Pacquiao named WBA Centennial Champion

By Gilberto Jesus Mendoza
WBA President

Today we named Manny Pacquiao the World Boxing Association (WBA) Centennial Champion. It is a recognition that honors his career. For that reason, he will never lose it and will not defend it in a ring.

This title recognizes the career of a living boxing legend inside and outside the ring. He is the first to be granted this recognition that is part of our 100 years celebration. Thank you Manny for everything you have given to our sport. You deserve this and much more.

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  • I’m sure Manny will be getting a yearly sanctioning fee in the mail to hold onto that belt.

  • I don’t have an issue with this as it’s not a belt created to reap the sanctioning fees.
    That said , I think the WBA have cheapened their belts by overkill and maybe this honour would not mean much today compared to the pre overkill era.

    • They recently announced getting rid of the interim and gold belts. I think you have the WBA confused with the WBC who keep making BS belts.

      • Still have seventeen divisions to collect their sanctioning fees-will probably be adding more to make up for losing the interim and gold.

  • wow being first its like being first like when neil armstrong step foot on the moon

  • Congrats to Manny for his new honorary belt! A legend in the boxing world and one of the best fighters of our time!

  • Looks like the WBA got tipped off that Pacquiao was retiring and made a rush preemptive belting.

  • So in other words, he’s on the losing side of his career so let make sure he always has a belt. I’m just kidding. Congrats champ.

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