Pascal fails drug test, Jack seeks new opponent

Former world champion Badou Jack has announced that his scheduled June 6 world title challenge against WBA light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal will not happen after Pascal tested positive for banned substances.

Jack wrote on social media: “My fight with Jean Pascal is OFF as he tested positive for three different steroids. We suspected he was dirty the first time around and VADA testing confirmed it this time. I’m still fighting on June 6th and my team is looking for a replacement opponent.”

Pascal reportedly tested dirty for Epitrenbolone, Drostanolone, and Drostanolone Metabolite A.

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  • Damn! Was looking forward to this fight and I like Pascal. Probably the end of the line for him now. Terrible way to end his career!

  • According to the following article, drug testing in the sport isn’t where it needs to be. Hopefully all commissions get on board with this (assuming they have the funds to do so). Dumb move by Pascal, unless of course he accidentally ingested tainted meat, in which case he has a legitimate excuse.

  • MOst of the older champs from Pascal’s hay day were dirty. I ain’t naming names

  • Only dirty fighters test positive. Canelo is a ‘cash cow.’ Tested positive twice in the same camp. No money machine ‘hid’ those facts. How would you like to test negative and people had suspicions and or insinuate you were not clean? Now Pascal has not one or two, but three banned substances. How can he justify these? Shannon Briggs ‘let’s go champ’ abruptly ended when he tested positive in testing for his Fres Oquendo bout. That’s what stopped said chanting.

  • The accuracy of the testing is getting better in quality control each passing year. Even if a fighter stops taking the banned substance(s) for quite some time, the samples can be still detectable in micro-concentrations inside of the bloodstream as they are broken down through the voluntary muscles.

    Lance Armstrong’s scam he pulled off in his “doping” scandal per se was rather impressive back in the heyday. Wow! What lengths a person would go through to pull off such behavior. Armstrong’s arrogance and pride were filled to the maximum even when they still busted him.

  • I am not surprised. I watched Jean Pascal vs Eleider Alvarez fight in 2017 and he seems to be so old and slow. How can you explain his speed when he won the WBA belt against Marcus Brown? He was fast and sharp. There is no excuse right now. Jean Pascal was looking for a win in order to fight Canelo Alvarez in the future? Too late buddy… You are just a cheater.

  • Why is this website reporting Pascal as the WBA champion? Dmitry Bivol is the WBA champion. Do they not know the difference between real champions and regular and interim titleist?

  • Funny, was only thinking the other day how surprised I was Pascal is still around, 13 years after his war with Froch, and several tough fights with World champs and 2 beatings from Kov. Now I know, drugs.

  • Must be a long time user, if they found it at this period of his career, didn’t find it earlier i guess .

  • too bad, I really wanted to see a rematch, sucks, way to go cheater pascal

  • Pascal needs to retire. This is no accident. If you can’t compete anymore in any sport, without resorting to cheating, it’s time to call it quits.

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