Pankey defeats Terry in Detroit

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By Brad Snyder-The Undercard
Photos by Bob Ryder

Bert’s Warehouse was treated to four fights on Friday evening. The main event featured Cameran Pankey (7-0, 4 KOs), who was in one word, “dominant”. His opponent, Ira Terry had been beat down over the six-round fight. Pankey started the first with a good left hook to the body. Pankey chased Terry all over the ring. Round 2 featured a good jab to Terry’s stomach from Pankey. You can see the power with Pankey, even if Terry blocked the shot, part of the impact was landing. In Round 3, Pankey stalked Terry, while throwing with great precision. Round 4 had Terry landing his best punch. In Rounds 5 and 6 Pankey picked up the pace. The 6th produced a knockdown of Terry (28-25, 16 KOs) with a straight right by Pankey. In the last minute of the fight super bantamweight Pankey threw left after devastating left. All three judges saw it (60-53, 60-53, 60-53), as Pankey won by UD.

Light heavyweight Hassain Bilal wasted no time defeating Kevin Powers (0-4). Bilal connected with a right, knocking down Powers. And that was it. Bilal (3-0, 3 KOs) won by 1:14 1st Round TKO.

Heavyweights Dennis Vance Jr. (4-8, 2 KOs) and Craig Lewis (15-6-1, 8 KOs) went all 6 rounds. Vance, a tough veteran, gave Lewis a good battle. In the first, both landed punches that stumbled each other. As the first went on, both boxers fought a very technical fight. Lewis ended up winning by UD (59-55, 60-54, 60-54).

Davontae Kirk (5-0, 3 KOs) and Rommell Toran (0-1) put on a fight that had the venue rocking. The pro debut by Toran was impressive. The rounds were close. At the end, the judges had the fight a Majority Draw (38-38, 39-37-Kirk, 38-38) in favor of Kirk.

The card was promoted by Vic Green of Pulse Boxing, while Aaron Rodriquez was the matchmaker on record.


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    • Ira Terry, yes is beyond his prime and his record reflects as such, but look him up he has been in with some top guys. No pushover.

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