and starving people in the Philippines than anywhere in the world. Stop supporting this bitch. Have you ever been to the Philippines ? I have..Children beg in the streets for food & money 24/7.

    • Safer for who?…Do a little research on the guy and see what you come up with.

  • Perhaps written incorrectly, saying that PAC should pull out of the fight. Well Duarte in this case sort of reminds me of that guy who under Reagan ran THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, and when he criticized the Beach Boys, and would not allow them to perform, Mrs. Reagan stepped in and said she was a fan of their. The guy resigned. Not saying Duarte will resign, but he might have made a comment that won’t make him in good stead with his country men.

  • Well I don’t know if Duarte on the things he has done or ordered done does not have ulterior motives. But if he does not, well, who are we to judge. Duarte is actually in my view, in a long line of recent leaders who really followed one man’s behavior, and that is Hugo Chavez. they include Trump (I know some have mouths open aghast) Erdogan of turkey, and even the guy in Brazil. But who are we to judge him. He hopefully is doing what he thinks is best for his country. it is a poor country of course, but recently was at least one year had one of the 10 fastest growing economies. Yes he may have had thousands killed, but learn history about what the USA did there in the 1890.’s. While we may have some good qualities, the USA rose to be a world power, and perhaps make a better life for its people through its killing through history. and many other countries are not faultless either. If you are from Britain or France, some of your good life may have been through killing, through colonialism and such. Any body here heard about the Belgium Congo?
    I work with many Phillipino people, and they support Duarte. Also one of my colleagues, his brother there was doing drugs. Well guess what, He stopped.
    It is easy for many of us to sit back and criticize poorer countries and tell them what to do, but we are not them, and we certainly have not shown ourselves necessarily to be the great solution we think we are.

  • What if this man has power to kill Pacquiao and noone knows how it happened.

  • At 76 years of age, maybe Duterte fears being replaced by the wildly popular Pacquiao in the future. What else would explain Duterte’s vicious attack on Manny? I haven’t heard anything about the fight being cancelled, so it’s still on, and promises to be a good one. Looking forward to it.

  • Duterte is threatening to jail anyone who refuses the Covid vax, so he’s definitely a scum bag.

  • Punking Pacman should hurt Commie Duterte politically, but the Filipino elections are more corrupt than American elections.Pacman is more popular in the Philippines than this bitch. The fight is still on at this point.

  • Pacman is popular enough to challenge Duarte’s presidency. At best I see Duarte as a hard nosed sheriff. He is a thug and shouldn’t be in a position to lead a nation. He is corrupt enough to allow his daughter to run for presidency, so that he can continue to put fear into his people. His version of war on drugs is just as bad, if not worse, as the one US is continuing its war on drugs. The county needs less corruption and more jobs created, not jailing and killing its people.

  • I used to respect Duterte, but with his recent megalomania in threatening to imprison any Filipino who doesn’t take the covid Jab, and now this….. Somebody can drop him out of a helicopter for all I care.

  • Duterte is a serial violator of human rights who exploited Pacquiao’s popularity and well deserved Hero status in the Philippines.
    He is a dictator who cannot and does not tolerate mere differences of opinion.

  • Duterte is a corrupt killer who uses brutality and lies to make people fear and support him. Between a psychopathic dictator and a charitable, well-meaning simpleton like Manny, who do you think would I support #PacmanforPresident2022

  • All of the grinning and pretending to be a nice guy when the cameras are rolling won’t work on Duerte. A few years back Manny had a scary encounter with Muslim Extremists. All of that to say, he better not fool with Duerte. Manny can throw hands but this guy is an eraser. Now he’s playing with the political big boys and Duerte will do whatever to keep his power.

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