Colbert: I had to use my Muhammad Ali tactics

“I’m number one in the WBA, so you know what time it is. I’m going to follow the plan and see what happens next.” said unbeaten WBA super featherweight champion Chris “Primetime” Colbert after his unanimous decision victory over Tugststogt Nyambayar on Saturday night in Carson, Calif.

“We had a tremendous training camp. We sparred a lot with a bigger guy in Michel Rivera, so I had a lot of practice using my speed and jab in camp. The jab is always a key in this sport.”

“He carried power for a 126-pounder. Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit. I had to use my Muhammad Ali tactics and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. This was a great fight and ‘Tug’ did a great job coming in off only a week and a half of training for me. I take off my hat to him and wish him nothing but the best in his career.”

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  • Boring fighter-not much imagination limited skills one punch combos all night and what. is the big deal beating an older fighter?-He kept you busy all night!-Reality check needed here

  • Love his confidence! If ONLY he had more punching power he would be a force!! Great ring IQ and awareness!!

  • Boxing may take you a long way if you have a quick, stiff jab. Colbert’s jab was outstanding, and it primarily created an easy victory against a Tug tough cat from Mongolia.

  • Number 1 in the WBA. There’s something to brag about. Are you the Regular or Interim #1?

    • Thoughts like that are what enables these organizations with their regular and interim titles to stay in business.

  • I understand that he’s trying to sell himself and raise his stock, but Colbert is not there yet. As soon as he runs into anyone with decent speed who likes to let his hands go, it’s over.

  • I like that he’s able to show his confidence without having to put down or insult his opponent. There’s a line between confidence, arrogance and just plain old trash talk.

    I don’t know how far he’ll go but im starting to be a fan. Hes still young and developing if he’s matched correctly he could grow into a really good champion. He needs to add some power to his game.

    Unfortunately for Tug it may be over for him. He’s only 29 so he still has some years ahead of him but his game has been exposed by Russell and now Colbert. Its just not gonna happen. Only a year ago his stock was shooting up and now he’s obviously reached his ceiling.

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