Parker-Opelu Weigh-in

Parker Weigh In1

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing
Photos: Werner Kalin

Joseph Parker 239.9 vs. Faiga “Django” Opelu 214.8
Nikita Tszyu 153 vs. Benjamin Bommber 155
Cameron Mooney 215.2 vs. Tom Bellchambers 267.2
Joel Taylor 149.7 vs. Ben Horn 150.4
David Nyika 199 vs. Louis Marsters 199.3
Campbell Somerville 153 vs. Isaias Sette 152.4
Jayde Mitchell 175.3 vs. Max Reeves 172.4
Luke Gersbeck 151.7 vs. Jack Moore 151.2

Venue: Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Promoter: No Limit

Parker Weigh In5

Parker Weigh In4

Parker Weigh In3

Parker Weigh In2

Parker Weigh In6

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  • – The fights in this card are not even listed on FightNews’ Upcoming TV Fights.
    – More PPS (Pay-Per-Screw)??

    • Hey man for your $59.95 you get to watch two ex footballers make their pro debut and the promoter reckons they’re a right pair of killers :-p NO WAY THIS IS PPV WORTHY!

      • No different than ex American fat slob footballers getting in the ring. At least our ex footballers getting into boxing are fit!

  • Early in his career, Parker looked like some what of a knockout artist. However ended going the distance too many times against lesser opponents. Tyson Fury and Deontay would murder Joseph. Maybe he can fight Uzyk, I don’t know. Maybe wrong era, wrong time?

    • I feel Parker would be picked apart easily by Usyk. I feel Parker’s better days as a fighter are behind him. Parker’s style of fighting of equal hugging to offensive hitting in his arsenal got rather boring after a while.

    • Tyson Fury doesn’t murder anybody unless they are completely washed up. Tyson Fury would get in the ring against Parker and run to a boring decision.

  • I liked parker at first. But found out he has no heart or ring smarts to know when to kick it up a notch when desperately needed….

    He gave fights away- that he coulda won!! Stupid.

  • >