O’Shaquie: I had to dig deep

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

O’Shaquie Foster talks about salvaging his WBC super featherweight title with a dramatic final round TKO over Eduardo ‘Rocky’ Hernandez in Cancun, Mexico. Going into the final round, Foster was behind 110-99 (0-11 in rounds) on the card of judge Nicolas Hidalgo, and 107-102 (3-8) on the card of judge Ed Pearson. Judge Jorge Gorini had Foster up 106-103 (7-4).

“My coaches were telling me that I was behind around the eighth round so I knew I had to push it before I lose my belt, I have to give it all, so that’s what I did,” said Foster. “Rocky is a hell of a puncher and a hell of a fighter, I had to dig deep, but I knew I could catch him. Around the ninth or tenth round, I started seeing his body limp when I hit him with the right hand, so I just kept having faith in it.

“In the 11th round I hurt him, but he came back and hit me with a good shot so it gave him a little more hope, but in the 12th round I knew I could catch him.

“With the comeback KO I rate my performance an eight out of ten, but I really wasn’t too satisfied with how I fought. But it was a fun fight, I had fun in there.

“I want the winner of the fight next week with Cordina and Vazquez, that should be next, unify, let’s do it. I’ve proved I’ll go anywhere to fight, so if it’s the UK, let’s do it!”

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  • I’ll pay to watch part 2 in a heartbeat! Good fight, good action, good ending and great matchmaking.

  • Foster pulled a rabbit out of a hat and won the fight, cant see him beating any other champions. Though the guy has heart thats for sure.

    • Well we Mexicans and Japanese are very stricted

      If don’t fight you lose the round

      When Mexicans go to Japan we have to kill them to win otherwise we lose

      So every country is diferent and Puerto Rico is the worst you run you win

      • Interesting. Carlos, I’m a bit confused which one are you or are you both? It a cool mixture of nationalities.

  • I don’t know I think Hernandez it’s not taking proper training and diet nutrition that’s why he was out of gas last rounds

    He don’t even look like a boxer , when I saw the press conference I thought hernsndez was the guy on charge of cleaning the bathrooms (MR clean)

    Oshaquie is a good fighter and he should better opponents Mexicans or not Mexicans just someone in his level

    • The Mr. Clean t hat I know is big, buff and bald Hernandez is none of the above. I agree O’Shauie is good but to insinuate Hernandez is not at his level is not correct considering Rocky was well ahead on the judges cards. Unless your saying O” had an off night?

    • Oh and by the way do you remeber Jorge “loco-motora” Castro, Juan “pitbull” Diaz, James Toney and more recently Andy Ruiz Jr? None of these guys looked like boxers yet they were champs. How about Fury…

  • I don’t know about Foster’s promotional situation (I know he was with Probellum and they folded and he didn’t go with thew new organization), but hopefully Matchroom signs him up if he’s free. They have Cordina, Wood, Warrington, Hernandez, Nunez who fought on this undercard and Mauricio Lara. I think he slots in there very nicely.

    • Lucie, yes hopefully he gets signed by Matchroom. He and Wood should make for a great fight and it would be a good pay day for Foster if he is willing to go across the pond.

      • Wood is being built to be a cash cow over the in the UK. You guys really figure they want to bring Foster over the ruin that apple cart? Makes since from a fan’s perspective, but not business. They may want him for good fights but not to end up on top.
        Promoters are in the business of making money not necessarily the best fights.

        • That may be the case, NJ but he’s also 35 years old. So they don’t have time to do a lot of building and whatever the biggest fights are to be made for him, I would think for his sake, would be made sooner rather than later.

  • Yes you did, because he was getting into your arrogant aSs! Humble Yourself Fool.

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