Paul outweighs Floyd by 34.5 pounds


Floyd Mayweather 155 vs. Logan Paul 189.5
Badou Jack 177 vs. Dervin Colina 176.4
Jarrett Hurd 158 vs. Luis Arias 158.6
Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson 179.5 vs. Brian Maxwell 183.5

Venue: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida
Promoter: Mayweather Promotions
TV: Showtime PPV

Martinez, Villar Frometa score KO wins
Weights from Corona, California

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    • Excellent comment…… This is nothing more than an illusion for Mayweather selling tickets for cash while some fanboy Youtuber with pseudo-dreams tries to upset a master fighter many others have failed at. In summary, it’s a joke!

    • I see heavy weights out weight opponents by more than40 pounds. Takes more than weight to win…

    • Sure you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on the article and commented.

      • I am so uninterested in this fight that I actually am interested. It appeals to the train wreck side of me, or the shadenfreude side of me that wants to be offended and pissed off, hence my moniker! As I said before, the size, weight, and age difference should mean absolutely nothing. Mayweather can end this fight in the first 30 seconds if he wanted to. Experienced, skilled fighters have been KO’d in less time time, how the hell should Paul be able to last any longer?

  • No matter the result, this is a stain on pretty boys’ legacy. This is a pathetic spectacle to say the least.

    • Yes, it’s a stain on his legacy but he is totally driven by money and these kinds of joke fights make him a lot of money….so there lies his priority….why do you think the older, retired fighters are coming out of the woodwork?

    • I agree, but idiots are buying tickets all the while Mayweather laughs going to the bank.

    • Retired pro boxers have been doing exhibitions since the first one retired. This just gets attention because of Mayweather’s fame…

  • free tv. Yes…sure..if not busy..why not… 🙂
    pay for it. never…..garbage, crap, etc… 🙂

    • Tho? Throw him out? Yeah, throw him outta the ring after you get your ass kicked Loggie!

  • What are the rules for this bout? 3-minute
    rounds? headgear?

    • — No judges
      — No official winner read
      — Knockouts legal
      — KO up to ref discretion
      — No headgear
      — 12 oz. gloves
      — Eight 3-minute rounds

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul purses
    According to Mayweather, he could end up making $100 million to fight Paul. According to the Sun, Paul has confirmed that he could earn as much as $20 million for Sunday’s event.

    Are you serious???

  • Money makers money fight money culture money show No good for boxing reputation But people who pay for it make it possible The boxers are loughing all the way

  • Has Floyd got a hair transplant? He was severely balding a few years ago & shaved his head. Now he has hair & a nice hairline again… Very suspect.

  • As long as it’s legal I support it. I’ve listened to some terrible singers in my day, that are millionaires. My point being if a man can make millions doing what he does and it’s legal, I am on his side. Don’t knock the Hustle

  • If this turns out to be a success, wonder if they’ll pursue a Mayweather-Jake Paul match….you know, a revenge fight for the Paul’s. If there’s money to be made, I don’t see anything stopping that. You know Floyd would be down for it. He obviously doesn’t mind participating in a circus-like event if there’s money to be made. Don’t seeing Jake turning down the money either. Gut feeling…we’re headed in that direction.

  • I’m not a fan of this type of boxing. Floyd is a real boxer and no matter the weight its hard to see anything other than him winning. Considering this “event” has a rule that there will be no judges, no winner you have to ask what’s the point. I was naive enough to believe the Jones Jr and Tyson match was going to be real. Turned out to be a joke of judging set to have a draw and a Tyson who went out of his way to allow Jones to go the distance. At least the other you tube boxer has real matches that count on his official record.

  • Glad it is pay-per-view. This way I am not tempted to watch it.

  • Jack Johnson fought exhibitions in his 60’s, right until his tragic auto accident, and no one gave him crap over it.

    Still. The only one who should be embarrassed is the 20 something punk, who is boxing a man twice his age and half his size.

  • Paul will beat him to much weight and power advantage. Floyd to short and weak will not be able to impose his style against him. Don’t discount Paul he is a competitive amateur wrestler he is physically strong and fit. Really don’t care who wins just looking at it objectively best of luck to both of them.

  • That jab to the pit of the stomach of Floyd’s should be the order of the day (for as long as it lasts).

  • Imagine if Paul takes 5 shots, throws himself to the ground, and cries like a child on the school ground who just lost a fight.

  • I really hope Mayweather beats the crap out of Logan, and then schedules a fight with his brother Jake Paul as a revenge fight for the Paul’s, and fcuks him up as well, so that a ban is placed on all Youtubers wanting to fight not only real fighters, but other athletes as well. What’s it gonna take, a youtuber getting killed or suffering brain damage in the ring?

  • Stop hating on Floyd…it’s all the Youtubers calling him out of retirement.  Why not make money?  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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